VIDEO: BTS' Hobi walks ARMY through Disease's addictive melody in J Hope's Notes

As a surprise for ARMY, BTS has been dropping personalized notes when it comes to their BE tracks. J-Hope's video was shared last night as it concentrated on Disease's addictive melody.
BTS' Hobi walks ARMY through Disease's addictive melody in J Hope's Notes
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As the release of BE: essential edition on February 19 is nearing, the excitement among ARMY is increasing too. BTS members are known to tangle deeply in songwriting when it comes to their music and have never shied away from addressing personal issues, through their work. The first member who shared his notes, as a gift to ARMY, was Suga for Telepathy as RM followed next with Life Goes On, Jungkook shared his notes on Stay, Jimin followed suit with Disease, Taehyung let us into Blue & Grey and now J-Hope has given an insight into the self-composed track Disease.

J-Hope dropped his personalised, ASMR style notes; via Big Hit's official Twitter handle. J-Hope is seen wearing a few stylish rings and a comfy sweater with Snoopy on it. It has been revealed several times that Snoopy is his favorite fictional character. In the video, Hobi is seen sharpening his pencil as he spins around the chair playfully. One can hear him hum the addictive Disease melody in the background as he readies himself for work. There are shots of him concentrating in some moments and in others, he's letting his hair down and being playful. Towards the end, he is shown to be lying on the floor, probably satisfied with the end of the day work.

It was only fitting that J-Hope shares his personal notes for Disease, as he has played an imminent role in the songwriting and composition, along with his bandmates RM and Suga. J-Hope has chosen the title himself too. The Korean word for the same is Byeong; which can mean either sickness or bottle.

J-Hope isn't the first member to share his personal notes for Disease. His bandmate, Jimin too has shared his notes on the old school, hip-hop track. The difference however is, Jimin's notes focused more on the lyrics, while J-Hope's focused more on the tune and the composition.

You can watch Hobi's notes on Disease below :

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