VIDEO: BTS make adorable eye contact with ARMY for 7 seconds; Jin hilariously choreographs Life Goes On chorus

In a recent 7-second interview, BTS members spoke candidly about their recently released album BE, it's healing title track Life Goes On and also shared uplifting messages for BTS ARMY.
VIDEO: BTS make adorable eye contact with ARMY for 7 seconds; Jin hilariously choreographs Life Goes On chorus
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Amid celebrating the fantastic news about their first-ever Grammy nomination for their Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 single Dynamite, BTS recently released a 7-second interview, where they were asked about the recently released album BE and it's comforting lead single Life Goes On. From describing BE in three words to making an acrostic poem with Life Goes On, the members spoke candidly about their recent comeback.

There were many hilarious moments as well; whether it be Jin's funny choreography for Life Goes On chorus, which reminds us of his epic literal lyrical dance moves for Spine Breaker. Even RM and Suga made us laugh with their choreographed version of Life Goes On. Moreover, Jimin revealed that Jin has the same sense of humour as him while the eldest BTS member chose Jungkook and RM. The members even recreated their current favourite go-to emojis with Namjoon's green face taking the cake. Our favourite moment was when the septet was asked to make eye contact with ARMY for seven seconds and we couldn't stop swooning over the handsome boys.

As a message to ARMY, Suga shared, "Dynamite was released unexpectedly and so is the BE album. But you know, surprise gifts are always better... I hope you all enjoy it, and cheer up," while J-Hope added, "BE is a very meaningful album that includes the pure emotions that we felt in 2020... The members participated a lot, especially for this album... Let's spend the rest of 2020 well! The little time left... Please look forward to BE."

"We cried a lot, we laughed a lot. We worried a lot. We felt tired, and we felt confused. I think we just felt so many indescribable emotions... I don't know what else to say other than 'Thank you so much.' Thank you always, and we'll do better," Jimin admitted while Jin added, "They were unexpected albums. But I'm so glad that we get to release it for ARMY... Please look forward to the album and give it lots of love."

"We put in our sincere hearts in this album. We included many songs that we wanted ARMY to listen to. Thank you for waiting... I hope you have a great day," V shared while RM added, "You all raised me up and helped me when I was having a hard time. So, I hope we could do the same for you... Days will pass, and I'm sure the good days will come back."

"I hope you all achieve your goals one by one in your own lives and think about us as well. I hope you all cheer up until the day we meet... I miss you! I miss you a lot. I love you," Jungkook said to ARMY."

An endearing behind clip was shared as the last segment which saw Hobi cutely interrupting TaeTae's shoot and saying hi to the camera while the latter, who refers to himself as the 'Little Match Boy' of BTS, adorably plays around with a dog in the end.

Watch BTS' 7-Second Interview below:

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Like we needed another reason to adore these beautiful boys!

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Best 7 seconds of my life

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Tae és Jungkook volt a legaranyosabb ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️✨

Anonymous 2 months ago

Tae és Jungkook volt a legaranyosabb

Anonymous 2 months ago

it's genius, not hillarious!

Anonymous 2 months ago

OMG seriously I don't think so

Anonymous 2 months ago

I purple you in the right manner and right spirit

Anonymous 2 months ago

what is little match boy meaning said by taehyung please give a correct answer and he also said he was into matches these days what does it mean?