VIDEO: Park Seo Joon REVEALS why he didn't drink a drop of water the day before shooting Record of Youth cameo

Park Seo-joon takes us behind-the-scenes of his epic Record of Youth cameo shoot in the latest video for his popular YouTube channel Record PARK's. Watch the fun video below.
VIDEO: Park Seo Joon REVEALS why he didn't drink a drop of water the day before shooting Record of Youth cameo
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*SPOILERS ALERT* Record of Youth fans were treated kindly recently with a generous cameo appearance by Park Seo-joon, who played acting senior and top star Song Min-su in Ep 9 and 10. We got to see his camaraderie with Park Bo-gum as it was Min-su who presented the Best Actor award to Bo-gum's character Sa Hye-joon for his period drama The King Returns at the 2019 OVN Drama Awards.

Giving us a glimpse of what happened behind-the-scenes during his cameo shoot for Record of Youth, Seo-joon shared a video for the same on his popular YouTube channel Record PARK's. We see a sharply dressed Seo-joon being surrounded by his team, getting his hair and makeup done while the Dream star reveals to his fans that the last time he was on a drama set was in March for Itaewon Class. The 31-year-old actor mused how he needs to keep being a part of dramas to stay in tune with what filming feels like. He also confessed to his staff members that he didn't drink a drop of water, the day before the shoot, as he didn't want his face to look puffy.

Seo-joon also revealed how it was Record of Youth's writer Ha Myung-hee who reached out to him for a cameo appearance. For the unversed, Seo-joon worked Myung-hee in the 2013 drama A World from Warm Heart. He was also made more comfortable with the knowledge that his Fight for My Way cinematographer along with a few others was also a part of Record of Youth's team. We're then shown Seo-joon and Bo-gum practising their waiting room encounter sequenced as well as the award show stage scene where Min-su gives the Best Actor award to Hye-joon. At the end of the shoot, you see the two Parks happily posing for photos as well.

During the shoot, Seo-joon admits how hot it was to film in a suit as electric fans surrounded him trying to keep him cool for the cameras. We also get to witness the warm equation he has with his staff members as he offers them the lone chair to sit on. "You sit. I'm not the only one working here," Seo-joon notes and as a joke, all of them put one leg on the chair to accommodate everyone quipping how it's more comfortable. While trying to recall when he had come to the same location for a fan meet, Seo-joon couldn't stop laughing when one staff member revealed it was probably 2015 because it was the time when she was leaner. "You remember that pretty vividly," Seo-joon joked while cackling. The fact that Seo-joon has had the same team for so many years speaks volumes of the kind of human being he is.

Watch Record PARK's Track 27 from Park Seo-joon's Record of Youth cameo shoot below:

We adore this man and how!

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