VIDEO: SuperM members unleash their inner fanboys reacting to SHINee's Don't Call Me

SuperM members declare 'SHINee Is Back' in this adorable reaction below. Check out the video below.
VIDEO: SuperM members unleash their inner fanboys reacting to SHINee's Don't Call Me
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'SHINee Is Back', SuperM members declare as they gather to film a reaction video to Don't Call Me's reaction video. The 'Princes of Kpop', SHINee, released their seventh album, Don't Call Me with nine diverse tracks and the stylish lead single Don't Call Me. SHINee's comeback has been very well-received by Shawols who are loving this powerful hip-hop track with synth rhythm and beats.

SuperM members looked handsome in comfy winter wear with jackets, sweaters, and beanies. Everyone was visibly excited for their Hyung (big brother), Taemin, who was equally excited to showcase his group's comeback to his SuperM bandmates. The boys cheered loudly as the camera panned on Minho first, then Onew, third, Taemin, and finally, on Key. They couldn't help but unleash the inner fanboys in them, as they kept cheering and hooting at every beat of the song, exclaiming 'Wow' at every point. The members couldn't help but praise the intensity of the scintillating track coupled with the high-fashion. Minho's sensuous look, Onew's alluring vocals, Taemin's amazing dance, and Key's fantastic rap earned special mentions from the SuperM members. The members mentioned the fantastic production, CGI effects, and elaborate sets as the highlight points too. Taemin, who was visibly elated with all the praise, couldn't help but blush when Baekhyun declared that, 'SHINee is so good'. Finally, they all agreed that SHINee has truly levelled up with this new comeback.

You can watch the adorable reaction below:

SuperM is an avengers style K-pop group that debuted in 2019. They debuted with their self-titled EP, which entered the Billboard 200 at number one, making SuperM the first Asian artist in history to top the US album chart with a debut release. 

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