Aishwarya’s sweet gesture for a fan will touch you!

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is too busy with Jazbaa’s promotions and is quite excited about the Sanjay Gupta film. She has been on a spree and is taking the film everywhere. The gorgeous diva was seen at a city college where she was promoting the film.

There she met with a visually impaired fan with whom she interacted really well. Aish was kind and compassionate toward her and that wasn’t out of pity but out of her kindness.

The two talked a lot and even posed for pictures. We really love the way she went out of her way to interact with her and made sure she wasn’t pushed around by the crowd. Aish even took it upon herself to get her seated away from the crowd for her safety.

This was a sweet gesture our diva did out of her generosity. Watch it post 3.15 min.






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I love Aishwarya! She is such a genuinely kind-hearted and beautiful woman. To show such humility and love, no words can convey how much this video made my heart smile and touched me. I remember years ago when homeless kids wanted to meet Kareena at an Xmas Mass and she was so repulsed by them. Aishwarya is, has always been, and will always be a sample and example!!! She's in a whole other league of class and grace. May Bhagwan always bless her and all those around her.

This is the real Aishwarya (I know)..Have heard from a person once that she met Aishwarya briefly during her US tour in 2008, when that person told her about her dad's illness Aishwarya's sat with her and comforted her saying she herself is going through difficult phase (then Ash's dad was battling cancer))..she's nice inside too (as Hemamalini said once) that's why her life CLICKED all the way through whereeas so called her benevolent contemporaries bit the dust.

i cried when she spent time with that blind lady, ash is true beauty with purpose :)

I love Aishwarya for her dignity and compassion. She always knows how to do the right thing. As a fan her outer beauty is so little to me. :*

I wonder how would she behave if her movie isn't releasing.

of course, she would always behave the same that's why STILL 21 years after winning title she a household name in this country not like the one you who have in your dp the one who 'capitalized' on her depression to up PR game..

It's quite obvious that Ash is more popular with women than she was before, no negative comment so far.

that was a good video of Ash in a long while...

true beauty, as a person too.

Awww.. that was sweet and touching. She genuinely cared for the the end she even asks her body guard to safely drop her at her place.

Luv her simplicity :-)

Waw So Sweet ♥ Love You Aishwarya

Beautiful inside out!! She is the Queen.

pure beauty from inside!!!

This is the real Aishwarya. The real scorpio!

aishwarya is expert in real acting than reel. she is doing in front of camera and you are all mesmerized by it!! people are so blunt!!wish could check her in real self in home without her expensive boots, whitewashed makeup and definitely without movie promotion!!

you know what. atleast she did that, be it for the camera even. many stars wont even do that. a maximum hello or a picture or autograph they would have done. but your negative thinking deserves a salute!

After seeing this i want Jazba to do well....she is kind after all...

The true desi girl is back.

Ash has always been kind and compassionate.. Its no secret.. People in and out of Bollywood have always admired her as a human..

Ash is a very sensitive, caring person despite what some think about her. She's always remained somewhat of a mystery to teh audiences so people don't know this side of her

the amount of concern shown by Ash to a stranger...gosh Aara is lucky to have a mother like Aishwarya

She is a kind soul. Rare to see such people anymore. Even rare to see people of Ash's stature do it. Kind of restores my faith in humanity again.

Beautiful inside out!! She is the Queen.

Awww, Ash is beautiful inside and out!

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