“What comeback?” asks Aishwarya Rai Bachchan! Watch

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Since the very news of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan returning on silver-screen with Sanjay Gupta’s Jazbaa was announced, the word comeback stayed with it.

Time and again, Aish made it clear that she never went away and doesn’t believe in the word ‘comeback’. But while talking to Niranjan Iyenger, the stunning diva revealed that there is no running away from the word and it has been reminded to her, every step of the way. But then again she casually asks, “What comeback?”

She looks great in that LBD the rep-lips are adding more to the look. Looking her diva self, she is all set to feature on the next episode of Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan to be aired on October 4th.

The film’s music and trailer have been received well by the audiences and the team is leaving no strategy un-touched while promoting the film.

Jazbaa starring Aishwarya, Irrfan, Shabana Azmi, Chandan Roy Sanyal and other in key roles is releasing this October 9th.

Watch the promo here and don’t miss her cute expressions.

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Maybe she's suffering from memory loss

I don't care what anyone says, I love that picture, super cute

Thank god sometimes she behaves like a normal human being.

wowww!!!! waiting

Please leave the pouting to teenagers...this looks like Ms. Rai forgot her dentures

the fakest expression on earth

People really? She looks stunning? Pouting like a annoyed teenager in your 40's is not at all cute. Ends up looking like someone without dentures...

ASH looks gorgeoussss...

you know its your come back movie.. dont be surprised.

and you know she has been reiterating it for the past 3/4 years and you have been writing the same...you don't be surprised as well!

Must say she is looking extremely pretty and attractive in this get up!!

Is Aishwarya the only actress in Bollywood who never ever praise another actress/ or their performance/ their film. Now dont tel me she praise Shabana Azmi. That is not what I am talking about.

Go and watch her old interviews, she used to do that all the time for Kajol, Preity, Rani, Ameesha etc. but if there is anyone who has been put through the media wringer, it's Aishwarya. You say one thing & it turns into something else by the time it reaches the masses, so she learned how to dial it back a bunch. She praised Anushka in person a few months back and it was Anushka herself who came to tell the media because she was excited to receive this praise. Priya Banerjee has gone on record to say that when she arrived on set of JAZBAA, Aishwarya was the first person who came up to her and this made her feel comfortable. Also, Aishwarya made sure she was present for her action sequences (even though these scenes didn't involved Aishwarya) she came there to make sure Priya was comfortable and didn't get hurt. Priya has said this herself. In the past Aishwarya has praised Freida Pinto (whom she met for the first time last year) for her work, she praised Vidya for PAA & BB, she praised Manisha Koirala for her role KHAMOSHI, and has showered many of her co-stars with praises over the years. Please keep in mind that talking about another actress can go south very quickly, it's a slippery slope & let's not forget that the DeepiKangana-media-tamasha began with Deepika praising Kangana for QUEEN. When Bipasha said Aishwarya could never be her, people took it the wrong way, forgetting that Bips also said she herself could never be Aishwarya.

Agreed , there are no interesting questions to ask from her since 1) she never replies to those directly 2) goes around beating the bush wasting precious air time 3) she wil not talk about personal things except motherhood which sounds silly.


face down she looks preg in this dress.

I think that Mrs. Rai-Bachchan rightly objects to the term 'comeback' because she worked in commercials and print adds. She filmed adds all during her daughters life. She remained in the public eye, and did her job. Hence, she feels that the term 'comeback' is misapplied. I wish they'd say something more like 'a return to feature films.'

lets see if it beats English Vinglish

why does she shake so much while walking ? she on runway

Two questions one about ‘comeback’ and another about ‘motherhood’ are inevitable. Journos have nothing to ask her (besides Jazbaa) and they can’t do away with it, these are questions posed to her right from her first appearance post Aaradhya (cannes 2012).The point is, was she CONSISTENT in her answers all along? HELL YEAH. Just like how she was firm in her belief (of not doing films anymore with a certain actor) and continued to THRIVE like a tigress while contemporaries bit the dust somewhere between this period. And guess what, every time the same brouhaha : “How can she say that,do that like it happened just ..” Just wanna know do Ash haters have 'selective' amnesia ??

awww such a cute pic it is

Oh my god! thought it was Deepika from thumbnail..

I also thought the same for a second that its Deepika

She is the Aishwariya Rai. If she sneezes,it makes a better and bigger news than an ABCD's wedding.She has always been here,so have been her fans.Love Aish!!

I wanna know when they will post it on YouTube.

if this is not a comeback then why she is in panic? same exaggerated mimicry, face ,same fair and lovely face besides controversies... digging past ...old quotes etc... same strategies each time before movie release so no need to pretend -she is so insecure

insecure? she's is the last person in Bollywood to be that. Hits or flops she always remained unfazed by box office games.It's only your favs whose fate is decided by two things. 1.which KHAN they hinge themselves to 2.Did that movie with Khan works. These two factors are deciding actresses fate for almost 2 decades now. It's really you who is deeply insecure and jealous! lol.

well no matter how loud you cry and keep murmuring....people go on typing realities whether you can digest or not

Jazbaa looks like a sure shot flop.

You had earlier also said that Hero will be a hit.

get a life.. haters...

wow22 likes and 9 dislikes... hmm. it tells you are right. its a FLOP.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement