Watch: ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ trailer is all about grandeur and royalty

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The wait is over. Prem is back! The trailer of ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ is out and it will make you want more.

Salman Khan and director Sooraj Barjatya come together after a span of 16 years and mesmerizes us with grandeur, family values and royalty in this trailer. Sonam Kapoor and Salman Khan romance once again after ‘Saawariya’.  ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ trailer has it all – romance, drama, tragedy, action and comedy.

And after ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, we once again get to see a soft, sober and charming Salman and he has a double role, so the suspense is still intact. Sonam looks elegant and pretty in her royal look and we also get to see some traditional dance moves in the title track.

Overall, the trailer has kept its suspense and we are eagerly waiting for more. The film also stars Swara Bhaskar, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Anupam Kher and others.

Produced by Rajshri Productions (P) Ltd and presented by Fox Star Studios, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo releases this Diwali on 12th November 2015.

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When it is a Sooraj Barjatya film then you expect beautiful romance and great music and PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO has all these elements and lives up to the expectations.
Happy for Sonam that finally she got her due as an actress.
She is very lucky to be directed by Sooraj Barjatyya.
This film will give her a higher position in Bollywood.

WOW. Looks simply great

#1 Post.

i had literally lost interest in rajasri after main prem ki diwani hun... but somewhere vivah got me back... but again its repeating i guess... i feel like a serial it is.. if one salman replacing other and this is the concept, then these kinds of films have been many in southern side... ohh wait ,may be it has influence from them... but cant stand sonam..she should take her acting skills seriously otherwise she will ruin many good films...

Amazing trailer cant wait to watch the movie

i wish rani was in this movie instead of sonam

My first reaction to this trailer is: "What did I just see and hear? :O" *in shock* (which is definitely bad)!! :(

Don't know about Prem but going by this trailer 90's is certainly back!

It was told somewhere that Sonam plays a princess. It is about maybe a royal family of Rajasthan or some state. Just like in Khoobsurat.

Haan. Only sonam wasn´t a princess in Khoobsurat. she was a middle class emncipated punjabi girl.

I wish that Himesh wasn't doing the music

so curious about Neils character in the film. It kinds of add some twist to the trailer.

salman sonam has some chemistry going by the trailer but its akshay and sonam who did not have any chemistry in 'Thank You'. This film looks promising. Hope they did not make it any regressive way though.

Akshay and Sonam chemistry was not required in Thank You as she was paired opposite Bobby.
Guess you need to watch the movie again.

This movie takes me back to my good old days. feels good already.

I see nothing special here. Salman doing his same old acting, and Sonam wearing beautiful clothing. It looks like all glitz but no substance.

I only care about Neil Nitin Mukesh. I'm hoping that this super commercial film gives him a boost. I'll probably watch it on Netflix.

Good trailer but it more of like a teaser. but the title song is damn catcy! but i just dont want Himesh to ruin the music album. hes been very inconsistent lately.

This looks like a hindi serial set in rajasthan with dadisa and maasa, etc. Maybe it will work with the majority of inidan pop because large part of india is still in small towns and smaller cities.

Sonam is the only bad thing , she cant act, dance or talk properly

Bollywood can never become Hollywood because their are too many star kids!

Salman = Yummy Daddy

wow Salman has aishwarya rai hang over. dude time to move on. Clearly the lady has moved on.

u r in hang over dude in sal-aish love story.

It looks so dated! And man this Sonam is such a terrible dancer/actor. Damn why can't they hire some new actress out of the industry who can actually perform?? Such deadweights these starkids are!

will be hit no matter what

its feels sooo aazing to see all these dub haters burning, sonam & salman make the most gorgeous hot couple,this will be tight slap for all the sonam's haters

hmm, is this supposed to be a period film? doesn't look well researched at all, we don't have royals in India, they wouldn't have the money to live a lifestyle like this, even the Pataudis had regular jobs and have turned their mansion into a hotel to be able to maintain the lifestyle. I don't like how unrealistic Bharjatya is. Why did he deviate so much from his first film, the characters of Bhagyashree was fun and smart and Salman's Prem in that film was so endearing and hot, he wasn't some saintly guy. The characters in his films after that are not "real" at all .

For gods sake, it's a movie it's not supposed to be realistic. It's a fiction story get over it.

same old same old..horses, places, combined families, childhood love??? are you serious Mr Director?? and the sonam kapoor, can someone tell her that she is not fit for B'wood

please not drag deepika here.....nothing related to her...if some one not like this trailer she/he have rights to express their views,opinions......that not means that they are DP's fans..!!! strange.....why we care...??
But i love salman..prem is back......pls not drag my deepu here without any pls

i don't get people who are calling this movie a revival of indian traditions and 90s style films.If anything,90s had majorly awful movies of all time.The slapstick humor wasn't what i would watch with family ofcourse.I don't think Indian traditions is what being shown in this movies or any big budget big fat wedding based movie.
Vivaah was the last good traditional movie I saw.Indian traditions are not about huge palaces,grand lehengas,flowers ,chariots and kings.The movies are so beyond real and more so regressive ,how can they even be traditional?

Prem Ratan Jail Jayo


hater spotted u can sing the song until the movie becomes blockbuster.

why is everyone calling it regressive. they don't know the story. It could very well be about progressive people. just cause everyone is not in designer wear/ jeans ?

Soorajs movie are progressively becoming stories not connected with times we live in. Hum aapke gain koun was a clean movie but the characters were quite contemporary. Nisha was fun girl who was quite intelligent pursuing computer science. Prem was normal chilled young man who was an mba. Even their chemistry was relatable and natural.

Excellent trailer , loved Salman , Sonam , Songs and Visuals . I will definitly watch Prem Ratan Dhan Payo .

So 90's and I love it!!

I hope this is a typical Barjatya film with loads of supporting cast and Salman hogging screen space..the lesser they show Sonam, the better it would be for the movie

Deepika stans take a chill pill. she is not in this movie so you will DEAL! Thank God she isn´t. Now i can watch a movie again. All the best to the team. I am anxious for the music to release now yaar!

Wow, your obsession with Deepika has no bounds , not all critics of Sonam and her nonacting are Deepika fans . So stop being paranoid

Reading is difficult sometimes. I will say what i want, only deepu stans are obsessed with bashing onam in every single occasion. So each time one of you come for Sonam, i will be here to clap back. DEAL WITH IT!

You go on and laugh on every post of Deepika which is against her and you expect us DP fans to say words of praise for her. And it's not about DP fans , everyone knows Sonam is mediocre in every aspect. The movie looks Good and all the very best to Sonam for it. You better accept this fact that your idol has achieved nothing beyond fashion sense and chill :)) PV pleaseeeeee post.

LOL! You will see me only in posts that involve other actors i like as well. Don´t be confusing us, iam nothing like you obsesssed people who have to bring your queen in everyone else´s posts. Nice try tho! :-)


why didnt anyone think of the pairing before? because hes really old for her. btw: watch sonams FIRST movie. hint hint.

The trailer is beautiful. So happy to see Prem back, love the old school Bollywood. Sonam looks like a mismatch though. She looks pretty but can't act and her dance looks weird. She doesn't make a good pair with Salman too. I personally feel Asin would have been a better choice for this kind of movie and I liked her pairing with Salman. She also got a sweet pretty face like other Sooraj heroines and can act and dance. Is Himesh really the music director? This song sounds so good. Did not expect such good music from him.

I had to check the calendar and confirm if it's 2015 after watching this trailer. Also, where is Alok Nath? Sanskar levels not upto the mark.

0 chemistry. Salman is looking very handsome. Sonam can't dance. 49 years old Salman is looking younger than 30 years old sonam which is not good. Movie'll be hit no doubt.

OMG this is so beautiful, cinematography is wonderful.. beautiful music, I am really looking forward to it, wish they had gone for some other female lead than Sonam, she can not act. but still she is looking beautiful.. wish they had chosen Deepika..not that she is the best actress, but atleast she knows some acting.. I have to admin thought this has a very HDDCS feeling.. Sonam's dressing reminded me of Ash in HDDCS.

Lol Sonam should rather sing "Blockbuster Payo Maine" xD

Rajshri Productions do this simple middle class family films where there is no grandeur, elegant, sophisticated........... just tacky clothes ,servants acting weird and funny,the problems solves by the pets... but this seems different ...its looks like SLB movie.....

nice to see a traditional indian movie, the colour, dance clothes everything looks wonder everyone is going crazy over indian culture....even non indian wants to be in hindi films........i can't wait for this movie.

PAYO PAYOOO" PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO the song is melodious n already a chartbuster, BB song of BB movie

Let me guess. One Salman dies (thrown off mountain) and the other one takes his place.

Yes. He is presumed dead but at the climax he appears again, dun dun dunnn! Some dishom-dishoom follows . Then a pigeon flutters on the bad-Salman's face and he falls down a cliff and the good-Salman rescues the heroine and rides off into the sunset.

no matter what this movie will be hit , just my feeling

So this is basically Hum Saath Saath Hain with the ambience (and logo) of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

Yea. no kidding. even the clothes of the heroine is like what the lead actress wore in HDDCS.

Going by the trailer, the film looks dated and regressive. It will still be a huge hit because all Bhai-tards will go nuts and the film's story may resonate with audiences in India's small towns and villages. For Sonam, PRDP is a +1 entry pass into the Bollywood mass market. I felt second-hand embarrassment looking at her dance/talk in the trailer though. If I do watch PRDP, it will be for Swara Bhaskar and Deepak Dobriyal.

Like the song very much, but that house is ridiculously big unless it's a story of a king itself.. But there is no king in India in 2015 anyway.. I wish deepika could do it.. Then this movie would go upto 600 crore for sure.. But 300 sure from Salman and sooraj, I can't see anyone big there Anupam sir also.. But that's all

Everything is perfect except Sonam.. Sonam will ruin such a fantastic movie

i was waiting for Prem and that's not Prem, I mean the Real Prem( I know Prem is not real) ...... The Prem from MPK, HAHK or HSSH.

i think and really think karisma and salman would have made a great pair.

sonam cant dance or act

i didnt like it. This movie is stuck in the 80s. Unless the story is really great. Might be a miss for me. Too many flowers. Royal stories..!Sonam is the least royal person i can think of...! I agree about Karishma. She would have been great.

Loved it loved it loved it....BIG TIME HIT!!

funny how people keep saying it is so 80's,if it is so watch the new so called rom-com which has kissing scenes and then complain about kissing scenes.It's a good family movie. Salman looks great and so does Sonam!

FINALLY a FAMILY movie!!! I can actually go with my parents and not feel awkward!! I love old school Bollywood they are the best, Finally you see indian clothes, indian traditions!! I was so tired of seeing firangi clothing!! Hope the story line is wonderful!

Aren't all of Salman's movies family films?

looks so boring
sonar needs to give up acting

I agree with another person's comment here. Karisma would have been a great choice - atleast seems so from the trailer and it is not fair that you can cast a 49 yr old man but not a 42 yr woman. People would have loved to see Salman and Karisma pair together. Would have still earned lot of money. Sonam doesn't look mature before an old Salman in the movie.

The intro music and the end - from a South Indian movie - can't recall.


maybe this should have been a mature love story and salman should have been cast opposite tabu or karishma. you Prem. love you Salman. I enjoyed the trailer. And Sonam haters get a life.

I like this Person>>Salman Khan!! But what is this 'Yuvraaj 2'????

I don't want to 'Hate' it,but all I saw in the trailer are Some "Royal" Dresses!! Dances!! and Not-so-catchy Title Track!! But yeah! all the Best!!

different from todays typical movies(one night stand,livin relationships,sex etc)..........90's ki hawa ka ek jhonkaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! will watch for change

So much hate on sonam..why

Because she's a space waster who can't act to save her life. That's why.

Looks like a TV show with too much drama , emotions and tacky costumes

Sonam looks gorgeous and in a Salman Khan movie, all the heroine does is look pretty. The best female role Salman Khan has ever given to a woman was given to a 6 year old girl, and I don't think Sooraj Barjatya has ever given a woman a role that is not regressive. So I think Sonam looks fine.

Yes that's why so many actresses wanted to do this movie- so that they could look pretty and do a regressive role.

LMAO1 Whatever helps you digest, I guess. :D

Blockbuster written all over it!300cr+!!..bhaijaan please release it on 9th oct n show aishwarya aunty her place:)

wow loved the trailer yes i'm so happy i don't kow why? may be coz i love sooraj film all about family values. salman and sonam are rocking ca't wait.

sonam look white wash

Pretentious and regressive like Yuvraaj

sonam looks n dances so well perfectionista fashinoista n cheepika n aish aunty's fans r burning with jealousy weel cant blame those poor 1ns everyone gets jealous of the best :)

no salman fan. but liked this trailer. chill out movies with emotion. family family family. this will break records.

Sonam is a miscast and cant do a single scene justice . Her crying scene is the biggest overacting I've ever seen . Barjatya shud have opted for Sonakshi

Dear Rajshri Productions, I essentially just want a Maine Pyar Kiya Hum Aapke Hain Koun 2. Therefore, give me Salman, Madhuri (or Bhagyashree), Reema Lagoo, ALOK NATH, anupam kher, bhabhi ji (even tho she shouldnt have died) and Tuffy. Please delete Sonam Kapoor. Thank you!

Never like any of the Rajashree movies apart from HAHK n MPK. This looks too much drama and this doesn't excite me one bit. Sonam looks pretty but she can't act for nuts. Here is an hilarious review of the trailer by Raja Sen.

A lot of the first trailer of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo looks like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, to be honest. And that doesn't have to be a bad thing, considering that film featured Bhansali's most enjoyably crafted romance and some genuine chemistry. Of course, it'd help if leading lady Sonam Kapoor didn't look like she was Salman Khan's niece.

Where is the Antakshari? Where are the the boys and girls in t-shirts that inform us that they are indeed boys and girls? Where is all that shyness and lack of eye contact? It's probably around, to be honest. We just haven't gotten a whiff of it yet

Raja Sen , I did not know you have such big hips! :P

You seem to have been oddly infatuated with my hips. Borderline creepy. Just like Salman-Sonam pair!!!

your infatuation with salman is the only creepy thing on this post.

You seem to have trouble understanding the word "infatuation". There is always google for dummies!!

This is the role I wanted to see Sonam in. She looks like a dream. This would be either a massive blockbuster or a disaster. you ll either love it or hate it. However they have done a wonderful job with the trailer. good job.

Average...Typical indian Family Drama.

jealousy as its peak or u r blind hahaha

The trailer was so boring. I kept saying why Sonam. Why Sonam??? Why the hell Sonam???? Every shot of Sonam looked bad acting wise. Whether it was the way she moved while dancing or her over acting while crying. The trailer could have been better. More dialogue etc. I do love the old school Bollywood it has. we always complain about new movies and how we miss that certain element. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo has that, but it has exaggerated it a bit too much. It should look cool and flowing not rehearsed and forced.

It is understood that no actress can survive in the industry going against Deepikas massive PR campaign. But do you really have to stoop so low as to hit back at DP's rivals to be in her good book. have some self respect woman. do suck upto her but dont bring it here.

Wow where did this conversation come from? I just made a comment regarding a trailer. I have no clue what you are talking about.

"s"he's talking about dp's pr,coz as far as some peeps are concerned,everything is about dp's pr

Nothing she just said has anything to do with Deepika's PR you goons. But honestly, the fact that this post has nothing to do with her and you still find a way to speak about her ------ you don't need to admit it but she's won, kids. :)

i felt a bit uneasy that 49 year old SALMAN KHAN dating 30 year old SONAM Kapoor

how did you feel when srk romanced anushka??

actually anushka in her first movie looked older than her age and she looked matured. sonam lacks that maturity in her face

Look my dear, saree pehen kar sonam lag to rahi hai ekdum zabardast.. Maan chaahe na maan..

When a 49 year old shahrukh khan can be starring in a movie with 20 something alia bhatt, this is nothing compared to that

I hope sonam does not have a big role in the movie. I am not a hater, but Salman and sonam pairing is not working for me, seems artificial. I wish it was Salman and Aishwayra, but ssshhh i can only dream.

Ooohh...Kayy.. ?

Where is Alok Nath!!!!??????? Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Sonam cant act for nuts and she manages to act badly even in the minute trailer here . That crying scene was cringeworthy

Wow. It seems like Rajshri is going the SLB way. Grandeur, lots of colors, awesome visual. And the music Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is beautiful

Sonam is absolutely a wrong choice...

Sonam is absolutely a right choice....

Loved the trailer so visually beautiful! reminded me of Hum dil de chuke sanam but on a much grander scale.

Ummm... yeah.. uh... did I just flashback to the 80s regressive land... but... ahh.. Salman looked nice.. and well... the less said about Sonam the better.

The trailer is very beautiful. Salman is handsome and it's good to see him in a romantic role. Sonam is gorgeous but she is not a good dancer ( Once Saroj Khan named her as the worst dancer among youngsters she has worked with ) and she is an average to bad actress, that scene when she cries and closes her eyes or hugs him look so FAKE. I don't even blame Suraj Barjatya for choosing her, she at least has the look for Yash Sri heroine but still would love to see someone as beautiful and talented (both as an actress and dancer) as Madhuri in this movie but it's a dream because they don't make them like her anymore

Haters out full time!!! Yall need to put your dislike aside to be able to APPRECIATE Sonam Kapoor´s acting. Otherwise it´s useless to talk. Hatred colores your views when you can´t separate the actress from the public personna she has.

Sonam Kapoor´s acting is FINE in this trailer. Her dancing is GREAT. Saying otherwise is only when one has convinced himself that she cannot act, which is utterly FALSE of course.

Bring it team #PRDP. The trailer is fabulous & beautiful. Iam READY for it. This is going to be out of this world. PREM is BACK. YAYYYYYY!

Dear @BollyFanLuver, first of all I'm not a hater, dislike and hate are two different things. I don't even hate Katrina who is my most disliked actress ever. Hate is a very strong word which I wouldn't use here because I have no reason to hate someone I don't even know personally, here I just see a bad actress on screen and simply don't like it. I told it many times that Sonam is a gorgeous woman, she is one of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood but sorry to hurt your sentiments she is a bad actress, she is only better than Katrina which is not good thing you know. She was good in Ranjhana and I can admit that but that's it, after that movie she backed to her usual non acting. She is not even trying to be better. She gets everything so easy and still doesn't want to work a little bit harder. Her father and sister are making movies specially for her, she is getting good projects like this and the biopic thanx to her connections but still has problem with her dialogue delivery, her diction, she can not emote naturally. Even her best friend Jacqueline gives better performance than her... what about her dancing abilities then this is what Saroj Khan says about her " Sonam has learnt Kathak. I have also trained her for two years. Still, she is not a good dancer." If you think that a legendary choreographer is also her hater ( for the reason known only by you) then you must be a blind fan and it's as dangerous as to be a blind hater... And before you'll jump on me claiming that I'm Deepika's fan then no, I'm not her fan, I'm just someone who can not stand mediocrity...

Fair enough! Happy to know you @ least can be rational in your thinking & not blinded by hatred. Thank you! We will agree to disagree of course, & what legendary Choreographer SK said about her dancing skills was quite a while back. & i don´t see who among the younger generation who would ever meet Saroj ji´s standards these days.

People are allowed to grow, Sonam just like everyone else. Iam not blind to no fault, i assure you. Sonam always get a straight forward feedback from me & many Sonaholics. & that post isn´t only for you but for everyone else hating on Sonam Kapoor just because they dislike her off screen persona. (too lazy to make many posts, lol)

As for her connections, i have come to understand that no one is anything in this world without a network. & certainly not in the movie business.

I still like reading your posts as i do respect your POV. Big hugs to you Gohar! :-)

Hi Sonam!

Jealousy is not good you cheapika fan

Jealousy is not good cheaprina fan

* Rajshri* heroine

Did everyone forget sanskari Prem from the movie Ready?? He did play another prem type role but not with bhatiya

So far looking very good. I m sure they did not reveal anything. Totally family film and properly suited for Diwali festival. Cannot wait to watch it.

I hope this Movie does well and have real good story.


Laughing at Sonam's dancing and crying scene.

salman and sonam's chemistry looking great

WOAAAAAH Jussss loved the trailer.... best match they didnt reveal the whole story in the trailer :)

Love salmans & ssonam chemistry

i think ppl will like this movie. it is barjatiya movie so definitely very clean and everyone can go together and watch it.

amazing film with no kissing or intimate scenes
thank god we can watch this with family

Amazing! Can't wait! Hah and I hope that fox star with this movie reimburse financial losses which they have after Bombay velvet

Omg!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!! I want this movie!! Can't wait! So handsome and sexy Salman, so beautiful and traditional Sonam, music. Everything is fantastic!)))) I hope this movie will be blokbaster, Sooraj deserve it

Is Bollywood really peddling such tripe in 2015? *barf*

Looks like Sonams role in the filmis to look pretty , wear nice outfits and dance , and she was bad in the acting(crying scene) part . Cringeworthy.

now where are all sonam's haters hiding ??? a tight slap 4 them, salman & sonam should get married asap, they make a stunning couple, this fil will shatter all box office records

I liked the trailer and can't wait for the movie. The team did their best to *glossy* Sonam up but she is still cringe-worthy here.

Very 80s wih regressive theme


finally Ikaun gets a blockbuster to her name.

There is no chemistry between Salman and Sonam. This looks like a mega serial.

It reminds me so much of him and Aishwarya's chemistry in Hum dulke chuke sanam...hope Sonam does justice...she seemed pretty okay in it if you ask me. And Salman...boy oh boy.. not sure if it's foundation or whatever they did to his face, gosh, this man doesn't age. He is old enough to be Sonam's father but they don't look mismatched written all the way...


Looks good! ...This is really going to be a battle of Salman's star power and Sonam's Hate over here on PV lol. I hope the story isn't like that other film Salman did about brothers, Yuvraaj.

good thing PV fangirls don't run what happens at the box-office, remember bajrangi bhaijaan, all these haters were saying it would be another masala flick blah blah blah, proved all the haters wrong.

Salman looks ammmaaazin! This movie looks to be a unique experience. This director-actor combo always breaks records. Can't wait.

i like that they didnt reveal to much in the trailer

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