Watch: Star moms Aishwarya & Shilpa speak at their kids' school function

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is seen here talking at her daughter Aaradhya's school function. Aishwarya, who was thrilled to be introduced as 'Aaradhya's mom', spoke about education and what an important role it plays in our life. Aishwarya mentioned that she is thankful to her parents for providing her with good education and that she hopes to do the same with Aaradhya. She mentioned that it is a challenging time when you have to let go of your little one's hand and send her out into the world. However, she thanked the teachers for giving the kids much love and support. 

Shlipa Shetty's son Viaan Raj Kundra, also attends the same school and therefore Shilpa too, thanked the teachers for the love they bestow on all the kids. Shilpa however made a shorter speech saying that Aishwarya has pretty much summed up all she wanted to say. 

Watch the star moms in action here:


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Leave the lady alone , she looks so mature and elegant.

yawnnnn... the girl next to ash looks bored and i don't blame her.

Aishwarya hardly left anything for shilpa to talk about.She could have kept her talk short but no as usual she went blah blah trying to sound very verbose n all when actually its annoying and making no sense whatsoever

Aishwarya talk nonsense most of the time.Its like she's beating around the bush.I'm glad im not the only one who gets bored of her talk.

People who never finished college or pursued higher education are being asked to give lectures about the importance of education. Comical. I bet there were tons of more qualified doctors, lawyers, scientists and other professionals who actually made a good life solely because of their education.

I wonder if you would say the same if SRK was speaking!!! If SRK could lecture at Edinburgh then I don't see why these two can't speak at a kindergarten.

Amir khan and Salman khan did not complete their college education. SRK did.

Uhhhh... SRK completed his education and went on to get a Bachelors (from a pretty reputed school too). His mom took loans from several people to make him get through college. Which he did get through. And SRK spoke at Edinburgh because he was getting a doctorate degree! He doesn't go around his kids' schools giving sermons about "the importance of education." Point is, neither Ash not Shilpa have any credentials to be lecturing other people on how education is imp. I am 100% sure there were other parents who had accomplished much more in the field of education. Next time there is a fancy dress or a annual day, call these two.

Well Said : !!!

Good one

Aishwarya was brilliant in academics, was a topper throughout her life as a student. Being an all-rounder she was therefore chosen to be the Head Girl of her school. She was a science student and got admission in school of Architecture by merit. She had to drop off from Architecture college after taking part in Miss World competition and then joining movies. Miss world and her movies and celebrity experiences must have also educated her about life abundantly. She is more than well qualified to talk about education so please keep your mouth shut. You are the one who sounds pretty uneducated.

#1 Post.

Pointed out by the #1 troll.

Every time she speaks I feel like falling in love with her. She is so well mannered. Her Parents did great job.

i could not watch Aishwarya speak for more than 2:30 mins. Aaradhya is going to be one embarrassed kid if Aish continues speaking like this. Prepare your speech before going on the dias lady. Spontaneity does not become you!

gosh so boring.. blah blah blah...

Aishwarya is intelligent and very sophisticated. I loved that she mentioned all the teacher's names.

Aish always talks long sentences and tries to come out spohisticated. But if u really listen to her talk, she hardly makes sense. Keeps using synonyms to reiterate what she just said....PV please post this....

She speaks well

Compare her accent now and her way to talk in Oprah's show

Wait.. Shilpa was not presented a bouquet??

Shilpa is an amazing dresser! But her video was so short I couldn't clearly make out what she is wearing. Initially, I thought she is wearing a red blouse under a white jacket but later it looked like there was no jacket. Whatever it is, it's very elegant!

Why compare two mothers? It is beyond my understanding. What if someone spoke against our mothers? Will we tolerate it?

Aishwarya is praising her daughter's teachers and still trolls could not digest it. #BlindHatred

Only losers could have a problem with a mother's attachment to her child... Love Shilpa and Ash...

her accent is too indian over here,i know all indians complain about her usual accent but this is hard to understand.

Hate her or Love her but you can never ignore her & that's called a SUPERSTAR...

My goodness, how pretentious can she get? And she is rambling on an on. She could have said it all in half the time! Shilpa was more natural and spontaneous! No airs. Pls. post.

What is so pretentious if she's personally talking about each of her daughter's teachers? Why compare two mothers to spread hatred? Get a life.


OMG..what is she trying to say...such a confusing and a boring speech :(

damned if you do damned if you don't, Aishwarya can never do anything right by her trolls.

Love Shipla's down to earth style, she is a classy lady and speaks from the heart and is not pretentious. That is the way to give a talk short and sweet and to the point, love her.

Another long Beauty Queen Speech

Kudos to Salman. He dated this intellectual beauty Queen and he is still alive. A plain,simple guy like Salman dated her I just can't believe that.

Plain and simple? If only I can get a plain and simple looking guy who also happened to be the 7th sexiest man on earth.

Which school do their kids go to?

i like how ashwarya took time to mention all those teachers names one by one

I bet the audiences, especially the students, slept through her speech. It is so BORING AND LONG...ZZZZZZZZZZ

loved Shilpa's speech. Short and sweet.

The point is that Shilpa is so dumb that she could not have spoken more than this.

Nailed it! Haha!

She talks too much. Couldn't we just keep it short and sweet. Love though how she mentions all the teachers name. That was nice. but please don't talk too much.

She is a goddess on earth ! Just look @ her ...

when she speaks she says too much but when shes's not, its dead silence

Aishwarya ♥♥

Ash looks crazily obsessed and in love with her kid. Like nowadays, whatever question you ask her aaradhya comes up. She doesn't even let her alone for one night..Yes.. such kind of attachment and bond is endearing and scary at the same time.

Typically I'm a bonafide hater, but I think that's just amazing and wonderful. Lucky daughter.

Aaradhya is her only child......She waited too long to have her its normal..

Do you have children of your own? Have you walked in her shoes?

she looks great and seems really invested in her daughters day to day life despite the busy schedule. Bollywood in 70s 80s was famous for sending kids to some boarding school and relegating all parenting activities to the school while the bwood dads and moms partied away. I dont know why they even had kids. Atleast the modern parents like Ash, Twinkle & Akshay , Vivek Oberoi are more involved in their children's lives.

aishwarya is different from what i perceived from media

Either she is in silent mode or talking mode. When she talks then she talks too much. I am happy she is now opening up like old days. She became almost silent for the last 9-10 years.

aish looks great without too much makeup.

She is the most intelligent mom

i can't believe aaradhya and vivaan are old enough to start school. its funny how joined shilpa and aishwaryas lives are. both are from bunt community, both top bollywood actresses at one point both married and had a kid around the same time. now both their kids go to the same school. i understand why they arent friends but it would be so convenient for them to be friends.

She is too beautiful and envied, that it makes her feel like she can't make female friends. A pity.

Wait - why aren't they friends? Have no idea but do they have some problem between them or general remark you made that they aren't friends?

Aish looks like a million bucks. Wow @ how she remembers all the names of the teachers.

she is leaving Aaradhya with them, I wont be surprised if she knows everything about them after all the background checks she did on them.. lol.

hahhahah!!!!!!!!! sachi bat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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