Jo Wada Kiya Wo Nibhana Padega: Virat's Message To Anushka?

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Cricketer Virat Kohli has been in the news quite a lot recently. Well, we don’t blame the cricketer. He might have stayed in the news for his break-up with Anushka Sharma, he has definitely won the country’s heart with his performance in the India vs Pak match.

We seem to have discovered another talent of this young cricketer. At the Indian High Commission gathering, Virat took on the stage to sing his favorite old hindi song, Jo Vaada Kiya Wo Nibhana Padega. We won’t be lying when we say that the cricketer does have a good voice.

Virat shared the video on his Instagram page and gave special thanks to Yuvraj Singh for shooting the video. Well, Yuvi Paaji is just too good, isn’t he? We wonder if Virat is conveying any special message to Anushka through this song. Well, the song is about returning to your lover. Only future will tell! 

Check out the Video right here:


Few moments back at the indian high commission gathering. Thanks @yuvisofficial for the video paji. I love this song 

A video posted by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on

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Leave them alone

They should patch up

I now see it..Anushka used him just for publicity. Virat, you are too good for her. Congrats on your performance in the last match. You surely made every Indian proud. Thank you :)

They broke up, that's the end. Let people sing and live their life in peace.

Virat is far better than Anushka as a person. And nowdays, Anushka is trying hard to show how cool she is by wishing her co-stars and giving Nevia to Yashraj people and stuff. But Virat is getting highly praised for Lifting up India and being nice toward the Pak and BD players. Virat's approach is natural. But Anushka is faking everything. She tries hard to show that she is sweet and nice. But actually she's kinda creep. We always say that, someone has all the right to change someones body. Like Anushka did a surgery for her nose. But doesn't it show that you are not satisfied with what you have? Or that you are not satisfied with how God made you? People who poses this kind of dissatisfaction, can't be good and nice toward other. Cz in a way or other, they are not satisfied with the people around them. She played with the poor VK who didn't even realize that this girl would drop his heart on the floor. In 6-7 years, her career would end and people will literally forget her. But whenever his career ends, he'll be remembered forever considering the much good he is. It's a shame that Anushka dragged him. He was always nicer and heartening toward her. PINKVILLA please consider posting this one.

He's singing? That MUST mean he's singing for the duck(!) Sound logic PV.

They sucked as a couple. She never watched cricket before and was using him for publicity. And maybe, just maybe, he's just singing a song for no reason.

TBH, he doesn't sing well. Its' a stone-cracky voice.

GREAT! Now someone can't even sing anything. Cz if they do, it will be referred as chosen for their ex....

Virat doesn't deserve the snooty Anushka. He is better off without her.

He sang well.

Or maybe..... Just maybe..... It's been his favorite song this whole time and he decided to sing it ? -_-

did not expect him to be able to sing well... what can this guy not do?

i really hope they get back together, they were perfect

wow he can sing *__*

Translate plss what is this mean ??? I'm not an Indian

Promises has to be kept or must fulfil the promises of the two.

Oh ok ... thank u ;)

For gods sake, LEAVE THEM ALONE!

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