Watch: This Ranveer-Deepika’s Video Will Definitely Give You Serious Relationship Goals!

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He is potentially ruining the chances of every boyfriend out there. Ranveer Singh’s gestures for his ladylove Deepika Padukone never fail to tug the strings of your heart. For the ones who are not aware, let’s refresh your grey cells. At a recently held awards ceremony, Deepika was not present in Mumbai to collect her trophy for the Best Actress. DP was in Toronto, shooting for her Hollywood debut project, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. DP’s alleged boyfriend, Ranveer picked the trophy on her behalf but with a twist. Expect the man to do things out of the box, and so he did!

Ranveer got Deepika to video conference with the audiences, live at the awards! Here are the two cute videos, where one can see Ranveer’s loving gesture to connect his ladylove with her fans. Interestingly, KJo, who was hosting the awards, couldn’t help away without pulling Ranveer’s leg, while seeing this PDA on the stage. He said, “Technology ki kya baat hai, ishq aur awards dono hi le jaatey hai!”


Have a look at the video, and we are sure you will be floored as we are.

Can DeepVeer stop being any more adorable!


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this just my opinion. ranveer face more coordinate with alia bhat. ranbir face more like kat face. deep face i don't know similiar to whom. you know what i mean? people with coordinate face and similiar look in their face (man and woman) mean a couple or the last one in their life

Is he the most perfect boyfriend or what? No one deserves this kind of love

i love ranveer, but these two deserve each other, both stunt queens, anything for the cameras!!!

They could've just gotten her on the big screen via Skype. It's not like these awards are exclusive and nobody knew the winners already.

sona was looking good!

Let them get married first and then it will be a miracle even if he answers her call...lol :-)

So cute are these two...bless them xxx

"Technology bhi kya cheez hai. Ishq aur awards dono hi le jaata hai" Ha! Trust KJO to come up with a witty one :D. Adorable couple though but sad to see award ceremonies capitalizing on them.

This "news" have put it like 3 times and is the same as always: Ranveer doing everything by Deepika. But hardly ever seen uh Deepika doing everything by Ranveer. And this sums up a picture I saw, is a picture where on one hand Ranveer this kissing the hand Deepika and in the other image Deepika this kissing the hand of Ranbir. Is practically the "relationship" I see.

To be fair: There is a BTS video of Ishquan Dishquan where they kiss each other's hand before a shot. Not sure if they were playful back then or if they were already dating. But yes, I get what you mean. The Tamasha-promotions turned a lot of RS fans off of DeepVeer.

well rk,she was seen kissing ranveer's hand,holding it and him plenty and she chose him over you,despite you begging her to take you back,but then again whatever makes you feel better

This "news" have put it like 3 times and is the same as always: Ranveer doing everything by Deepika. But hardly ever seen uh Deepika doing everything by Ranveer. And this sums up a picture I saw, is a picture where on one hand Ranveer this kissing the hand Deepika and in the other image Deepika this kissing the hand of Ranbir. Is practically the "relationship" I see. Bye

haha lol so a RKDP shipper finds solace in a pic to proof how to see the actual relationship. Especially a gesture which is not to be taken seriously better watch the video when this so called "romantic" thing is happening while they talking about being bro. RK fans who ships him with DP ofcourse how will you know that especially in the Tamasha promos its clearly visible how she is influenced by Ranveer. Ranveer kisses everyones hand, he also hugs everyone and loves to touch his costars chins. Her behaving like that around RK shows not that she is into him its the opposite shows only how much she moved on. Sometimes i wonder what would have happen if DP gave RK a kiss on his cheek while she is doing that to SRK, Arjun ,Imtiaz or Homi. They would go crazy and saying she Loves him and watch at those pics. Maybe those people instead of searching in videos some gestures and than takeing pics to justify your phanatsies maybe go and watch what DP has to say about you guys on Bollywood hungama in the interview with RK. Gives the answer for your claims. But well noo you won´t watch those things because you love to live in a bubble. Ranveer personality is like that but people claim or make it a big deal if DP is in the picture. He behaves in the same way if its a Arjun a Anil or a parineeti even Akshay. That guy is affectionate and shows that openly its not like he is doing this ONLY for Deepika which is not the case. He does this for people he loves and has a lot of respect for. Shows onnly what kind of a human being he is.

ATTENTION SEEKING 101... learn from these two!

at least they doing it in a sweet natural way and not like some others couples who broke up in a cheap way and still doing it


Kitna cute hai !

ADORABLE. I'd like to call on stage the one and only my friend give it up for ranveeer singh !! Srk and ranveer are my favorite actors right now!!!

love u both....

Its cute. But the connection wasn't clear and Ranveer here didnt look like a mega star who is also successful. He seemed awkwardly nervous/proud about XXX. Which I dont know is good or bad.

1. Nothing about this sets goals. It's just FaceTime. 2. Moment of silence for everyone who thinks this isn't for the ratings 3. This is old news, so there's nothing to be floored about. 4. Ranveer looks HOT !

The organization could've asked DP to do this via Skype and shown her on the big screen. This is definitely just for the TRP's. And this isn't relationship goals, it's making good use of technology. (I Love Ranveer, btw)


I hope bollywood will learn something from Oscars and from the speeches of their winners. These kind of dramas only to gain TRP.

Looooooooolllll look who is talking about TRP Drama. Check DP's Filmfare Speech , it will inspire you considering your idol is far from being a inspiration. #Ranbir#Respect#Legend#LOL.

Ranbir's performance inspired 2 of my closest buddies to change their careers in college. They went from practically failing to convincing their parents to let them follow their passion. And here's the gold pot at the end of that rainbow...they weren't even Indian! I'll forever be grateful to everyone involved in Tamasha for doing what they did which might have also inspired so many others as well. I'd say thats inspiration enough ;) #Ranbir #Respect #Legend #ThankyouImtiazAli

For me, it has been Aamir Khan's 3 idiots and TZP which inspired me. I suffered from dyslexia and have always been slightly introvered who was interested in art and creativity - something that didn't go well with my teachers and ofcourse my bully classmates when I was a kid. I know a friend who has been inspired by the movie Into the Wild (its based on a real life story), and Ranbir's YJHD + Tamasha. Actually my friend is exactly like the characters played by Ranbir in those 2 movies :3 the dream of travelling this world but he is stuck...stuck between expectations and responsbilities. Ranbir is a good actor, and so is Deepika. I just think Ranbir needs to choose his scripts carefully and not focus on his personal life that much. His casanova image didn't go well with many.

Woah! How nice of u to share this! :) Aamir's TZP was a far better film IMO, but with 3 idiots I felt the blame got placed too much on the system and parents. That is something that Tamasha did not stress on so heavily. Personally, I related a lot to Ved's bipolar nature because I do suffer from it as well. And, I've been through that phase in my life many years ago where I had to convince my parents to allow me to follow my passion (that Ved convincing his dad scene is so spot on). Also, when u say Ranbir needs to choose his scripts carefully, what are u trying to say? Should be choose worlds that an Indian would believe in (unlike the Chicago Gangster depicted in Mumbai) ? Or, stories which have a linear narrative (unlike the constant flashback laden Tamasha)? Or is it simply to stay away from coming of age roles ? Just curious.

What you're saying here is the truth and nothing but the truth !! I wish I had seen Tamasha when I was in my second year of college, but unfortunately I'm already in my thesis-stage(BSc). But it gave me the courage to tell my parents that I wont go for my Master's degree, but will take up something else instead. Tamasha's message gave me that push to just finally do it (I'm a die-hard RS-fan btw, just thought I'd mention that)

Did you see Dicaprio's speech? that inspires me. Not a 10 minutes letter reading, that too for a compromised award. You're becoming DP's Shakuntela. so annoying.

Not being biased, but Deepika's speech was better than Leo's speech. At least her speech wasn't hypocritical. Love Leo to death, but he spoke so passionately about environmentalism yet drives a private jet (apparently he used it 6 times in 6 weeks) and has a luxury yacht. How much carbon footprint does that leave?

why Indians are obsessed with hollywood? seems like you will even find their fart insipring.

Compromised award? We can apply that to any award, for argument's sake. Even Oscars. Except maybe not Leo's this year. But the fact is, learn to accept that someone has talent and she went head to head with the best of Bollywood.

DP won best actress. Watch this space for burned hearts of other actresses fans xD

Power couple.

Awwwwwww. My loves.


No yaar I love ranbir deepika...

Honestly he may loves her madly..but in looks he doesn't look like deepika padukone boyfriend..its most of the people openion..pv postt plzzz

Openion??? Lol ok :p

Cute video..but still rkdp my favourite couple...

If Deepika wants lasting happiness she should settle for Ranveer

I am no fan of any young brigade even though am 28...but let me tell you these two are way too awwdorable...more than that they are REAL..and yes I haven't watched bajirao till last month...whener I see an article abt these two, same day at night I will watch it again and again... Respect...

Sidd is still stuck with alia..and ranveer who is no where linked with deepika...

Deepika ranveer nahh.. Deepika ranbir. Wahh..

In no way ranveer can match her in looks,status,sucess no way

She can get way better

Seems she don't want " way better man " ... Seems she wants Ranveer... She moved on ;) I hope u too will move on !!!

But I like ranbir deepika

Yeah I saw it yesterday ;) he is so cute

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