The first song of Housefull 3 is super Catchy!

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After the trailer launch of Housefull 3 in the evening today, the first song from the movie Pyaar Ki Maa Ki is also out.

The song is quite catchy and the entire cast of the movie is present in the song. The three leading ladies of Housefull 3, Jacqueline Fernandez, Lisa Haydon and Nargis Fakhri are looking sizzling hot in the song and we aren’t surprised. Well, the men, Abhishek Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Ritesh Deshmukh aren’t far behind.

The trailer of Housefull 3 looks extremely hilarious and crazier than the previous two installments. While Akshay and Ritesh remain the common factors, John Abraham has been replaced by Abhishek. Boman Irani is like always at his wittiest best in the trailer.

The movie is directed by Farhad-Sajid and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. Mika Singh and Sohail Sen have composed the music of the movie. Housefull 3 is all set to release on June 3. 


Jacqueline is super cute

the nonsense people make to sell a song nowadays..

what did I just hear??!! did they start baba black sheep in the middle of the song just to make it sound kool? and even otherwise what's with the terrible song? anything to sell!

Nargis makes u cringe every time she 'tries' to have even half an expression..

Nargis and Abhi are the worst of the lot.. maybe that's y they cast them together..

this Nargis can't do anything! she can't act, neither can she deliver dialogues properly, nor can she dance! y did they cast her? if they just wanted a pretty face, they could get many who could at least give a semi-decent performance..

catchy????seriously ??? oh oooo catch droped then....!!! i rest my case

Jaqueline looks so gorgeous in the trailer. every time Jaqueline proves we are wrong. she is fabulous actor.

are you jaqueline?????hai na???

Lisa = carbon copy of angelina jolie.

+Esha gupta


These girls are just hot.. The film will be all about Akkie n Ritesh ..

Love Jacq and Akshay's pairing. I think they looked super sweet in Brothers, and they seem to carry that chemistry forward to Housefull. Ritesh and Lisa are both bearable and good (kinda). Nargis and Abhishek is just what even.... Nargis can't even emote anything. Finally found someone who is worse than Katrina.

Love it

I have a serious girl crush on Lisa Haydon. She is HOT HOT HOT!

Me too!!!!

Caller tune all over again.

This song is pure shit lol. Whatever happened to meaningul lyrics, they're going extinct!


I think Housefull franchise never been so beautiful before. Girls look so gorgeous

All 3 gals are looking gorgeous,they are actually overshadowing the men.

omg the girls looks soo gorgeous. i wish this movie was about the three of them because when the men come on screen it just looks cringeworthy.

They look delicious.

Not one of the girls can act

Lisa Haydon can act, watch Queen she was quite good.

Lisa haydon is beautiful!! Jacky is slightly annoying and Nargis can't dance. What is this song?


Lisa is gorgeous, Jackie is sweet, Nargis is hot ( I want her legs), Akshay is fit, Riteish is same, Abhishek is Bachchan, the song is idiotic.

LOL. Abhishek is Bachchan! That was funny!

I like it.... Super cute

Nargis can't act at all.

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