Redefining Fear: The Trailer Of Raman Raghav 2.0 Is Out & It Will Surely Give You Goosebumps!

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Anurag Kashyap is Back and with a Bang!

Raman Raghav 2.0 is one of the most awaited movies of the year, and the trailer of the film is finally out!

The film set in present day Mumbai and follows the life of a serial killer Ramanna (Nawazuddin), inspired by one of the most infamous serial killers of the 1960s, Raman Raghav. His obsession with Raghavan (Vicky Kaushal), a cop, borders on insanity and chills the watcher to the core. However, Anurag has maintained that the movie isn’t based on the popular criminal. 

Without a flicker of doubt, the film promises to deliver another great performance by Nawaz. His casual demeanor disguises the cold psychopath residing inside his mind and the chilling trailer gives us a glimpse of what is going inside the killer's mind.

Directed by ace director Anurag Kashyap, 'Raman Raghav 2.0' is all set to release on June 24, 2016.

Watch the trailer here, which will surely give you goosebumps:

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Vicky Kaushal looks HOT! Gone is the meek guy from Masaan.

This is the ANurag Kashyap I wanna see more. When is this releasing???

Oh nawazuddin..why r you so amazing?

And I must add vicky was amazing too..

I want to watch this movie and not at the same time. I feel I wouldn't be able to sleep at night...lolz..

Ok, so this trailer is indeed good and if I saw him outside my window I will freak out. BUT he has been doing the same kind of psychotic criminal role and is becoming typecast. Think of that Salman film where he was the looney villian who killed Rajat Kapoor.

Nawaz is a genius. But the trailer isn't that impressive. 'Ugly' trailer was way better. Loved the BGM though.

Nawazuddin is a BRILLIANT actor! Mind blown!

Nawazuddin's performance looks cool....
he is a treat to watch...

"sirf paaket maara". Wow. First day show

Can't wait to watch it.. Welcome back anurag!

A-mazing Nawaz!!

NAWAZ * SLOW CLAPS * Amazing trailer

I can't watch! Nawazzudin gets into the skin of his character. Amazing! I'm worried if I ever saw this film I would get upset and not watch nawazzudin again. I look forward to seeing a away doing a comedy role one day

Wow. Just wow. This is a trailer. The opening dialogues just hooked me. Nawazzudin's dialogue delivery, expressions and body language is par excellence! I was imagining the chessboard tiles with him.

OMG, it actually gave me goosebumps, too good trailer and that Vicky guy was very intense and just amazing. Hats off

I just hope Nawaz gets ALL the accolades - I mean look at his acting, look at all the work he has done so far - he's just tooooo good...from nice/likable portrayal in Bajrangi to now this menace! Vicky Kaushal seems cool too.

Better than KIck, Fan and all other movies of all the 50+ uncles.

haha LOL had a good laugh

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