Check Out Deepika’s Reaction on Beau Ranveer’s Steamy Posters for Befikre!

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Deepika Padukone is back to Mumbai after wrapping up her Hollywood commitments. On her arrival at the airport today, while a section of pappz was busy capturing the gorgeous leggy lass in cameras, few journos had some serious catching up to do with Dippy - in terms of her love life!

Remember the steamy posters of Befikre featuring her beau, Ranveer Singh locking lips with Vaani Kapoor?

Well, the media was curious to know if Deepika's reaction to Ranveer's Befikre poster and what the bae said : 'Not seen it yet!'

With a big smile, and no answer, DP walked past the media, leaving everyone looking for answers.

Jealous much GF?



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I miss these two love birds

Thoughtless hatred over nothing. In the last one year I think there is nothing left to question if their relationship is real. he is working with yashraj on a romantic movie. yashraj are tyrants in their terms and conditions. Obviously they would have asked to keep his relationship low key. her PR put up his visit to Toranto all across Twitter. Why will they suddenly ask to keep her visit to Paris a hush hush ? Fans can expect very little coming out about the couple till the release of his film. There could even be blinds on his closeness to Vaani. Be ready for the PR circus of the movie.

U jerk Dp fans Rs got BM and Ramleela on his capabilities. Yes Dp is a bigger star than him but even kat is bigger star than him so can she carry a film on her shoulder ? First watch BM its all about Rs and Dps acting was worst performance in 3 yrs.

people need to understand that being in bollywood half of an actors stardom comes from staying in the news. people like deepika and katrina are clever because they use their relationships to acheive this. this is why even without great talent they make a name for themselves. moreover, deepika is always extra close to all her directors, reason she does this is so they offer her movies again and again. and god know what other favours women like them give behind closed doors.

lol not seen the poster oh wow so not been to paris like ur PR keep stating all she could have said is i have seen it liked it and wish him well or the liplock was putting her off

if deep didn't want him, just release him there are many woman who make him her wishlist dream boy like this telugu actress amruta khanvikar, or someone else there are many girls who take him in her wish list be like became his co actor and as personal patner. i mean who didn't want became his co star since he is a blue eyes bhansali boy and aditya prince. he truty will has hand in aditya future big dream project and many list good director eying him to hve his signature. and don't forget he is a man. has taelnt in act. he will role bollywood not just for 5 years again. he will stronger day by day since five years ago. and this will happen with or without deepika.

Whatever you say ranveer lol

Both of them happy that is the most important, media, actors teasing them all, the world know they are together it is never been one side love . They want to protect their relationship rather than admitting frankly directly both of them never dined at all instead sending messages through subtle ways .

so why some are in denial and bashing them ( ranbir period was past and done so get over it)

I loved bollywood because ranveer and liked deepika talent since cheny express and ram leela,,so if my fav actors are in love and together that will be great if they broke up one day will be sad but always will love ranveer for his Chrisma talent and personality and depo for her talent

Ranveer is the best expressive boyfriend which any girl wants, so befikre our dear deepika

My name lootera

Maybe she didnt want to comment on the poster cus its whack lol

Obviously she's seen the poster, but she knows better than to feed the hungry media! Nip the question right at the bud! Besides, her smile at the end says it all ;)

Obviously she's seen the poster, but she knows better than to feed to hungry media! Nip the question right at the bud! Besides, her smile at the end says it all ;)

Ranveer is working hard for his movie in paris, and you guys here writing rubbish about him, calling him names for what ?!! seriously if this
Deepika hate him or whatever.. she can call it off between them, why she's still with him then ?!! Gosh this DP fans are the weirdest

her smile after was aww :)

Welcome Back Deepu. But this is not possible that she didnt saw it.. she went to him, and didnt even saw the poster?!

This is just my opinion, but i feel that people who seek others approval/attention are not very secure. Im a cancer also and i used to be like that too. But i wasnt a very happy person because i wasnt being myself. I find this quality in RS and he does come off as insecure to me. I wouldnt say i hate RS but im definitely not a fan.

RK on the other hand, does seem like a secure person. He is affable, but he doesnt overdo it. Hes not even on twitter. I wouldnt say im a fan of RK either. I think hes a very good actor. Better than most BW. but i could be for just that quality i see in him.

What should i say to you now. Understandable if you are a RK fan whats the reason to bring him in here? Don´t saw aything attached to RK. No one is 100 percent secure. But only in the way if you see a RS and RK even standing next to eachother RS has more confidence than a RK. Less confidence means not secure enough so there you go.

Deepika is very diplomatic.

Maybe she learns from PC.

just because dp isn't that into ranveer doesn't mean she's still hung up on rk and fyi yes there was a time when she couldn't shut up about ranbir,but as far as the Present is concerned the last time she took his name was many months ago and all she said was "ask him about his career,it's none of my business"so please rk fans,stop putting her down to talk up your idol,stop going on and on about what she used to be like and give her credit for what she's become a girl who's no longer willing to give her ex any attention,also she's too busy to give a damn about him anyway

While Ranveer is absolutely impressive as 'Rao' aka Bajirao, how many of you wondered how it would have been if Ranbir Kapoor was cast in this role?

When a leading daily asked Deepika Padukone about it, the pretty lady answered, "It would have been very different (thinking).. then all the dynamics would have changed. Mastani would have changed, Kashi too. EVEN IF THE SAME HEROINES WERE CAST THE DYNAMICS WOULD CHANGE. Somehow for me when I was offered Bajirao..., it was always Ranveer, but that could also be my bad that I am stereotyping an actor. Though it would be interesting to see Ranbir in a role like this ----> This is for the people who keep saying Ranveer got BM because of Deepika. Her response clearly shows that he was either cast before her or simultaneously with her. And its also known that RS was casted first in RL. SLB doesn't need people to convince him to cast Ranveer. Has believed in his talent, even when he was just 2 films old. DP is far more popular than him, that is a fact. No argument there. But if you think she has the power of a Khan to get people movies, you are delusional.

Both have their own talent and Directors cast them as individual that what SLB done till today. He believed in RS and casted him for RL and took DP. Seeing both he also had this combo in his mind for BM. There are some directors who don´t care who has more success or more powerful or has more stardome he doesn´t care if he wants it he gets it its the same wiht the budget he always overgoes. He is one director who believes in talent. HE is no Dharma or YRF or other production companys who are after only the name or pairings.
Neither made DP RS a good actor and nor the other way. Both are completely different in their approach and the way they act.

Yes, I agree. My comment was for the people who keep saying RS got RL and BM thanks to Deepika.

Forget the comment. She looks quite cool and seems happy to be back in mumbai

She's mad at him for doing too many liplocks for this film

Now that her secret getaway has been outted, can one of you respectful fans please post her paris trip pics so we can move on?!

She may or may not have seen the poster. But I get the feeling that she doesn't feel as strongly about RS as he does about her. I am curious as to how Deepika would react if Ranveer became distant. Would she miss him or would she not care? Something to think about.

This woman is a disgrace to womanhood. She is just using rs for time pass or better becoz his name sounds similar to her dream man Rk.

To all Rs fans screaming on this page, never forget that it was only and only Dp bcoz of whom he got Bm and ramleela, despite of his ugly face , she is not dumping him. ner

he got offered both BM and ram leela first, oh so brilliant DP fans

Media - have u seen JJ poasters.
Dp( excitedly ) - Yes I have, Rk is amazing and am very much excited for film.

How would you know who he's DMing on twitter. Cus his fan girls go and tell everyone. And he knows it. He said himself he does things for attention so ppl will like him. Yeah his fan base is growing by the hour. Okay that's why he can only get these kinda views when DP's name is there.

Call me crazy but i go by "believe half of what you see none of what you hear". Its going to take a lot more than a chanel bag amd rumors to make me buy this so called couple. I go with my gut its never failed me. And my guts says its a sham.

Dayuum RS PR is going hard for DP right now! First trying to say she was in Paris now trying to make her look jealous. Wow. Bro your embarrassing yourself.

whatever she said and done i never care a lot. she is ranveer girl or not a never car. if she is i just has respect for her just becoz of him. becoz i just love ranveer and i'm not shipper. i love ranveer for his worked, i love him for his personality(charm and warm with people), i love him bcoz he push me to live in my dream, to believe what i love and doing. i love him becoz he never claim like a zein. he like us. carry and use condom who i believe almost 90% people use it but very shame to approve it. i love him becoz his honesty, i love him becoz he always strungle for his film not just for language like bbb, ramleela, and and bm, but also for his back pain from lootera, feet break for gunday, and souldier break for bajirao mastani. i love him becoz he love his parent and his sister ritika how he protect them from media becoz they are not an actress. i love him becoz he love his fans always sent a sweet words gift in his busy scdule filming. i love him the way he is, he really a new game who make a different think. she that what many think love for ranveer more than just one girl?

And he always sending DM to his fans on Twitter .. One of his fan girl was Bday yesterday .. He sent Bday msg to her, he had wrote very lovely words for her ( he always doing this to all his fans ) that's why his fandom rising day by day ( no , hours by hours )

When will people realize that this is entertainment?! Theres very little about it thats authentic. Everyones analyzing what she said or didnt say. Her chanel bag, like this trip is the ONLY time shes ever been to paris in life hahaha. Do a google news search on both rs and dp. 8/10 stories are on dp. None of dps are about rs. Its all about publicity nothing else. And everybodys falling for it. i dont like/dislike either of them so theres no bias here. Pv please post

Yeah sure so you make time and analyse a lot about their relationship to call it entertainment. Seems like you are pretty much involved whats going on between them. and the best part benin desperate that this gets posted by saying PV please post it.

Actually i work for a company that analyzes these things so its kinda my job. But nice try.

Pinkvillagirl, u really think Deepika fans r imposing her on rs. Like really. I think being a PC fan you must be hurt that your favourite doesn't get this attention. As a dp fan I wish the best for dp n I like PC as well. But how can someone stoop so low to say things like that about Deepika. She is the top star of this country n she is the last person that needs to b imposed upon on anyone. V fans love her irrespective of who she is dating. In fact if u look at Twitter n Facebook, u will notice all of us support her individually n never interfere in her personal life. Most of us don't even tweet about Ranveer. So where did you get this notion. We love Deepika. Ranveer doesn't come in the picture here. V respect her personal life n whoever she chooses to be with. End of story. PV please be fair n post all the opinions. Your regulations r too biased n u post so many negative comments on Deepika but not comments supporting her.

Everyone commenting negatively are losers! LOL! You are being easily manipulated, and that cracks me up! They are both VERY much in love and happy in a very happy relationship. All the unnecessary speculation is just worth nothing! Just enjoy the pictures and move on folks.................

I wish dp and kat marry each other,,,, I don't like them seeing with a man .

Even sunny Leone is better than her, at least she is loyal to her husband.

Love you Ranveer ..


Obviously she has. She has major issues with it hence she doesn't want to comment on it.

All I can see is DP fans are imposing her on RS & RS fans hate her to the core...Are they going to end like RK-KAT. DPad na ghar ki na ghaat ki??

LMAO!! You seriously seem to not know Deepika fans, that's all I've got for you and you think you have it all figured out. LOL!!

Behen itna kyun anti-DP??? Aisa kya ho gaya?

Behen tum itni anti-DP kyun ho gayi ho??? I know you were never her fan but you were appreciative and your criticism for DP wasn't disguised as personal barbs. Why so salty to her suddenly?

I appreciate her where she deserves and that's her beauty but that's all. BTW I am glad you know I am not her fan would be happiest if you know that I am not an obsessed fan of any...Thanks for calling me Behan aajkal k zamane me behan ki nazar se dekhta koun hai :D ;)

Oh deepika I always knew u love ranbir from bottom of ur heart. Kat is beautiful but I never liked her plus how cold that woman is, all smiles in fitoor promo. U two look cute just ask sorry from him.

There is a dpfan on PV who trolls every article related to RSDP and pretends that Ranveer is commenting here. I'm starting to think this person is the same so called Sid-fan who trolls Ranveers posts.

Someone should just ask what is ranbirs boxers number and she will jump and answer it. Shameless woman.

Second hand maal for ranveer.Sultan hurricane this eid

kuch toh gadbad hai daya...!
pata laga na hoga???

and people call Katrina rude? By no means I'm a Kat fan but this woman is too rude and snooty. She doesn't have basic manners tch tch tch

Hello kat !!

She always doing this to him .. She is always makes him looks like a fool ...........,,.. I just want their break up .. And then he need move on .. And then he need find a cute sweet girl who is will love him , and will respect him... She always breaks his pride .. Tattoo , all his interviews about RK , all his feely- touchy pics with another mans , and all his answer about RS.. I feel sad for him .. He got two gf and both made his looks like a fool .. Thank u Anu dp .. He just should move on and he should marry with a non filmy girl .. Like shahid . Post it too . ( real Ranveer fan )

Her* I mean all her interviews , all her pics with mans , all her answer about RS and all her answer about RK ..

She saw his poster or not , she was in Paris or not ... This relationship - Deepika insulting Ranveer 's pride .. Be it her tattoo , or all her interviews , all her answer about him ... She made him looks like Idiot or blind lover !!! Post it .

IF Ranveer fans doesn´t care why do you as a DP hater even care. Its not your business. He looks happy she looks happy. So there must be something going right. No one know what going on in reality in relationships even those people you know.

Lol I dont care about her !!! I'm Ranveer fan and I hate when she is doing like this ... She can answer a history about RK but not only one word about RS she can't say like this " yes , I saw " tell this line and go to your hell car girl ... Is it so hard to say " yes" ???

i love how DP fans hate on other actresses if they wear sunglasses at night, but when she does it, its suddenly fine. Double standard much?

Deepika gives the meadia really good headline now everyone will say she's jealous and insecure ,she could have said 'everyone watch the poster' it could be a better answer !

as a RS fan, i hate her now

she is so ashamed of ranveer

I guess so,ranveer must be amazing in bed

oh all smiling after spending some sexy times with a certain someone (and it's not her bf)

LOL. everyone saying good on her for being dismissive, she could have just said yes and gotten in the car? Where are these one liners when it comes to questions about Ranbir Kapoor?

RS deserve a young carefree GF like Deepika was when she was younger. Too bad she is so guarded about her personal life now.

her PR couldn't give it a rest when she was away, so god be with us now that she's in town

lol she looks like michael jackson and she has the nerve to be so facetious

go back from where you came from, you're not welcomed

she's getting uglier by the day

ranveer deserves so much better

NO fan of her...but the answer is just awesome... safe play and she learnt that over the more thing...she was in Paris and my cousin saw it...he took pic also..her one of female staff requested not to post on Twitter...I dint believe him but he sent me in WhatsApp....

Yes thats what i heard also People were not allowed to take pics and if there were they requested them to not post it on social network. There are poeple who respects privacy and they don´t need to expose privat lives. Those who don´t believe are those who never believe. But i don´t understand some people who comments here. You guys are really blind to not see or believe that they are together. Behind cameras is where the real deal is but most of you don´t get to see that .

I'm begging u plsss post this picss pass ... Where she will see u again yarrr :p make fake accaunt and post :))) plsss yaar post post post ... We need this ... Bcz al RKDP fans laughing .. They said " only he loves , she s not into him , he is stalker , only he goes for her " pls post yarr ... Post pinkvilla thanks

Why are you takeing RKDP fans serious they are living in their own fantasy even if you proof to them their mind will still working differently. Even if DP married they will still wait till she realises what a gem RK is and that they will get back together even if she has 10 children they will still say oooh she loves RK and they will get back ROFL.

ok ranveer,we believe you and your cousin,lol

why did slb and yrf adopt him, how did he manage to get a GF like her when he was only three film old,how did he get so many pretty fans,i mean he's handsome but nothing special look-wise,i want answers to my questions!!!

well he looks better than her lately

well he looks better than her lately

Well if she answered yes, she's seen it then she would have to answer what she thinks of it. What answer would be apropriate or well received by haters about the second question. She just avoided the second question, you can tell she hesitated before answering the question. That's what I woul've said too. Is she supposed to say that her BF looks great kissing another girl or that she wished it was her kissing him instead? Either way people would say 'they have an open relationship' had she given the first answer and she would've been termed jealous with the second answer. So good answer DP!!!

wow ranveer,you're on a roll,you have nothing better to do than convince us that you're her BF,but then again since being linked to her is what you're mostly known for,so i totally get it

If I got a dollar every time an actor and actress lied to the media I would be a millionaire in a month! Anyways, hope you had a great time in paris :D

How come paps ask these questions as soon as the celebrities come out of the airport....celebrities life is tough whoever it is.

Deepika, hope you had a great time in Paris :)

Yeah right,,,she did not see it. Poor RS.

see what am talking about ranveer gets so defensive and keeps going on and on about how she looks tired after the paris trip and how she's wearing a bag from a paris shop to prove she's been with him,at least half the comments are about her french bag,i say give it a rest rs,she's not that into you,just have fun,enjoy the little she gives you and stop trying to convince yourself and the world,that you're more than a guy who keeps her company when she feels like it

you legit need help to be honest? you think ranveer himself is spamming the comments on a gossip site?

Don't over analyze her response. She clearly stated, "I haven't seen it" Point. Blank. Period! What else do y'all want from her?

Poor Ranveer : ) Gooo and find for yourself gf . Don't be so fool !!

She obviously has seen the posters, she was in Paris and it had to have come up. But it's her prerogative what she wants to say to the media when they are hounding her when she just wants to get in her car and go home. If she had said anything else they would've asked follow ups and bothered her even more. I have no doubt that she's seen the poster, why wouldn't she, it's two still snapshots and she was in Paris visiting her bf and the subject of the posters. White lie about something as small as this is really inconsequential, or at least should be.

All kuku,,,, why jealousy dp ,,,or only u can kiss whom u want,,,, I say rs never marry her,,,

Sooo Deepika's chanel bag which is wrote on it Paris is very much available in " rue Combon store " .. This store is settling only in Paris.. Go and Check out : Google map. Post plsss .

She says i have not.......who are u kidding girl......ofcourse you have but she just dodged that question like a pro......

she doesn't bat an eyelid when being asked about him and just keeps denying his significance in her life,nt that he has any,not according to her

everyone is spinning this the way they want to,some are saying she's jealous,some are saying she just doesn't give a damn,i say she's just being her usual dismissive self when it comes to him,no big deal

Increíble diplomático answer on her b/friend's steamy poster .. really sweet answer deepika liked it with that smile ;) the media don't deserve any further info ..
Ranveer and depika are so matured

Look at her bag , pfff Chanel rue combon Paris .. She went to Paris and still denying that didn't saw yet .. Lier

How rude !

She just trying avoide media if she said yes the media will not leave her

ha ha u really think media is camped outside airport? the PR gives the details of the flight when they will come and they come based on respective actors PR!

And now the media wont leave her either, because this actually makes a better headline. She could've just laughed and said: 'Everyone has seen that poster'.

She has plenty of time to post 3 years of yjhd,bunny-naina true love and things...and have n't even seen Ranveer's film poster?!!think she doesnt care!!why always him deepu...sad for rs

Oh really u haven't seen it ?! I don't belive u Lol

Her bag from Paris . Welcome back Deepu .

why do they come out of long flight with so much make up... just b natural

She jelous Bcz this is her position ( Vaani siitin on him ) post pls :)

whatever makes you feel better rk


How is she LiER :D she followed her on Twitter and on Istagram .. He posted all this posters ... Of course she saw it ... She saw all this and stared 1000000009"₽)?(;;;.,???)))));)(;)(;)5; bnvghfhgfhgfghngv

natural diplomatic response...what happened to dp? she used to be so fun and exciting when she appeared on the kwk episode with sonam!

Not seen or don't want to see ? Lol . And who thinks He is Deepika's boyfriend , well i don't think so. She will never him

This is the reason why some of actors doesn't want to reveal their relationships. Journalists keeps asking about their personal life instead of their works and these people are the one who ruins their relationships. I can imagine the pressure being asked about their personal life everytime they step out from their houses. Take Ranbir & Katrina as example. No one bothered about their works anymore.

She got Chanel bag from him( chanel combon rue Paris ) and this is biggest proof that she was in Paris !!! Go to hell haters !!!

Unless that bag can only be bought in Paris, it proves nothing. She went out of her way to leave people guessing as to whether she was there or not. Maybe that was the whole point. I'm starting to think both RS and DP are playing us. Let's just enjoy the fact that they look good together on and off-screen.

Leave them alone for God sake !!

apne steamy scenes over ho 'fat cheeks' ke to bf ki khabar le...

Lol she is carrying " Chanel rue Combon Paris " bag .. Which is this magazine settle in Paris .. Go and check from Google map ..

Both are in an open relationship anyway. Dont give them so many headlines.

well whatever makes you feel better ranveer

Hasn't seen it yet ? Huh... Ok. Deepika is either lying or telling the truth. I hope it's the former, cause if she hasn't even bothered to ask Ranveer for updates about his film (this poster came out almost a whole month ago) it just shows how uninterested she is in his professional life.

Come on Deepika u r following Ranveer in all social media how the hell in the world u haven't see it ?!Lol

lol surreee

Whether she said yes or no you would have made the same article lol she was to smart to give you guys anymore with your agendas

if by jealous much you mean dismissive much,then hell yes

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