Watch: Kareena Kapoor Khan's Response to Pregnancy Rumours is Funny!

5 years ago  |  14.2M
Reports of Kareena Kapoor being pregnant have been doing the rounds for quite sometime now. The rumour went viral because Kareena's father Randhir Kapoor gave a quote in the media that it is high time his daughter embraced motherhood.
However, the actress chose to stay mum over these reports, until last night, when Kareena was asked to reveal the truth.
When asked at an event, Kareena denied the reports and had the most funny reaction. Watch the video below to check out Bebo's cool answer! We absolutely love this lady!

Anonymous : Haha, nice try Kareena but public are not stupid. Her skin looks plumper and glowing. Or has she had something done on her face... Looks different, plus different hairstyle
REPLY 4 5 years ago
Anonymous : Haha, nice try Kareena but public are not stupid. Her skin looks plumper and glowing.
REPLY 2 5 years ago
Anonymous : she's glowing.
REPLY 2 5 years ago
Anonymous : Man she is beautiful !!! Her eye color , clear skin , nice thick hair ,just wow. I feel she could've done much better than Saif. He really isn't as good looking as her and no talent either.
REPLY 16 5 years ago
Anonymous : Kareena was the dam hot queen of bollywood, but you lost it all after marrying Saif. Its most unfortunate that you if you get Saif 's children. You truly rocked success with shahid.... Get some younger actor kareena....for God sake
REPLY 8 5 years ago
Anonymous : she did not deny it...she is definitely pregnant ...
REPLY 30 5 years ago
Anonymous : Getting abortion for the sake of doing big banner movies. There was a blind article on her. Some things about Kareena are so unsettling. Like asking 'who's in the movie?' Rather than asking 'what's the script'. Now I am not saying this is right or wrong, but I just can't come to respect her as other movie actors.
REPLY 12 5 years ago
Anonymous : Uhhh no. There was no blind item. Also, you do realize some people do not want children. I have a friend who had an abortion because she was not ready. Abortion doesn't kill. Having children you don't want and can't take care of does. PV post this.
REPLY 18 5 years ago
Anonymous : Kareena has never hidden any of her relationships she always been outspoken about her life so I think what' she is saying is right , when the time is right and when she ready she will come out and say it WHEN she is pregnant . At the end of the day Kareena has had it all the from the lows to the tops. She is the standard of a Bollywood heroine today , every female wants to be her . She's already left her mark she can safely have a kid and still be popular like how marriage didn't affect her career
REPLY 24 5 years ago
Anonymous : wow! shahid n kareena r going to have their babies with just months gap! Recently was wondering shahid is already becoming a parent , why not kareena? n it just happened. ohoo!
REPLY 11 5 years ago
Anonymous : Kareena rarely does this kind of make up. The last time I remember her looking this way is during her valima/reception where she went crazy with the make her look happy and glowly, awake! SHe has done exactly the same kind of make up here and desi clothes really suit her.
REPLY 26 5 years ago
Anonymous : she said there's nothing to say about it. She did not say there is nothing. She is pregnant just waiting for the right moment to announce or get noticed.
REPLY 32 5 years ago
Anonymous : She probably is pregnant and is waiting for udta punjab release.
REPLY 28 5 years ago
Anonymous : She's totally lying. She's preggers and it's too early to say anything. Wish her the best.
REPLY 31 5 years ago
Anonymous : Not a fan of Kareena, but that was HILARIOUS. "I've got five hidden children in London" ROFL
REPLY 34 5 years ago
Anonymous : Watch the video again and notice she didn't deny that it's not a rumor when the journalist asks her again.
REPLY 41 5 years ago
Anonymous : She should concentrate on career. It takes a female star at least 3-4 years to make a comeback after baby that's my understanding after aishwarya's case.She can have baby after 2 more years. You can't leave your newborn with a nany
REPLY 15 5 years ago
Anonymous : hahaaahha hidden children in london !
REPLY 37 5 years ago
Anonymous : She dodged the question. She is pregnant , its too early . Her expression was too coy :)
REPLY 57 5 years ago
Anonymous : Love bebo lol
REPLY 18 5 years ago
Anonymous : i want to see baby kareenaaaa :*
REPLY 21 5 years ago
Anonymous : So Shez not pregnant! Thank god!
REPLY 10 5 years ago
Anonymous : Awwwww too cute. But you are pregnant Bebo.
REPLY 38 5 years ago
Anonymous : All I care about is how beautiful she looks in this picture!
REPLY 40 5 years ago
Anonymous : That was super cute and I think I will feel sad if the pregnancy will be a rumour :-((( I want to see her cute baby having her cute cute features :-***
REPLY 40 5 years ago
Anonymous : OMG she's SO pregnant haha
REPLY 66 5 years ago