Got to Be Strong Enough to Either Say "Sorry" Or "I Stand By My Words": Freida On Salman

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Frieda Pinto is currently attending the ongoing IIFA Awards in Madrid, Spain. The lovely actress, who is working on women empowerment issues, was asked about her thoughts on Salman Khan's insensitive comment about rape. Not the one to mince words, Freida explained her take on the whole issue.

She said, "It (Responsibility) is almost so important that sometimes it feels like a burden. Because there are times when you might want to say...and I am not talking about this person, I am just talking in general...that you might want to say something that might actually not be in the negative in any which way, but might be unconventional or different that people have not heard of it...But then that responsibility also comes with consequences, right? So you have to able to be strong enough or bold enough to say 'I am sorry' when you are wrong, or 'I know I stand by my decision' when you are right. I feel like, yes, there is a lot of responsibility and not because you said so, because we should feel so."

Well, what do you think of that?

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Why are my comments and the answers do not pass moderation? . I only wrote that people are stupid if they think that Kangana supported Salman. Now it is subjected to an active trolling on the part of fans of Salman, is the support? Kangana said all right, only the top actress who was not afraid to speak out against Salman, while the other "feminists" cute laugh and joke with Salman, but why no one criticizes? And yes, Kangana has never been a friend of Salman and often denied him in his work with him

Frieda made sense for a change . She is right , if you decide to say something stupid , either say sorry or stand by your stupidity ! Salman is a weakling that doesn't have the guts or the character to stand by his statements or apologise ! In this case there is no other choice but to apologise .

How Frieda explained is more straightforward and brave! Kangana didn't say anything against Salman, she is not a hero in this case, she just said she agrees with Salim Khan. What's that compared to what Pinto said... Dont blow things beyond what it is just cus you are a fan!!!

After listening kangana words I realized how afraid she is of salman fans, on the other hand Deepika and priyanka were so happy to be with this criminal

Well said!

Well said! Explain urself or apologise. Don't use ur family to apologise and ur ego to smirk away after an irresponsible statement. That statement exposed salmans thinking and is testimony to the fact that he abuses woman, perhaps even has forcefully used them just falling short of rape. I hope people ignore him and his films.

She is spot on. Completely agree with her.

Yey b aa gyi fame leney.
Hayy main b hoon. Yaad ha k ni. Ohh ok. Bhool gye sab. Fine fine. Mein b salman comment pe bolti hn phirr. Itna tau koi rapists k against ni bolla aajtakk jitna rape comment pe laggey hain sab. Jab 3 idiots mein word balatkar ka balatkar huwa tha tab tau bus huss re thei sab ab kya huwa ha. Salman ko gaali dena tau fashion mein ha especially on pinkvilla

There is still no apology from Salman. SHAME ON HIM. And now the Salman fans will go after this poor soul who had some courage to speak her mind, albeit a little too timid.

All salman fans will troll against Freida for sure.. Well said Freida.. forget the haters....

Oh no, another diplomatic response to a shameful incident. Call it like it is. It was a despicable statement insulting women and raped victims. He should take responsibility for all his BS. But that is expecting too much from a small man.

How dare you talk Freeda Pintu- your a woman. keep shut your mouth. Salman is the best!

good lord! let the hate begin. stay strong Freida, a lot of intelligent people stand by you- men and women alike.

Isn't your 15 minutes up already?

atleast she got her 15 mins. what about you

Well said. Freida is always very eloquent. Her accent, though, is just strange and keeps fluctuating. Isn't she from Mumbai? She didn't move to the US until 2009, and she's definitely not from the UK. Your life-long accent doesn't change so dramatically in such a short time.

I agree with you on her accent...gosh, it's cringeworthy, I can't tolerate it. Why people change their natural accents...if she was in a movie where it's required her to have an English, by all means, go for it, but she should not just inherit an accent cause it sounds so much posher than a usual Indian accent. We all should stick to our natural accent.

This sudden picking up of accent happens with people who have an inferiority complex and low self esteem and want to show they 'fit in'. Seen enough of these types and yes, it is cringeworthy and they are making fools of themselves.

Kangana is the only top actress who dared to say anything against Salman. Yes, I was hoping that she would say something like, "How does he know that feels raped a woman?", But Kangana is smart, she said against all hypocritical society. none of the top actress did not dare to do this. All or silent, or hugging and joking with Salman at a recent ceremony. Frieda's words also I liked

Kangana said she agreed with Salim and the whole society should take resposibility for Salman's statement because we live in a corrupt society. Go figure.

Go figure it out yourself before you advise me. Words Kangana for smart people, only smart can understand what she meant, but apparently, for to you it does not apply. Please publish my response

AActually Kangana never said that Salman should apologize, that is what is really important here. Probably because she knows he won't apologize and will be angry at anyone who says he should. That's the way I see. Kangana apologized for him instead like his father and said she agrees with everything his father said. So, I. Prefer Frieda's answer better, either apologize or own your statement, there is no two ways about it.

king's speech take 25.

Dho le tu bhi beheti ganga mei hath

Sounded like an airhead. Either stay silent or if you are saying something, just be straight forward and to the point - like Renuka Shahane. Not beat around the bush like Kangana.

very smart answer

She said t really eloquently.

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