Female Version of Jag Ghoomeya from Sultan Ft. Anushka Sharma is Mesmerizing!

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Everyone is eagerly waiting for Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma's movie, Sultan to release on 6th July. For now, people have been enjoying tracks like Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai and 440 Volt Song. 

The romantic track, Jag Ghoomeya has become a fan favourite and it's male version has already garnered over 8.8 million views and counting. It was sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Not far behind, YRF released the female version of the song which is sung by Neha Bhasin and is picturised on Anushka's character Aarfa, who professes her love for her Sultan, played by Salman in this soulful song.

Anushka looks absolutely stunning in the video and is also seen donning a black choker necklace.

Get ready to listen to the song on repeat!


Her face is looking awful in this song.

Oh god, its that time of the year again, salman movies bring out all the trolls, and then they shut up when he breaks records again.

You can tell how badly Anushka ruined her face with surgery in this song. Plus, the voice doesn't suit Anushka at all...would have been better suited for Sonakshi

WOW...the director has zero creativity! This music video sucks.

lol ppl are complaining about the age gap but these are the same ppl who cheered when the rumors of deepika doing salman's next with kabir came out. and deepika is only two years older than anu.

no hate, but the voice dosen't match anushka at all. even the song sequences in bombay velvet looked more realistic than this.


What utter shite.

Epic fail.

i dont get it , if anushka is not singing then bring the real singer what the purpse from that ,

Anushka is looking beautiful after so many years.

That's a matter of opinion, but what's certain is she'll never look the same again.

She is not.

Neha Bhasins voice is so soulful and unique in bollywood. i dont understand why they made anushka do some awkward lipsyncing out of character. just make it a music video with the real singer :/ add that to the awkward romancing.

Way too much cheese.



Anushka looks gorgeous!

Really, really not.

The age differrence is gross


Nah. Too corny.


Nice fresh pair is always good

Such a beautiful song. Anushka is so pretty.


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