Ranveer is the Real Superhero, Deepika has the Best Body, Sonam is Bollywood's Cleopatra: Kareena


Get Kareena Kapoor Khan in a candid mood, and she will give you some really kick-ass answers. Bebo, who is the cover girl of Vogue's July edition, had some interesting things to say about many tinsel-ville celebs.

In this rapid and fire style video, Kareena went on to tag herself 'Ms Foot In Mouth!' What more, the 'Husband Material' tag was hands down won by Saif Ali Khan. Some other attention-grabbing answers were when Bebo tagged Ranveer Singh as the 'Real Superhero' and 'Jumping Jack' of Bollywood. Adding on, as per Bebo, Deepika Padukone has the 'Best Body' in the showbiz and Sonam Kapoor is the 'Cleopatra' of glam-world owing to her diva-like style.

Watch the fun video here, where soon-to-be-mom Kareena is facing the volley of questions in full swing: 

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Deepika overpowers sonam in everything, no doubt that sonam has good fashion sense but Deepika is best

Dont know abt sonam but DP has body to die for !

When it comes to deepika, her perfect body & enviable beauty can make any woman jealous !
Deepika is better than any other Bollywood actress.

Ranveer and deepika so hot and cute at same time

Ranveer doesn't need a film to be a superhero .. he is superhero . Superstar. Super cute . Superbly friend. He is super in anyway you wish and dream

Ranveer really won a lot of people over. In a lot of the recent Rapid Fire quizzes, the female actors mention him like clockwork and Faridoon mentioned this. I hope Bebo works with him sometime.

DP has always been fit and healthy with abs and muscles. Never has she fluctuated. Best body doesn't just always mean curves, it also means how healthy,strong you are and how you maintain it.The new fitness craze among actresses started a few years ago and DP was one of the first people to inspire people. Katrina may have a toned body now but she was chubby when she started. Nevertheless, she has a good, muscular body.

Deepika has the best body sounds like an irony. Deepika has many qualities, like a pretty face for example, or beautiful eyes, but she doesn't have the best body by far. She's just tall and skinny that's all. Katrina might not be the best actress, but she has a perfect body, what's hers is hers.

Kareena will always remain the queen of Bollywood . I hope she sticks to her word and never quits movies .

So many haters trying to or pretending to be Dp fan or Kareena fan to create war. Pathetic.

That photo with rs and dp is soooooooo.....hot !

DP and best body? Joke! she uses buttpads else would have agreed

DP has the best face and Kat has the best body.

Kareena and Deepika 's news always Trends on Top... Yay !

Kareena knows she has no competition she's already an icon , she knows that these younger stars are fighting to have what she has already achieved .

Kat has the best body and everyone knows that . She's curvy . Queen Kareena keep slaying us even after having kids

Haha....pregnancy hormones kicking in huh bebo??

Nobody has best body in BW these days all are skinny and no curves, feminine body is the best.

I beg to differ, DP is straight and not the best body she is just skinny and no curves I mean not even small curves like a skinny girl. Katrina hands down the best body in Bollywood but I don't think she can say that now lol.

Bebo darling soon you will be out of shape..good you accepted DP has good body..she is the ultimate queen :*

Your DP is bamboo stick queen my foot

jealous kat calm down

OMG such shallow thinking..this is the worst fan base I have ever seen!

I bet you are both DP n Kareena hater..

And I bet you are not DP fan

OMG such shallow thinking..worst fan base ever!

Every woman goes out of shape and returns back to original after exercise after delivery .. what you want to prove here ?

OMG such shallow thinking..worst fan base ever!!

Kareena has matured so much over the years. She truly must be in a happy zone right now. Earlier her answers would revolve only around Kapoors or Khans

True, when she started out she used to be refreshingly honest , but a little naive & boastful in her speech. Saif , being an older man appears to have made her tactful.

True, when she started out she used to be refreshingly honest , but a little naive & boastful in her speech. Saif , being an older man appears to have made her tactful.

True, when she started out she used to be refreshingly honest , but a little naive & boastful in her speech. Saif , being an older man appears to have made her tactful.

True, when she started out she used to be refreshingly honest , but a little naive & boastful in her speech.

I'm just trying to understand what the reference to Cleopatra means here?

Cleopatra basically symbolizes this beautiful, sexy and fashionable 'diva' like lady. Sonam fits the bill.

I love this video. Also, the recent video where her, John Abraham and ayushman were making confessions and furst time confessions. Can someone please post that video. PV please post. Thanks.

Never ever would i Have exepct that Kareena would mention Ranveer as the real Superhero. Wonder why she picked him besides the khans or others.

He rescued a damsel in distress !

Lovely Bebo shows how to be sane in the world of name , fame and money. She still lives a very normal life with very normal relatioships. No OTT PR drama , relationship drama , fashion drama or psychopath drama for her.

Why everyone is talking about Bebo and DP but no one is taking Sonam's name ?

On pv , Deepika and Kareena have the highest followers . Then comes Priyanka , Sonam , Kangana and Kat . Am i right ?

No. Its Kareena then Aishwarya then DP! These 3 r the classiest among the current lot n in the league of their own!!!!!! #LoveBeboAshDP

I never heard about Aish on pv

U must be living under the rock then!!! Kareena and Aishwarya's stardom is on whole other level...these two are biggest female superstars of India !!! Even if they r not on Social Media the craze for them in public is unbelivable. Ash has many haters but she also has many fans which outnumber the haters!!!!!

Love this woman the most !!

Someone said no one takes Saif's name in quiz so i would like to tell upgrade your knowledge about the person you don't like . Varun , Imran , Parineeti , Sooraj are huge fans of Saif and they took his name as 'Most Well Dressed' and 'Stylish Man' of Bollywood. Your knowledge is like earning 100 crores with no content !

Multiple crore films isn't all. Akshay, Ajay, HR are not as big as Khans but people talk about them. People only talk of Saif maybe once or twice as good style but not for his work anymore. Hit or flop not important but his films off late are dumb too, see Humshakals, Bullet Raja, Happy Ending, etc.

You talked about Quiz so i answered you about that not about Hits or Flops , you took this discussion to another level. I know he is a flop actor still i love him

There are other dumb movies of A list actors which no one takes name because we live in the world of 100 crores but an actor who is not a crowd puller considered as flop even if he gives the best , its a sad reality of under rated actors

As i said earlier , improve you knowledge and have a look at official page of Saif , you will come to know he has so many fans who likes his every movie which are dumb for you except Humshakals

Akshay and HR are bigger stars than Saif in earnings . His film selection is bad , he agreed many times but performs well if proper script given . He got all praise for Phantom and i hope he will get the same for Rangoon. He doesn't have many fans like other superstars but his acting is good in many movies like Omkara , Dil Chahata Hai , Parineeta , Hum Tum , few more are there .

Her words show she has a settled personal life and a satisfactory career . She always praises the actresses who are doing best right now weather she is Priyanka or Deepika . After marriage , she doesn't think too much about the competition but choosing different subjects and completely giving justice to the roles . You are a complete package Bebo , not only from outside but from inside she is also a beautiful woman !

Think she took a dig at RK when she called RS the real superhero. Isn't RK coming in some superhero flick soon? All's not well between the Kapoor siblings.

If anything, that would be a dig at Hrithik "Krish" Roshan. She also came out in support of Kangana.

No one ever takes Saif's names in any of these quizzes except his wife, lol!

Imran Khan , Varun , Sooraj , Parineeti are the big fans of Saif . And they have taken his name as the MOST WELL DRESSED and STYLISH MAN of Bollywood .

Lol, didn't know flop Saif had fans too! Or is it just a fan of Bebo defending their idol's flop husband?

Saying flop every time will not effect him , he knows his position . I am a Saifeena Fan and defending him because i love his work and i don't care for business. Problem ?

Imran was working with Bebo hence.. Pari has always been a Saif fan.. if other two took for most well dressed or stylish lol that's all the recognition he gets.. no one says fan of his films or he is hot..

For me he is the richest man and lucky to have Bebo. I don't know what definition of flop you are giving , he is still working in good projects

of course the 'rich' part matters so much to u Bebo! u only married him for his money after all!

Her jaws are looking so huge in this close up video. Big face.

Why is she blushing so much while taking Ranveer's name? She has a thing for hot baba :P

Lol, Kat fans used to always praise her as she said she wanted Kat as her sis-in-law. Now no mention at all of Kat, haha! Kat fans must be burning.

Anybody with half an eye can see that Kat has the best body however, Kareena herself has a hot body and she looked super sexy in the vogue scans like never before.

this woman is such an opportunist. she used to praise RK to the skies and suck up to Kat when they were dating as RK was a hit then. now that RK and Kat are major flops she switched to RS DP who are currently on top.

She liked her fitness and Ranveer's work so she told this , why are you using the word opportunist here ? Can't you just admire her attitude or don't expect any woman praising other ?

Her SIL katrina wont be happy now.

You should question Ranbir first , he left Kat not Bebo

Didnt kat fans claim that kat bebo are besties much before RK came into the picture. now what? where is that friendship? truth is bebo and all other actresses praised kat till she was with salman and rk now not anymore.

Agree with ranveer and deepika thingy. Thanku bebo.

Bebo has really changed lately. And for the better. She seems happier, more settled, and nicer. It's good to see.

V nice of bebo for being so generous and kind for her words for her juniors. It shows how secure bebo is in her own space.

My deepu has such a lovely body and so does you kareena. Thanks for the nice words.

Love Bebo for her lovely words for my deepveer. You rocks bebo

What ever happened to her loyalty to ranbir-katrina...
She wants her to be her sister in law but doesn't give a single compliment to her...

SLB should cast kareena and deepika in a project . It will be an epic movie , he is a brilliant director

I think ranveer and bebo will be smashing in a movie.since slb saw it first.

I think she likes ranveer

Everyone likes him . Ranveer likes Saif too

She is so pretty

I love her

Wow bebo! You are so sweet. I need to again bake a yummy mango cinammon cake . You know, each time you make such sweet statements, I bake a cake! So its mango cake today!!! God save me from getting fat!!

I have never heard such a sweet comment from anyone on PV , its really different :)

she is so sweet :)

and this sweetness is getting on my nerves. Im tired of baking cakes every day.

PC and Kat fans please don't try to create a fight , we love Bebo for her words she said for DeepVeer

Agree with Kareena. Deepika does have a great body.

She wants Deepika to work with Saif, so he can get a hit film.

Deepika and Saif are good friends and people like you must be doing things like Give and Take. Deepika's stardom is much higher than Saif but its not about only Deepika , audience want to see Saif also with her , They both compliment each other on screen

Saif is satisfied with his career and he is happy to be a Star only as he said in many interviews. Important is Bebo is happy with him and his career , i don't think she did for this . Appreciate her efforts , you definitely a DP/Bebo hater

true, ranveer is sweet & sonam is beautiful + glamorous

Love it!

Kareena is turning out to be a Peace Maker and it is appreciable. Not only a fine actress but she is a nice person too

Kareena is Fabulous and she is getting better and better . I am happy she said these things about Ranveer and Deepika with open heart . I have added her as my beloved after RS-DP

Same!!! She's always been likable but recently she has really spiked

funny! she looks totally charming!

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