"Disgusting Question" : Yami Gautam's Response to Shweta Rohira's 'Home Breaker' Accusation


Yami Gautam yesterday walked the ramp for designer Anita Dongre at an event. While talking to the media, Yami was asked about Shweta Rohira's comment about her being a 'home breaker' and causing a rift between Shweta and Pulkit Samrat. 

With a smile intact, Yami answered that she would not like to address the question as it was 'disgusting'. Yami said, "I will tell you what. We are here for a beautiful occasion. Why do you ask a disgusting question, I will not answer that. Don't ask me these disgusting questions and as long as you don't change your question, I won't change my answer."

What do you think of that?

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Rani, stridevi,kangana,Hema Malini, Rekha, Priyanka all did that.

To the one dating a married guy: It is not dating if he is still married and you are not his girlfriend. It is called an affair and you are his wh$$. Prayers for you.

i used to like her after vicky donor. since then, her career has flopped and she has become a home-wreaker dating another flop actor.

Getting involved with someone who is married is just messy...if they want you they will wait for you

While Yami is not responsible for someone else's marriage, it is best for single women to be away from married(not divorced) men. Why make own life difficult and messy? Also, how is such a man trust worthy? But divorced but finding love outside? It is like staying married until there is better alternative. It is not happy path.

I support yami. Even i am dating a married guy who is not happy in his marriage. And i a not ashamed of it. You guys need to grow up.

When ur married to him, he will date someone else..nice.

Hey Priyanka!


Hope Shweta find true love... Pulkit don't deserve her anymore

she is so pretty , i wish she would inside too :(

Yami looks at Jennifer Winget, she is your future. LOL!! I wish this should happen with every cheater and Homewrecker. Karma is a female dog :P

Give the girl a break! They fell in love and it happens. Why so much judgement, kangna does it over and over again with senior actors and she is a feminist! Talk about confused... PV post please

I wonder how Kaabil will perform after Hrithik's and Yami's newfound image as the "Silly Ex" & the "Home Breaker." It's quite disheartening to see one of my favorite actor and actress make such poor choices and drag themselves into such petty controversies that could have been avoided. Although it's too early to decide whether Hrithik did the right thing or not in regards to his controversy with Kangana, in Yami's case it is clear that she is one of the people to be blamed for in this situation. Didn't expect this from her, shame on her. I feel bad for Shweta. Pulkit is a jerk and he is the one who should be blamed the most here. Never really liked him as an actor as I always found him to be really boring, despite being good looking and an underrated dancer. Now as a person he totally lost my respect.

Why do such women run after married men? There are plenty of good looking, rich single men..

The question is not disgusting Yami, you are. You have thought of the consequences when you staring an affair with a married man

I don't get it why ppl are giving so much importance to this talentless, ugly housebreaker witch!

Her reaction is priceless. Sad she did the things she did. I don't know why people are trying to say she isn't to blame. Well, I am not saying it is all her but both her and Pulkit knew what they were doing. And its kind of funny in a way considering she is promoting some kind of wedding event?

This ladies and gents, is what you call an angel faced demon.

wanna know whats disgusting? go in front of a mirror & you'll see

She is the Nayanthara of North, both are shameless home wreckers.

Well, I'm surprised she still has a smile on her face by end of it. If she's bothered by what this reporter asked, then I hope she's prepared, because the unfiltered opinion on Pulkit and her is much, much worse.

PS: OH this irony of this situation. Promoting a wedding collection, breaking homes on the side. Touché.

oh yami i wish i could say something nice,i wish i could support you.but you are just as guilty as that stupid fuck pulkit.you weren't a teenager,you knew exactly what you were doing,willingly sleeping with a married man.no sympathy,none.

You reap what you sow yami. Some day you will be standing in the same position and another woman would be breaking your home.

Yami is a filthy piece of work. She has the nerve to call it disgusting but she has guilty written all over her face

Her smile and response was as fake as Katrina's acting and hindi. :/

"WEDDING SHOW" oh the irony Yami. lol

What's wrong if yami found true love after marriage. Didn't u see kabi alvida na kehna movie. You people talk about progressive/regressive and then comment nonsense.

Who is ur husband? Must be one lucky chap:)

do you know what is really disgusting yami is to destroy another woman marriage break her heart and make her lose her happiness that is what is really disgusting please post pinkvilla

The act of home breaking is disgusting, not the question!

Noone can break anyone's home! It is the one who is in the marriage who is to blame. Why did his eye go roving? Yami wasn't bound to anyone but Pulkit definitely was! Why do we Indians love to blame the woman?

I never knew who this guy was. Now looking back I realize the guy was using the girl and his wife both to get publicity assuming any publicity is good. I guess like Rakhi Sawant people these days want to make one time impact with some crazy shoot story which is going to keep them in news forever. Wow how shameful he betrayed both women!

any self respecting woman would have come out long ago to curb her link ups with Pulkit and now these allegations, but during their first film's promotion pulkit said shamelessly that it was film's strategy to promote the film by using their 'link up rumour' and they were happy then since it was working in their favour. The only thing that did was to ruin Yami's reputation and likability. Only B-grade actors/actresses do such cheap publicity!!

I think it was a great answer.shweta is so annoying. Just move on and get some guy who actually appreciates you and not the loser Pulkit. I don't think the hate on yami is justified!

It was not your home so you can't tell Shweta that her hate towards Yami is justified or not. Anyways, we all know that her hate is justified, if someone have so much problem with the tag of cheating/ homewrecking then people should think before linkup.

Untalented cheap woman!!! Ewwwwww her and that guy are both disgusting but that guy is the worst....he sounds like the biggest loser...to hell with both!

I used to like Yami but now... I don't care about Pulkit, he is an idiot and I never had any expectation from him but I liked Yami so much. I thought she had potential to be a big star but instead of focusing on her career she was busy making love with that idiot. There is no angel in this story, not ex husband-wife washing their dirty linen in public and not Yami who runs after pretty face ( yes Pulkit has good face)

Here are hardly any fans of Pulkit but Yami we used to adore you. I never expect anything from Pulkit as I didn't know that Salman's sis marry to whom but we have huge expectation from you.

Some logics of homewrecker celebs fan

If a marriage is successful then credit to both but if some have an extramarital affair then blame only man.

If their favorite have an affair with someone else husband then it's very cool after all it's true love, but when their karma comes and bite them then it's not cool, he is a serial cheater, his new GF/wife is cheap etc...

They break innocent woman home that's good and not a big deal, everyone makes few mistakes. But if someone broke that Homewrecker home (who has blind fans) then that person and his news GF are the worst person in the whole world.

He is the dream man if he cheats WITH their favorite, but he is the worst man if he cheats ON their favorite.

These kind of people have nothing to do with right and wrong, they are just frustrate that how can karma bite their favorite celebs. example, kangana, katrina, Mouni roy, jennifer winget and now Yami fans gonna do same... bichari homewrecker abla nari, any cheap man can trap them by giving some toffees.

Katrina & Mouni have never had anything to do with married men.

Mouni's BF was Gaurav chopra and he was married and katrina was with Ranbir , yes he was nt married bt already in a relationship.

Pinkvilla pls post this

Ranbir broke up with Deepika in March but Deepika could not let go of him. She was in a one way relationship and followed him until she knew that there were no chances. She still is in love with him even though she dated three guys after Ranbir. Ranbir said in an interview that he doesn't see himself married even though he was with Deepika then. Anyway Katrina accepted Ranbir after she knew that it was over between Ranbir and Deepika. Katrina was never the reason. It was Ranbir who never wanted to settle down with Deepika. He didn't want to settle down with Katrina either. So technically he just wanted a beautiful partner. It was Deepika and he left her and started dating Katrina.

Mouni Roy with Gaurav Chopra and yes Katrina was not a with a married man, but Ranbir was already in a relationship when she linked up with him and he cheated on Deepika.

Who is Gaurav Chopra? I thought Mouni is dating Mohit Raina.

What an overreaction to a question! Wish she had so proactively refused his nefarious ways, then she wont be involved in this mudslinging. As for him, he is a hopeless douche-bag, who would have move on to the next pretty thing! PV plz post

As if getting involved with a married man is classy and not disgusting!! Double standards. She is as much to blame as pulkit.

Both Yami and Pulkit are disgusting.

As if getting involved with a married man is classy and not disgusting!! Double standards. She is as much to blame as pulkit.

Now that fair and lovely producer ll never take her again in his ads :P

she has only upper beauty....Is there any cream which can make someone beautiful inside ?

Yami you have a beautiful face . i was your fan but not anymore.

Yami is certainly the most beautiful actress currently in bollywood, she's way more prettier and beautiful than, alia, shraddha, deepika, priyanka, kareena, kriti n so on. She could have easily been the top actress in bollywood, but now its messed up with this 'home wrecker' tag.

HOMEBREAKER- that is what most peeps will see on your forehead at first glance.. Sweet smile, films, dressing sense, how gorgeous you are- people will not remember you for all that but rather when one says yami, some1 will just shout Oh the homebreaker !!! LOL

Yami is disgusting. Sick home breaker!! Such things should not be ignored anymore. People should be questioned for their actions. Cheating and adultery should not become a norm of society.

I hardly seen any cheater actor fans try to defend him but many times homewrecker actress fans always try to defend their favorites bcoz they also know that she is wrong too. guilty conscious

Yami at least learn something from other cases of an extramarital affair with the entertainment industry. Like KSG and his 2nd wife, they also had an extra martial affair, but at that their fans never think about his 1st wife and supported them blindly and now when their karma are biting them so his 2nd fans are trying to blame KSG and Bips, like their favorite never did anything wrong. I'm sure this is going to happen to you. And at that time your blind fans too going to blame just Pulkit but the fact will can't change that It's your own Karma, yes Pulkit would wrong but You would also guilty. And nobody gonna feel sorry for you at all, except your blind fans.

Look at here how Yami fans are trying to save her by throwing full blame on Pulkit . But it takes two hands to clap. Marriage and relationship are always mutual. Nobody can have an affair with someone without their permission.

These Homebreakers have no shame.

yes Yami, you and your true lover Pulkit are very "disgusting"

She's such a loser. I bet she loves the two minutes of fame she is getting since she never got any to begin with

He is not filing the divorce papers as he wants to get rid of Yami! He is over with Shweta, she has given him the contacts he needed to enter film industry.

Yami became famous for doing advertisement of Fairness cream. Her ads re basically to get job, husband one needs to be fair.Now broke a home. I say you are disgusting Yami.

That's some good fake "disgust". She must have some acting talent after all. I don't approve of calling only one party a home-wrecker (this Pulkit person is such a creep) but these brands should know better than making Yami the brand ambassador of a wedding line. It's the worst image you want associated with your brand.

It happens. No need to bash her or pulkit or the ex wife. They should have kept it more civil and away from media but I do like Yami. She is so out going and smart, pulkit definitely scored!

disgusting acts call for disgusting questions, for everyone action there is a reaction na

i don't know if its wishful thinking but it sounds like shes "disgusted" by the idea of being mistress to a married man like pulkit. not to mention i don't see how she would want to be with him even if he had never met shweta in his entire life and was completely single. the man sounds like a pathetic human being and there are other young single actors that are better looking than him.

Pretty face ugly heart

You can see she's seething in anger at the questions and feeling guilty and embarrassed, especially at 0:19 in the video when she almost loses her temper.

Lol Eeks! Well that was fun to watch.. she was squirming like the guiltiest person alive! her laissez faire attitude and fake smile is not fooling anyone. To people saying that she should not be blamed - that's false. Just because you're a woman, doesn't mean that you shouldn't be held accountable for your actions. The problem only arises when its JUST women being blamed - and in this situation it's very obvious that Pulkit is getting the blame as well. Both parties here wronged another person for NO REASON. Whether they fell in love or not, nothing justifies cheating on your spouse or being the other woman in a relationship. If you really and truly platonically fell in love and loved someone, file a divorce, then get to know the person and do what your heart desires. Being the other woman, and cheating on your spouse means that both of you should continue to be questioned for your despicable actions. The public will remember this and Yami you are most definitely NO longer someone I would ever watch on screen. It's so obvious how you were trying to desperately reclaim the situation in this interview and it's just disgusting what you did. Why shouldn't journalists ask this question? You act as if you have a lot of class but we know all about you :)

Superb dear... you know I read many times where few blind fans of some actresses drag man v/s woman matter to save their favorite. Basically, they try to use those women situation, who get raped, kidnapped, molest or insulted for No reason. Just shame on them!!! Yes, blaming women in these matters are simply wrong because what ever happen, what was against her will but having an affair with a married man is a completely different thing. Here a woman goes with him, with her own wish so then why people would not blame her with a man? some fan group gets so low. they become so obsessed with actress that they don't even feel bad to use victim women names.

see Yami's ATTITUDE....Gosh she seems SHAMELESS

What you have done, my dear, is disgusting!

She could not see Arjun kapoor, Ranbir kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapoor. She fell for much married looser Pulkit Samrat. Both are shameless.

Liar, Liar pants on fire.

She has no shame. Getting an attitude and avoiding the question. Her and Pulkit are just sick

she got so annoyed at the end lol. Well, if you sleep with a married man people want to know things. PEOPLE WILL ASK. You can't avoid it forever, Yami. Pulkit isnt any better though. He is not the type a girl should get with and settle down. He is more like a hit it and quit it. Basically in it for the fun for a while....smh

She was acting nervous and avoiding the question so badly. You can tell she feels guilty or embarrassed. Anyway, both her and Pulsh!t are to blame for this mess. She knew he was married but still went with him. She is not innocent but Pulkit is a douche who obviously doesn't care what he did.

Pulkit Yami = Homewrecker R us. It takes 2 to make or break a home.

She is so pretty, why would she go after a married man? She knows she will get blamed. I wish she thought how it would affect career. But in Bollywood that seems to the trend, most actresses get involved with a married man. I mean Pulkit was probably going through that rough phase of his life with divorce, and perhaps she became his shoulder to lean on and fell in love...sometimes ppl get married at young and soon realize that their partner is not companion. So let's leave both of them alone, no one is at fault. Plz post

He is not divorced and according to his statements, doesn't have time for divorce.
But he is together with Yami. That make her officially the OTHER woman.
She knows exactly what she is doing. ;)

If 2 adults lived separately because they were giving divorce, where was Shweta to make sure if she really wanted to give this relationship a try one more time to never let her husband move out in first place?? Their relationship was sour, so no one can blame Pulkit. Because guys tend to move on quickly, it's in their blood. Yami shouldn't be blamed. So divorce papers mean its official? But them living separate already isn't a enough justification that they are no longer together? Divorce is a long process, so yes maybe he was indeed busy with his career to make it happen right away. Karishma Kapoor's divorce went on for years but she was also dating someone/seeing someone...plz post!

If 2 adults lived separately because they were giving divorce, where was Shweta to make sure if she really wanted to give this relationship a try one more time to never let her husband move out in first place??

So you blame Sweta for this mess because she didn't fight for her marriage enough? WOW
Well it seems you need to be on her place and then I want to see you how you think. Would you blame yourself for your cheating husband and the woman who knew that he was married? I don't think so.

Their relationship was sour, so no one can blame Pulkit. Because guys tend to move on quickly, it's in their blood.

Seriously I still don't get that there are people always thinking that guys have no brain and can't think when it comes to other women. Your statement is funny. Sorry, I know guys who have been waiting for years after the divorce to (as you say) move on. Men are not brainless creatures. They can very well control themselves if they want. ;)

Oh and as I know, Karishma Kapoor was the other woman too. Sanjay Kapoor was married to Nandita Mahtani first. Call it Karma.

She has never spoken about Pulit's mess, it is not her business, she is young and free. It is he who should get a legal divorce before flaunting his new relationship all over town .

Ofcourse she never spoke about this because she is deeply involved and try to save her career.
Now that the media are asking questions she can't ignore it anymore.

She is such a liar. Looks guilty. She knows she did wrong and is stupid. She'll find out how much soon enough.

She is a stunningly beautiful woman with bad taste in men. Pulkit is a looser. Yami you can do better. Just concentrate on your career and kick out the pulkit from your life.

Which career? This thing is done. She is done.
Women in India won't forget this. And guess who is watching all this movies and serials mainly.


there are other men in bollywood who have said and done worse things against womenkind yet are superstars with blockbuster films. why do women forgive the men and support them?

It's always a knee jerk response to blame the other woman or mistress. She is a young single girl. Pulkit is the one who should be blamed. He was the one who was married to this girl. He had more to lose she should be called a home breaker. We don't know what lies he told to Yami in order to get with her. He is a manipulative liar.

This is not a disgusting question. It's something the audience want to know before they spend money in watching her movies and she knows that the thruth could be her downfall. She is showing more and more her real character. Every other woman would be ashamed but she obviously sees herself as totally innocent and try to blame the people who are asking her for the truth. This is what all home breakers have in common. Always playing innocent.

I really hope people won't support her and Pulkit's career.

I love how she responded to this stupid question. Media should ask this ques to Pulkit until they are done with their news. It's high time we stop calling woman a home breaker, Men's are not naive or preschoolers that they don't know anything.

I'm impress how girls call her homebreaker... double standard much... even if she had some fault she wasnt the married one, I think people is target it the wrong person.

Being unmarried woman, she have an affair with a married man and being a married man, Pulkit have an affair with an unmarried woman. Settle scores !!! It's not we but it's you are who trying to save one party and imposing whole blame on another.

Yes Pulkit is mostly responsible for his marriage. In this point you are right.
She knew, he was married and this make her the same as him. A home breaker.
There are women who do not know that the man is married, mostly because the cheating husbands hide it from the women, but this woman knew what she was doing and now she have to see the consequences. As Pulkit have to see his too.

I think you are missing the point here too, its not that someone is a ''homebreaker'' if a home ''gets'' broke is because was already broke... a man or a woman who is happy in his/her marriage why will search a third person and cheat?... who is the homebreaker here? yes, yes yes, Yami should have avoid getting in this party but she isn't the one who should be target, at least not at much as is bein target. Anyway I understand people think different but I see so much hate... usually women targeting women. Sad.

The home is broken when the divorcepapers are filled and the people are officially divorced.
Since there is still not divorce news, Yami is homebreaker.

It's sad that women use always the women card to get support. Just because Yami is a woman, people won't support her.
Pointing out what Yami did wrong and asking questions, is not targeting. She did something really evil to a woman and I am standing for this woman.

sleeping with her husband was not disgusting right?

Naturally Yami will be asked about Pulkit and I don't see how she's going to be able to come out of it smelling of roses .She'd better get some sort of reply ready , pretending it away like it's of no account will not work . The 'home breaker' title belongs to Pulkit as he is the one who has broken his marriage vows with admittedly lots of help from Yami.

Shamelessness at its peak !!!

She's got an attitude all of a sudden. She's guilty! You can tell. If someone was blaming me for something I haven't done, I would tell the whole world it isn't true. Why yami why? Have a grip on yourself. The moment you realize your mistake and start feeling guilty, you will never be happy.

remember yami ... how you get him is how you lose him!

Such a goodsport person! I wish Im like in my job! XD

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