Watch: Baar Baar Dekho's 1st Trailer is Out, Katrina-Sidharth's Chemistry is Unmissable!


The eagerly-awaited trailer of Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif's Baar Baar Dekho has finally been released. And, it is quite intriguing.

Katrina's drool worthy body to her subtle chemistry with Sidharth Malhotra, to peppy music, Baar Baar Dekho has it all. The movie teaches you how to live in the present and make every moment count.
Directed by NItya Mehra and jointly produced by Excel Entertainment and Dharma Productions, Baar Baar Dekho releases on September 9, 2016.
Watch the first trailer here and tell us what do you think of it in the comments below!

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after ranbir dumped her ,katrina has been trying all sorts of tactics to make him jealous n regret for leaving her.trying to prove that she is still desirable to men !

i Understand Ranveer Singh is a great actor and I like him but come on people he cant do every single movie that comes out. it seems like on pinkvilla any project that is announced or a trailer is released. people want ranveer to be the actor. diversity is key people lol. if anything it will only make you appreciate him more ;)

What's with Katrina these days? Why is she so desperate to show off her body and do kissing scenes?? In all her movies she is either doing a kissing scene or showing off her body which is totally unnecessary....I get it with no acting skills there is no option for her than to take off clothes or do item songs or kissing scenes like a C grade actress..............

In the pic where Katrina is smiling hard , she looks like a Chinese.....After all these years she cant even smile and act........

Katrina looks old in the movie and she only knows kissing and showing off her body....That;s the only things she is good at.....

killer abs katrina but the lipo during chikni chameli def helped .

Is it remake of click?

this looks totally nonsense

After kapoor and sons,sid lookspromising agai

omggggg that's Bilal Saeed's song!!!!!!!! khair mangdi :D:D:D:D:D

I think this film is going to be Katrina's redemption. Ranbir has this mojo whoever breaks up with him rises like a phoenix. DP was not really known for her acting chops until she broke up with RK

This movie looks promising. It will definitely fair well overseas. Looking forward to seeing it in theatres for a date night!

Sidharth is Magnificiant...!

I am running out of time but Sid is running before time. He is the best actor among all the new comers. Love the trailer and go na watch bar bar

Amazing Sidharth Malhotra. LOVE you soooooooooooo much.

This guy is a fantastic actor. A real hero.

Sid looks really great in the trailer. I am very impressed. He improved a lot. It was such a tough movie.

Ok now my genuine review of the trailer, Sidharth is no doubt very good looking, he looks great but dialogue deleivery is very poor , there is no one in the movie other than these two, katrina kaif kaif looks cheap in that beach shot, I don't know I was hoping for good performance by her but disappointed again , she lost her charisma for sure, she does not hv star power anymore like before.. The story looks confusing either it's too good or disaster. Please post it .. From a true movie lover..

I wish it was Ranveer, Shahid or Varun in this film instead of Sid. Otherwise, it looks great. Katrina is HOT!

Pretty sure this is just a remake of another film. *sigh*

Looks like it's a remake of the American movie click

Looks different, i'll give it a try, stop with this fangirl stuff, just watch a movie for what it is or don't watch it but stop with the aunty drama.


Revealing cloths? Which actress hasn't done it? Which actress isn't doing it? Look at Deepika. She is flaunting those little titties in the most noticeable possible way.

Agreed. I think no one's noticing how much DP's revealing because no one cares about it. There's nothing to look at. Katrina on the other hand has the body of a goddess

Tried to watch the trailer without biases and it looked great.


We will see. So far all the songs are super hit.

its a copy of Adam Sandler & Kate Beckinsale's movie "Click"

hot hot hot beautiful beautiful beautiful thats all......they cud have released song videos but for a movie we deserve good actors this is not acceptable......fitoor had such a good director katrina n aditya spoiled it tabu was just toooo good.....this will be d same

Appears to be an adaptation/ remake of The Time Traveler's Wife, which I thought was interesting, but nothing special.

I like it. It's interesting, vibrant, natural, and easy. Katrina looks comfortable here, Sid is carrying the story and pulls it off, but both of them need to let their guards down more when acting. Visually? Stunning. I will go see it, definitely. I also feel like this is Katrina's real life story. Hopefully she finds someone who will treat her right so she can let her guards down. I still hope that Deepika and Katrina turn gay for each other and begin dating because I ship it so hard; Deepika would make the BEST partner to Katrina. P.S. Even if Katrina is 43, she looks like 30 and that's the most important thing. If someone like Salman Khan can play a 30 year old (I have never seen a 30 year old man that has looked like him, most look like Ranbir Kapoor), then Katrina can even play a teenager.

Haha! I loved your comment and agree with it, even the DP and Kat being gay for each other! Lol!

Trailer is good. Katrina looks OK!! Sid cant emote! But the music of this movie is awesome!!

Ok whatever and who cares

I liked the story. It's like that Hollywood movie where he doesn't know where he wakes up but he has to fix something but there is no love in that movie....just accidents.

Bruh not feeling it. good for kaiff she got somebody less than her

The songs of this film are even better. It's okay if the acting is crap Katrina deserves a hit. You'll get it this time babe! Just stay away from Rk he is toxic and without him you will soar as you did before him.

I had hope that one day Sid will act..but he shattered my hope..he cant act to save his life!! Even Katrina has more expressions and better dialog delivery than him!! KJo needs to find a new guy to obsess about because clearly Sid is not handsome anymore!!

I hope also but not before Varun & Ranveer. The day these two moron learn , I think same day he is also learn acting.pv please post

Lol..I think you have no knowledge of hindimovie. Sid is not handsome..biggest joke ever and regarding acting..he looks very promising

Looks like anyone can be an actors these days. All you have to do is be hot.

It seems this film will be mostly song and dance. There was so many shots of Katrina dancing. Sad as I wished she would be doing more performance oriented films. What a let down. Sad that people will watch just for that.

I wasn't entirely impressed but also not disappointed. I have mixed feelings about it so far. I like the idea of the film and the story. Sid looked good in all his different avatars and his acting looks promising. (Though it looked promising in Kapoor & Sons and Brothers) so we will see. Katrina was alright. I felt she didn't bring anything new. Playing same character is has done before. Goes for the guy, has a fallout, then a happy ending (I am sure). Most of her dialogues from the trailer were in English (yeah we are all speaking it here too but I am just saying). I think the selling point of this film is the lead characters body, the locations and the music. Acting wise I am scared for these two.

This is the very first time i am liking katrina...this time i feel she had given her best for the movie the way she speaks is so improved

After a long time I see a trailer which has really Caught my interest. Both of them look hot and happening. A few haters have gone completely bonkers afters watching the trailer. Arrey yaar why don't you go your fav's post and write some positive comments over there. No one seems to be paying her any attention. Not many hate comments as well,now that is something to be really worried about. When the hate comments stop that means you are slowly losing interest in people's mind.

Can't then concept

Can't then concept

Obese women have a problem with everything except over-eating.

all these salty haters are just petty deepika fans envious that their fave couldn't be a part of this film. no worries she'll be baking with a lot of salt until the release of this film, so i suggest yall utilize that extra saltiness on something of use too.

Lol kat fans Dp herself refused it as she knows its a crap film. Keep burning.

Deepika never got a chance to refuse it. Hrithik refused the movie because of date issues and Deepika just got dumped. Period!

why kat fans bring Dp on her posts? Why they feel every negative comment is posted by Dp fans ? Its a limit. You people are obsessed with DP that you spend your entire day on Dp posts. When kat posts come , you keep taking dp name. You guys act like jealous and insecure people who got dumped and insulted, Beautiful ? lol see how bad kat looks. raise your standards. You guys are no different stop acting like saints. POST THIS COMMENT PLZ DONT BE BIASED.

Ranveer in this role would've been fire. Sid is okay, but I can't feel their chemistry is lacklustre, perhaps the full fledged film will change that perception and it's just that together they are VERY VERY good looking people. But good looking doesn't always translate to great acting/chemistry. I can't stop thinking about what a film with Katrina and Ranveer would be like. The passion and chemistry would be great. But mostly, I'd love to see the controversy and fanwars that it would create. Please God, and Production houses/directors, make it happen with a future project that is sizzling and utilize passion fun and frolic! I just want bollywood drama to go a level up! I am a sadist that way ;)

the comments attacking katrina are always so funny to read! " she's old.omg she has a weird body,etc" The sad thing is these are from other women...I would never see a man writing such things bc women will always hate and bring down other women esp if they are beautiful women....Katrina is beautiful and she's not in her 20s anymore like a lot of people won't be bc thats what happens you age so people hating on her for being older guess what you will be too! And i doubt most of you will look this good when you are in your 30s....Im in my 20s and I don't even look that good right yeah if thats old I WANT TO LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THAT

come on people give credit where credit is due. I understand that some people may not like sidharth malhotra for whatever reasons and thats fair. But gotta admit his acting has improved quite a lot. you can tell he try's really hard to make his character look convinving and for the most part succeeds. Now speaking personally, based on the trailer i believe be did very well emoting with his voice, which some of the younger actors struggle with. Ranbir kapoor is a master at it, not saying sidharth is as good but he did good. He can obviously still improve on reacting and emoting facially but again compared to soty he's come a long way. I respect people that work hard to improve their craft even if im not a fan of their work.

Impressed ! The trailer made me smile. Sid is cute and seems like an okau actor. Katrina looks gorgeous ESP in that pink lengha dancing during the day. I hope this movie brings out the best in her like namstey london first then. Over all Im intrigued and would def watch it. Looks like a sweet little movie

I watched the trailer after reading 200 comments... Most of these comments said - 1) Sid is acting and looking gorgeous 2) Katrina is looking gorgeous and has improved on her acting skills
Did I watch the same trailer that you all watched????? Because for me Katrina was in the trailer for singing/kissing/acting underage/body show. Did she even say a si glen powerful dialogue or a scene where she emoted????? As for Sid, I want to see more because looks like he has author a led role.....

I am no hater..but Kat is looking much older than him..had it been a story where he fell in love with much older could be acceptable..but a regular love story..won't work..Karan is trying to sell movie on skin show now

you are a hater. you and the likes of you need high-five on the face.

A 35 yrs (her famous 27th bday in2008) old lady with 30 yrs boy..Indian audience is not that mature to accept it..Let see if I am proved wrong. Specially when she is doing all the intimate/kissing scenes..Sid is looking bachca in front of her!!

Uh no. She turned 25 in 2008, making her 33 in 2016 (born July 1983). And Sid himself is 31 (born Jan 1985), making it hardly a 2 year difference.

Nope. Go find the articles from 2008 where she celebrated her 27th when she was still dating Salman. Not that it really matters however.

Both of them are looking hot. Sidharth was good looking and Katrina got rid of her bloated face. Who gives a damn to acting. This movie will work :)

the scene where Katrina is lifted by Sid in her bikini..Gosh her thighs are gross..Ranbir and salman might be embarrassed to see here showing what they have seen in private..

Let's have a look at your thighs. if thats gross, you need a life! Give credit where credit is due!! she has a banging body!!

Wtf you aint got no life than commenting on her thighs, she looks stunning stop hating.

it will make a storm in box office.

Malhotra is abolutely stunning

they have zero chemistry not once in trailer u can feel the love just blabbering there dialogues with no emotion the thing that will work for this movie will be the songs n beautiful locations and good looking ppl not actors

Flop. Couple looks good though

honestly sid is not even a star on or off screen presence whatsoever. I admit all he has is Kjo pushing him down our throats that's it. Once Kjo doesn't see much in him either he won't even have talent to bank on. Pv post please.

yea the guy cant act for beans! he cant emote emotions at all!...hes a model only

exactly! and let's put talent aside for moment, even his star quality and popularity with the masses/audiences can be no where compared to any of the other younger actors. He has a decent PR though which uses his linkups and association with KJo to keep him in the news.

I would say he is pretty decent actor and is improving with each movie.

No screen presense..i think joke of the day...

I knew it was a copy of a hollywood movie! Couldn't remember which one but now I do! Groundhog Day! But I'm sooo looking forward to this! Loved the trailer!

I am deepika fan and don't want to post any hate just because its a katrina's movie , love both . Its an outstanding and a different trailer , i loved it . Like ir or dislike it on pv but most of us will watch this movie . Katrina is glamorous and this role suits her

Beautiful trailer, giving a positive approach to life. And yes sidharth was really good, And Katrina is So cute

Beautiful trailer, giving a positive approach to life

Is this kat? she looks pretty but not as her fans are saying. Too much of styling, vfx and much more has done to make her look good. see her pics form vogue and launch she looks old , bad and manly. Nothing of this sort.

to be honest Sid is total misfit for the role . Both the lead actors cant act . what is the point of having different story when lead pair can't do the job .

The film looks well shot and styled, Sid is so good looking though I'm not feeling the chemistry with Katrina. I also find her really ordinary looking

this movie was offered to deepika but she refused it coz she did meaningful roles and it might be true, before manish malhotra show , manish and karan met deepika and posted a pic on insta, he might have offered a film opposite fawad, which she declined it too, so it went to kat on her bday.

So? it was also offered to Anushka and Alia as well but they too refused it. So Kat get it due to RK recommendations. There was a news in late 2014 in mumbai mirror about it. POST PLZ

ok anushka -_-

Totally loved the trailer; will def watch the movie.. nice romantic film in a while..

The trailer looks good and Sid took me by surprise here, in a good way. Katrina looked stunning and seemed to be emoting really well. Looks and sounds promising and interesting. Can't wait. Haters really need to chill, it's getting annoying. Can't help but think you guys are just mean and jealous beings with nothing better to do. lol (go ahead dislike this comment if you want, you know the truth deep inside.) ;-)

biggest disaster of the season

If it was Ranbir instead of Sid ,KAT would have won a National award for sure!!!


Tbh, I was kind of disappointed with Katrina's character. Looks like she is doing what she always does. Skin show with few dialogue/scenes. Main focus is Sid and he can't act either :( So I guess they use their looks to sell the film. I was hoping both would improve their acting but I guess not

hw can people be so negative. I know they put their personal vengeance here. anyone can say the trailer is very gud as far as performance is concerned for that we have to watch the movie. And u will not achieve any thing by writing hate comments here ok. So try something fruitful for tp..

Dare she would have done such scenes, if she was in realationship with Salman.

you said it ALLLLL!!! hahahah

Katrina looks very ordinary , I dont understand how people are finding her gorgeous and and hot and what not , yes there was a time she looked pretty , namaste london , singh is king etc , now no! Sid just has a body which, face is below average , his expressions are pathetic , this movie wont work , it seems a confusing screen play and a stupid story line .

So Kat is ordinary and Sid is below average in looks!!!. This got to be the joke of the

They are both ordinary and thats a fact! The rest is pure marketing !!

BS! i say.

Katrina trying her best to get noticed by wearing revealing clothes. Too much skin show but no acting talent as always. How many more years will she torture the public with her confused looks and single expression

O la la la!! Kat's body Man!! I'm a girl and all I saw in this trailer was how toned, how fab her body is. Hate as much as you want to hate her, I think she's the prettiest actress and also the one who has the best figure in the industry. Everyone else is so mediocre looking. She is gorgeous!!

acting + expression >> Sidharth improved a lot..i think it is his best so far
kat is simply beautiful

Her hips and thighs look gross, like a middle aged woman. Only the abs are good, after the liposuction and hip lift.

Excuse me? Your comments are offensive. Desis have age phobia. shame shame...

Looks like a great story line.Just outstanding.

love Sid's performance. Surprisingly he nailed it down.

Definitely a hit...

Malhotra is very promising here.No comment for katrina except looks.

This is a really great trailer. The scene where she cries seems like she is actually crying from heart. Katrina kaif finally became an actor with this movie.

Sidharth's character define confused and he did that perfectly in this movie.It is his best so far.

Sidharth malhotra is better actor than varun Dhavan & Arjun Kapoor. We all know that.

Woder boy. sidharth is mind blowing. Looking forward to it.

Watching this in theaters for my birthday! I miss this kind of fun frolic romantic films. And the eye candy and glossy locales don't hurt, do they? I bet this is going to be a joy ride! Haven't been this excited for a film since bajirao mastani! Wooooot!

Boring . Time travel concept wont work here . Teri Meri Kahaani flopped for this reason. And no chemistry between leads. Kat looks older than Sid. Their acting is awful. Floppp


Plaese take your haterate somewhere else Varun's fan. sid is outstanding.

Just saw it again. Damn it really is Ranbir and Katrina's true story!

Still using rk to sell your movie !

Katrina in a bikini is no comparison to alia in a bikini. Its funny to make a comparison between them. Katrina is hot

Bikini line! Gross!!!

OMG, haters attacking Katrina for her age when Sid and her are practically the same age!!! Are you losers immune to aging?? Everyone ages but bet none of you idiots look good as Katrina!!!

What chemistry? Pinkvilla, stop stoning

gr8 chemistry. Haters are burning.

Love and pain can make you emote like never before. I have a feeling that Katrina will do wonders in this movie only because it strikes a resemblance to her real life. That scene in the red saree most probably is one that she has recently been through. 'Nahi chahiye Yeh Ghar yeh Shaadhi ' when he says that. And you can genuinely see it in her face that she is feeling it. Before her face would just have been a spoon wooden spoon. But here her eyes say something. And even the way she cries with abandon. That only comes once your heart has been broken. She also said in the round table interview that this film came at a time when it mixed with my personal life where things were happening like in the movie. So I guess she is trying to tell us something here.

It is Katrina who said NO to Ranbir. He was serious when he bought a 30 crore Rs Apartment for her. Katrina is here to mint money. She is half British and half Hong kongoease and will settle in UK. All her properties and investments are in UK. In India, she took one flat from Salman and one from Ranbir . Not bad na :)

Dear 85% of the film has been shot before the breakup. She cant act. yashji too cant make her act so who is this nitya? post plz

I mean, Yash Chopra had a great romantic vision. But thats about it. An example of someone who will bring out a performance from his actors is SLB. Maybe Nitya managed to do that as well, she was an AD on The Life of Pi and directed some episodes of 24. If Dharma and Excel are supporting her, she must have done something well, no? She's young, modern, and a woman, maybe she related to Katrina Kaif on a level that Yashji couldn't?

You really think problems between Katrina and RK started during/after their breakup? LOL, you're really dumb if you believe that. Problems and fights began several months earlier at the very least (like all breakups). A relationship of several years doesn't just end abruptly, there's a slow and steady build up to the break up.

Aww by day you are reaching sky high with your jealousy and hatred.

Yeah, I noticed that too. Hope she kept up the performance throughout the film.

Okay this is the new way of Kat's PR milking the break up?...Sorry but her acting is the same as it was in Bhoom.

No, that's DEEPIKA's PR JOB, which has been going on forever.

No dear its KAT PR JOB. see her PR is relating it to RK agian.

I'm pleasantly surprised...wasn't expecting it to be good...looking forward to the film

I genuinely wish like never before that ranbir was in this movie. It would have possibly been the biggest film of the year. What with their break up. And then something like this to come at this point. With it being so similar to the love situation between Katrina and rk it would have been a HUGE film! But bad luck. Although I'm sure sid will do fine. But it's a whole different level when reel collides with real...silsila...yeh jawani hai deewani etc...

Ranbir beta look away now.

He has been there and done that so he does not give a f*** !!

I wonder why it is that when Katrina does something it causes such a stir. When Alia or deepuka wore a bikini it wasn't such a big deal. When Katrina wears it its talked about as if it's the first time people have seen a woman in a bikini lol. She looks marvellous I might add.

The basic premise of this movie seems to be drawn from "About Time". Certainly a new concept for bollywood. Love the trailer. Hope the movie lives up!

fitoor -_-

Exactly what I expected, very fun rom-com movie that you'll see with your partner. Love the locations, the colour, the songs (from what I've heard from the trailer) and Katrina's many looks. I can Kat has improved and she is trying, I just wish they picked someone else for Sid's character. Overall good job with the story and directing, the acting department needs help.

When u have Kat and Sid as leads then of course acting department needs help..

40 plus aunty making out with 10 years younger guy. cougar. Plz post

This movie will be visually very attractive' and Sid and Kat look so gorgeous together, he looks the best with her out of all his costars imo. The trailer seemed to have the whole plot in it though, it is quite evident how the storyline will be without even watching it. I think it will be entertaining and enjoyable to watch their journey in the film.

nay. sonam, priyanka, kangana, deepika, alia , parineeti, radhika,anushka are setting bench marks for acting and there is katrina, showing off her "hot body" and nothing.

who is radhika btw, and in wt era do u live in?????

no kidding but seriously its a copy of click?i cant see her acting its all skin show, would love to see her doing more of acting than skin show, sonam proved it in neerja.

They have zero chemistry. Katrina is looking like those extras who appear in scenes for skin show and oomph factor.

Chal jhoothi:p

I think that finally Katrina has deserved recognition from Bollywood. Filmfare award for Katrina Kaif!!!

Overall, looks like a really good, fun and entertaining movie. Only negative I have is - wish this movie had strong protagonists to act out the parts of the male and female. It would have gone off the roof. Definitely looks like Ranbir and Katrina's love story...hands down. No wonder she could relate to it and looks better, performance wise, in this movie compared to all of her other movies. So, she needs to do movies she can relate to in real life to bring out the actress in her. I will watch this movie. Reminded me of YJHD and Cocktail type of a movie, or even Love Aaj kaal, where the story and character stays with you for long and you want to watch it again and again.

Sid needs to work on his dialogue delivery asap.

just love it


just saw the trailer >> outstanding..Sidharth malhotra is outstanding

Sidharth - It is really a great performance by it bro. We are so happy..

This boy is immensely talented. He has a potential to be a MEGA star of bollywood.

What a trailer man..! I really love it. gr8

What a trailer man..! I really love it. gr8

The story line is superb. Can not wait any more.

What a great trailer. Songs are out standing...definiely a HIT

Oh..First time i am really impressed by Sidharth malhotra. Superb performance dud....all the best

katrina is smoking hot!

Hmm... surprisingly the trailer was good. It looks like a breezy rom-com with a bit of sci-fi. The songs are peppy. Kat reminds me of her Mere brother ki dulhan avatar. Both sid and kat are more suited for these type of roles. Thank god they didn't leak much details of the film earlier and over hype it. When your expectations are really low, this came as pleasant surprise. I honestly hope it does well.

What was it? Screenplay is ridiculous...not funny at all. Movie is sureshot flop. Get it written by me. No amount of Katrina's skin show and kissing hot scenes are going to help it.

Meh! Nay! Boring.

I loved the trailer. Sid and Kat were both great in it. I wish Katrina's role was bigger though

I don'tlike ..first tthey need cast yyoungabout 19 year girl...nNewface for bbollywood...bikini strip any plot here

Well i hv done some research on katrinas bikini thanx to my pervert mind her bikini has camouflaged from orange to pink (orange in poster nd pink in trailer) just wanted to whats the reason behind this

Yar it happens. many times you are wearing a pink dress but it appears to be red or orange in the pics. it happened with me many times.

I am so happy with the trailer coz unlike many of the films the plot has not been revealed at all to be honest. And it is also refreshing and great to see Katrina especially as she seems to have really brought a change in the kind of character that she is doing!

Katrina has the best body period . And please stop saying all she does is show her body. Deepika and Kareena show equal skin . Looks interesting

Then Dp and kareena both act and also done hit films without exposing unlike kat. #fact

The only thing I like about the trailer is young people trying to act with fresh idea to Bollywood nice camera work Sid and Kat are trying their best they should had one actor stronger than the other they are both bad in emoting oh well all the best and I am a Bollywood film fan not indian

Katrina Kaif. How. Just how. That body. That rear. How am I still gettin awed by someone who's been around for years already :/

Dude u do NOT CARE what the plot is similar to! Any time travel film will seem similar to another because the topic is so small. I am just excited to see a good film! That's it! I don't care about premonition or time travelers wife. Because this is a blood film with two brood actors. So please stop with similar to this that bs. No one cares.

i do not even want to ponder upon what Ranbir will be thinking once he sees those smouldering bikini pics. if I was a guy and I saw my ex look like that I would most certainly have to reevaluate my life decisions. Hehe Pv post. Just in jist :)

plzzz they lived togethere he has seen it all having a hot body is not y ppl stay togehthere there has to be many more things

Pinkvilla did not post my last comment. I had mentioned that the movie looks interesting but o hope they haven't copied this storyline from an English movie about time travel. Sidharth looks boring and his dialogue delivery is boring as well. Kat looks great in parts and old in others. I don't think her face looked too good when she is crying at the break up scene. It looks like she is grimacing. Her dancing however is good.

The fact that some little children come here and shout about how Katrina is like 30 or whatever just shows that there are some very immature 10 year olds on this site. Don't your parents keep tabs on you? Shouldn't you be studying or something. Obviously to a 10 year old brat Katrina will seem like an aunty. Ugh I wish there was a filter for kids!

Katrina looks absolutely STUNNING!! Holy cow - I couldn't stop looking at her. She's gorgeous!

I absolutely love it! I'm sorry but we desperately need a new kind of love story. and this fits the bill clearly! I never expected such sizzling chemistry so I am pleasantly surprised. Somewhere my heart wishes this would have coincided with real life and rabbit could have been in the movie. Nevertheless sid looks great and what can I say about Katrina. Just when you think she can't do anything else she comes on like this. From the scenes they showed Katrina looks like a different person to all her other films. I am so excited and happy about this kind of cinema

Malhotra's best performance so far..great improvement

I saw Ranveer Singh comment on this ..He loved Sid. Great dud. Since today i am also your fan along with Sid.

I can easily say that it is Sid's best performace so far

Sidharth Malhotra a true entertainer. super talented guy. He proves that now....It is his best performance so far

Sidharth is just amazing

I was Ranveer fan but after seeing this trailer i am also Sid fan.

Sidharth is outstanding actor. He nailed down this character. Very very promising

Katrina did bang bang remake of English movie days

The basic plot seems like a rehash of a whole lot of English movies which they adapted to suit the Indian audiences. Siddharth's role is boy meets girl, boy won't commit bcos he's got to rule/explore the world , finally boy realises he does love the girl after all . The sort of roles Ranbir does with a bit of science fiction thrown in. Katrina looks lovely in the beach scenes.

This is a mix of Sandra Bullock's Premonition and Nicolas Cage's The Family Man but still something new for Bollywood. The movie is more about the male character, a man who is trying to find himself like Ranbir in Tamasha but for this role they should have cast someone with better acting ability and stronger screen presence, Ranbir nailed that character in Tamasha but Sid is very weak actor, when you cast him then you should cast some good actors opposite him to cover his bad acting like Fawad in kapoor & sons, Pari in HTP but here he is alone and from this trailer it's visible that a strong character is not for him. Katrina looks hot in bikini and shorts, her role is simple one and only watching the movie I can say how good or bad she is in it. There is no chemistry between them though she kissed and stripped more for this movie that she did ever. People are talking about age difference but here it's not visible. she is just 2-3 years older than him not 20 years (like age difference between Khans,Devagan, Kumar and their heroines) so it's ok, Priyanka is older than Ranveer but their chemistry was great in BM, Kareena looked younger than Arjun in Ki and Ka so heroine being older than the hero is not big deal for Bollywood any more and I am happy for that changes.

Sidharth looks magnificiant

These two can only sell physicality. Neither have real acting skills. Also, there is no chemistry between these two.....sid looks wooden just like ark in fitoor.

she used to look so prettier during her boom&just chill days

seems she got her lip fillers removed or reduced...looking so much better

Wooow love love love love loved it katrina looking damn hott

Like the trailer, would love to watch the movie

Looks like it is "inspired" from Adam Sandler's CLICK

They took the movie Premonition and turned it into a RomCom, not bad. I liked the trailer tbh. It looks good :)

Sid has improved his acting !! Kat on the other hand is playing herself....running behind a guy to marry her, forcing him to marry her..........

Someone help me please. What does Sid say at 0.28? And Katrina at 1.18? My Hindi's not too great.

I am a huge Ranveer fan and a a Deepika fan. I am not a Katrina Ranbir hater. I think Ranbir is fabulous actor and Katrina is stunning lady and a great dancer. Siddharth is an average actor. Not at all wooden chair tabe etc but he's not yet wowed me. I loved the trailer. The freshness,the styling,the story,the treatment everything impresses. Sid is still more or less average only. Not bad not good. I cried watching this trailer only for Katrina. She's reputed as being a non actor. I think she was really good. Wonderful voice modulation and expressions. I have never seen her try so hard to perform well. I cried because the role resonated so deeply within her. I feel bad for Katrina and Nargis.Traditionally people start settling down at 25. A breakup at 35 breaks u completely. People write you off saying you look too old and use too much botox. Everyone your age is settled with kids. I feel her pain. And she emoted every scene with that pain in her heart. She looked like a girl really ready for marriage in those various shades of orange and red. When she looks up at sid in the red saree with the red bindi I felt her pain. I am a genuine Deepika fan but the Baar Baar Dekho trailer made me cry for Katrina.

Who are you trying to fool ? You are a katrina fan .

I am a Ranveer and Deepika fan out and out. I am not a Katrina fan. Her acting in almost all movies is very poor. Specially Jab tak hai jaan. Yash Chopras last movie could have been amazing but Katrina ruined it. Deepika has become a hugely versatile actor. Her acting is worthy of appreciation and her off screen persona too is warm and sweet. Coming from a Deepveer fan-I was actually touched by Katrina's performance. Or at least her attempt. Whatever be her actual calibre or even her performance in this movie. I was touched by the way she expressed her emotions.

Mmmm Very interesting, waiting to find out the full atory

this film is not for family .. I didn't like these scenes .. as I didn't like Sunny leone films ..sorry this is my opinion

Go live in Saudi Arabia then!

Awesome,,,,,,they are damn hot together,,,,katrina looks her best

zero chemistry. why!!

Kat has given less lines and only focus is her body and sexy side. She works hard on body it shows . She should work equally hard on acting.

Katrina look wise and Sid acting wise=Awesome.The story looks fresh and music is On point.
Hope the movie is good too.

Wow. Katrina is on fire. She looks smashing. The movie could be fun but Sid is just so blah. I hope he doesn't mess up.

Love love love the trailer. Sid and Kat look amazing together and I feel have acted really well. I think a woman director brings a whole new dimension into a love story and it shows here. Gauri Shinde and Revathy bring such emotions and freshness into their movies. I cant wait for Nitya to join their ranks.

They look cute!