Milind Soman's 76-year-old Mom Just Gave Us Some Major Fitness Goals

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It was just a few days back that Milind Soman became the talk of the town when began a multicity marathon which would see him running the distance between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Now, this unique initiative is back in the news again. As it so happens, the actor’s 76-year-old mom Usha recently joined him near Thane.

She jogged along with him wearing a saree. Moreover, she did so in the most effortless manner possible. Now, that’s what we call an ‘iron lady’. Interestingly, nearly two years back, she had covered a distance of 100 Kms in 48 hours and too barefoot. It seems nothing is impossible for this lady.As far as the ‘Great Run’ is concerned,  it is truly a rare initiative and reminds us that Milind is a fitness freak.  On the professional front, he was last seen playing a pivotal role in Bajirao Mastani.

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More power to Indian women. Mrs. Soman you are an inspiration.

I also love that she is running in a saree.

Wow! Incredible

Amazing....She is Super Women and an inspiration to all.

They are doing so much to inspire us.... Let's hit the gym right away..

His father Prabhakar Soman was a nuclear scientist with the Bhabha Atomic Research Center while his mother Usha is a biochemist, who taught at Wilson College, Mumbai. Soman's all four grandparents were doctors. Milind himself has Diploma in mechanical Engineering, he was National level swimmer before turning to modeling.

Whoa ! Those are some super genes in the family there. Lucky !

Respect. Now here's an idol the youth deserve.

Amazing supermom mom. Running at 76 with such a straight back and so much strength and that also barefoot. These are the kind of people who should be getting attention not just so called celebrities

Totally loving the mom! And the man is the same age as the Khan-stars and so much better looking!

Woah, super woman. So inspiring, a woman at her age and so simple but doing what she wants to do. Fitness goals, determination goals, health goals and Indian simplicity mom goals.

Super cute, fittest mom. You inspire me!

Wow I wish I will be this fit. Not likely though as I don't eat healthy nor exercise :( .

woowww im in awe

Wow...Fitness goals..

kudos to them. such an inspiration for so many people. Especially those like me sitting on their desks all day and commenting. ;)

Amazing! The fitness gene runs in the family

I want to be this fit when i m 76 -___________- wowwwww better start running

Amazing .

What an inspiration.

She is Supermom!

Milind is a total copy of his mum. Wow she is fit for her age.

Love them. Millind was a crush 15 years back and still is.

Amazing people. And to do it in rain too!

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