Who's the Hotter Hunk--Shahid or Ranveer? Here's What Americans Feel

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Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor are undoubtedly two of Hindi cinema’s most popular stars at present. Ranveer is loved thanks to his dashing personality, good looks and impressive physique. On the other hand, ‘Shasha’ is regarded as the ultimate lover boy of B-town and also held in high regard courtesy his effortless acting style.

Needless to say, some fans have at times drawn comparisons between them. The big question has always been—who is the bigger and hotter star?  As part of the popular For the Win segment, Hollywood fans were asked to compare the two hunks. They went through their pics and social media profiles and shared their views on them. Watch this video and find out how this one played out.

On  a related note, Ranveer was last seen in Bajirao Mastani and will soon be seen in Befikre. As far as Shahid is concerned, he was last seen in Udta Punjab and will next be seen in Rangoon.

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Ranveer is not a handsome guy , he himself said he doesn't have conventional good looks. Shahid is a goodlooking man

good looks of Ranveer ?...Lol..Common ..the guy is the ugliest hero Indian movies ever seen ...however, he is a good actor ...Shahid is better in looks (Dont even compare him to Ranveer because it is insulting), acting and dancing...Ranveer is a good guy and good actor and yes he is cool but that's all..however it seems he is lucky and god considers good luck for ugly people...

Someone here wrote that Ranveer barely got any praise for Bajirao.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-Thanks for the laugh ! :D

Shahid fans live in so much delusion and its waste of time to explain and give a reasoning to them and poor Shahid listens to them and feels he is really doing a good job..

Shahid got the award despite of Aamir Khan in PK and dont tell me they didnt give him because he boycotts awards they gave it Kangana even though she boycotts it as well Aamir said even himself that Shahid is the next aamir khan after Haider and Udta Punjab dont question Shahids acting

LOL everyone knows award shows don't give any award to Aamir even if he deserves

No actor is impressive if the director and script is not good so even in this case shahid is amazing because he connects with the audience

What?! everyone can pull off a haider lol ok bye

Rs was the most weakest actor in bajirao mastana. Deepika was ok & priyanka was the 1 who did good acting

This comment just proves how childish Shahid fans are ;)

I prefer Ranveer onscreen than Shahid. I like Shahid, I really do. But Ranveer is a completely different person off screen than he is on screen. The mystery about how his next character will fare is always intriguing because there is nothing Ranveer like in the characters he plays. It's as if a completely different person is transfixed onto the screen, he is transformed into another person altogether. and that is really exciting to watch. It has to do with the changes in look, dictation, intonation, emotional gravitas from character to character. The layering of a character so that it reflects a wholeheartedly different individual unlike the actor we know and see off screen, that is an element that I look forward to in my films. But different actors excite different people, there is no universally accepted truth here and that's what's so great about art: that personal biases aside, there is subjectivity in how it can be perceived.

Shahid for sure.

Ranveer anyday for me

Don't know why people don't appreciate Ranveer for talent and always link his success to DP as if she is coming into him to play his performances..If he is not talented , then onone will cast him, especially the likes of SLB n Zoya. Everyone likes RS because he is IMPRESSIVE and DP is one hell of a lucky woman to have him n his positivity. And also not great dancing that matters but even the faltu dance that should make you laugh n impress is important. Shahid may be good looking, but his attitude makes it off and RS may be not traditionally good looking, but his charm and easiness makes everyone wanting him more!!! If good looks and great talent can survive then many people would have been superstars by now, but the fact is how charming n attractive in personality is important and RS comes in charming category and full package and he is here to stay WINNING!!!

hard to like shahid even after his good looks and talent, he is impressive depending on good director and script combination..here as Ranveer makes you fall in love and even turns haters into fans into his charm and capacity to pull of almost anything

Lol lol lol tabu was good but Shahid definitely got the limelight plus everyone even talked about Shahid and Tabus chemistry every second of shahids performance were discussed he was mindblowing is there someone who could a role like that please he swept all the awards he was the talk of the town and awards shows last year whereas Ranveer even had to shared his awards with amitabh bachchan BYE

Shahid got awards because there was zero competition in that year!!! Please don't live in your delusion and many actors can pull of haider role.

Lmao you've got to be kidding me. Ranveer was the highlight of Bajirao Mastani with Priyanka being On par. Deepika was a disaster. If you dare to read the critics take on it and even the audiences, deepika was a disgrace as mastani. She cannot portray multilayered characterization no wonder SLB had to release all those blinds putting her down. Ram Leela was equally Ranveer's as it was Deepika's. Shahid was a revelation in Haider, but Tabu was better than him. In none of Ranveer's films has he been overshadowed. He is and will remain a strong screen presence. It's also an insult to Priyanka to put her performance at level with Deepika for she was an utter utter disappointment.

Oh please people know deepika's performance....call it disaster its too much....you ever read tweets when bajirao mastani telicast first on television ??? People loved mastani performance.....always show down deepika its only show insecurity and frustration.....

Lol what are you saying always when people mentioned Pc Kareena tabu and Alia they also mentioned Shahids performances too what has Ranveer Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani both SLB film with Dp she and even pc overshowed him everyone praised his female costars I rarely saw his name also ranveer get suddenly this recognition from the industry because of dp apparently he is her bf all because of rsdp my foot so go and burn hahaha

Both are hot but Shahid is hotter!! Ranveer has a better body though!

Lol what are you saying always when people mentioned Priyanka tabu and Alia they also mentioned Shahids performances too what has Ranveer Ram Leela

A baby face? A philandering womanizer is more like it with a dud and arrogant personality. The man who went out with every single one of his leading ladies. A guy who still after 13 long years couldn't establish himself in the industry. The only roles He's done well in are the ones with solid scripts and good roles given to his female counterparts. In all his films he has been overshadowed by his female leads. Eg., kareena, priyanka, Alia, Tabu. That's just an embarrassment. He may be good but he is NOT good enough. And if good looks were all it took to rise, then Ranveer would not be the current national obsession with ladies vying to be with him/ starring in movies alongside him. Hell, even Katrina Kaif is going from production house to production house asking to work with Ranveer. When a woman is willing to go after her worse enemy's partner to be put in the map again, that goes to show the rise and rise of Ranveer Singh. Looks aren't permanent, personality and talent is. And aside from talent, Ranveer's personality connects with the masses/ production houses/ actors and actresses. Moreso, Shahid is and always will remain a mediocre embarrassment and will live in the shadows of his father, a brilliant actor. He like his many contemporaries rose due to his lineage. And still couldn't do better than the mediocrity he has. Pitiful and embarassing. And Ranveer Singh in 5 years, has been more appreciated for his versality and acting prowess than Shahid has in ALL his 13 years. Such pity. Even his Haider couldn't reach the masses. shahid is more like Saif Ali Khan, a few hits here and there but still his films five more credit and fame to the females that star opposite him. Ranveer not only blows him out of proportion but he is also going to play the leading man to Shahid as his second fiddle. Must be nice to lick your much younger contemporary's boot just to get an opportunity to work in a blockbuster project. I feel pity for his sympathizers. He will never be as magnanimous as y'all believe him to be, and Ranveer is already on his way there. Must be nice to watch the rise and rise of your much younger contemporary from waaaay, waaaaaaay below the pedestal.

Ranveer attitude is contagious. You see a lot of positivity, humbleness and modesty. He is real even when he is crazy

What strange copmarison between a baby face and a horse face. None.


Guys stop giving views in comparisonal way,"SHAHID KAPOOR" is a" LEGEND " if Bollywood and also can be in HOLLYWOOD MANO YA NA MANO

Lol Since when did good looks means u have to marry someone attractive lol at the below comment. It's Shahid's wish whome he should marry and he married Mira. What's wrong with that? Don't u have eyes to see who is good looking or not and if u r delusional then nobody can do anything. Shahid is known as one of the beat looking guy.

Shahid has a perfect face. Beyond compare

AHAH I can't imagine how weird Tattad Tattad would look to a non-bollywood educated person. Kiss, kiss, kiss Ranveer! Killing it.

Obviously Ranveer and I love Shahid too!

don't like these comparisons,but honestly,ranveer is more saleable actor than shahid.God knows how many time it has been said for shahid he is emerging superstar,but that didn't actually happen.i agree with someone,comparing with hrithik is more suitable because of generation factor.He still hasn't a 100 cr hit.But he has hanged because of his talent while vivek,zayeed khan,ritesh,abhishek have flopped.But sad thing is he is compared with junior and more successful actors.Keeping his flops aside he is a great dancer and a good actor.

Ranveer without deepika is 0 saleable only 100 cr hits he has given is with deepika . Befikre will actually be the testing time for him it will decide he is saleable r not

Trade analysts are expecting 108-115 cr for Befikre.It's hot in the market.Even with clash they are expecting 125 cr for ADHM.And these numbers are from experts who does 100% bang on prediction like girish johar and akshay rathi.Shahid se na ho payega 100 cr.Debuted on early 2000's and still people call him emerging star.Embarassing

ha ha ha ha ha ...........if hny can get a 100 cr by releasing on diwali nd dud like dhoom 3 can get a 200 cr for christmas i just rest my case n i m not comparing who is better trade analysts predicted huge num for shandaar nd bombay velvet evrybody knows what happend but said that i m not fan of shahid i want just good films nd good actors it may be ranveer,shahid,ranbir,varun etc who ever may be shahid may fade away 2mrw i dnt even care one thing for sure i will remember shahid as the guy who gave my all time fav movie kaminey

Zayed Khan was talent-less. Riteish has carved a niche for himself and is a fabulous actor. He is successful. Vivek had the talent, the looks. the success and even a filmfare nomination for best actor along with many best debut awards and supporting actor awards. He ruined his own career because of his foolishness. Abhishek wasn't good early on in his career, but has improved a lot since then and even found success for a while. Since then he has only seen success in multi-starers. If you think that Shahid is more successful than Riteish just because of the media attention, let me tell you about one lady who stays in news all the time and is definitely unsuccessful, RAKHI SAWANT.

thank god... if these Trump followers had picked up Shahid, I would have been very sad. That just proves he is better :)

This was real fun!!!!
But I wish they had segments from pleasant, calming romantic songs of theirs as well...it would have been more complete.

Lol because Shahid is so good looking he had to settle for Mira kapoor, a 22 year old fresh out of college baby. He is a known philanderer and his father pulled the gun and got it arranged so he wouldn't go off rails any further. Shahid has never had the X factor, the personality, nor the connectibikity to the masses of India. Hell, even Ranbir kapoor who is personality less is more connectable to the masses.

Ha ha ha ha ha.......ranbir is connected to masses u must be kidding the only masala film he had done was besharam that was a dud nd ajab was a rom com shahid had rajkumar which was a hit nd never the less he hadnt done mass roles but he has a mass following too b/w these 3 ranveer clearly has the upper hand on masses because his persona is likable but all said varun is the only hero in current generation who had good mass following

I loved this video!! So cool it was! But i guess they could have showed a better music video of shahid!

RS may not be the most handsome guy on earth but he's got this X factor in him.

Ranveer Singh is a very weak actor & cheap.shahid is class apart in talent, looks, dancing.no way shahid can be compared to a third class actor like rs

LOl that is the reason why look at here they are both right now :') and plaese don't cry stating shahid bad luck and blah blah

Your comment is third rate

Ranveer is just too ugly looking..I mean the pic of his that they've put with Shahid is just ROFL. (Sorry Deepika fans)

You guys need to realize that this is an American Youtube channel where they see this stuff for the first time and judge the videos or images based on what they see at that moment with little or no knowledge beforehand. It's about as honest a perspective as you can get from people who largely don't know the celebrities they are seeing. They also watch videos and images of celebrities from around the world in other videos. It's just instant opinion and it's for FUN. No need to get so defensive about it. Both Ranveer and Shahid are charming guys in different ways. They just happened to dig Ranveer more from what they saw. Big deal.

I was wondering when this was going to appear on here. I see the hate on both sides is strong, as always. *sigh*

As an RS fan who is NOT an Indian, I think it's time you guys stopped giving these foreigners the time of day. I mean seriously, who came up with this show ???? The comparisons aren't even fair. Shahid is Ranveers senior. Even RK is Ranbirs senior tbh. Both RK and SK are more experienced. It's not fair to RS nor to them when people keep comparing them. I personally feel that if Ranveer gets a 7 for his acting, Shahid gets a 9. If RS gets a 9 for dancing, SK gets a 10. SK is better by a few notches, but RS is also a great actor/performer. That's my opinion.

Fawad Khan

There is no comparison , Shahid is way Hotter than RS and who are complimenting RS are deepika fans and they have no option until he is with her

I hate it when people compare all junior actors with Shahid Kapoor whether he is Varun , Sid , Ranbir or Ranveer . Shahid is senior to them and started his career much before , just because he has a chocolaty face and his movies doesn't make good business , it doesn't mean everyone will compare him with young actors. He is 35 , done more movies and others are around 30

u are ranveer singh is a aaj ka bachcha... he is only 4 years younger to Shahid.

I like Ranveer, but idk I'm inclined towards Shahid more. Maybe it's his personality or his more "prince" like looks, or maybe just his acting talent.

Shahid in his long career till date is senior to Ranveer. I would put him in the league of Hrithik Roshan as he is senior to even Ranbir. And in that time, he couldn't give a performance like Ranveer has time and time again from his first film Band Baaja to Lootera to Bajirao. Only recently has Shahid come to his own with Haider and Udta Punjab, but even then no one considers him a prolific actor he is a proficient dancer first. Most forget Ranveer is only on his 5th year in this industry, and Shahid nearly a veteran. There is no comparison between the two. Ranveer is faring far better than Shahid ever has.

what r u saying shahid not a prolific actor?he is one of the best from todays generation who can have good dialogue delivery because of his flops those were considered but almost every character is different from other film he has impeccable comic timing he known for intense roles he can do massy roles everything his films may have been flops but an actor he had never fails ranveer is good to he has long way to go cant compare him ranveer except 2 deepika has been backing of yrf from start of his career whatever shahid is today he is on his own

Shahid gave good performance even before Udta Punjab and Haider, in JWM, Vivah and was just great in Kaminey. Even in his debut movie ishq vishq he was really good for a debutant. He is in filmindustry about 13 years and gave more flops than any leading actor could afford but he is still here and filmmakers still want to cast him and all this because he has talent and look. No other actor would survive in Bollywood with so many flops not even Ranveer and don't tell me that he is a star kid that's why he was given so many chances, Pankaj Kapoor was never a star ( though he is a fantastic actor). As I said I love Ranveer and I think that he has lots of potential to rule Bollywood for many many years, he was good in Lootera and Bajirao Mastani but Shahid gave better performance in Kaminey, Haider and Urda Punjab, do not forget he is one of the best dancers in Bollywood though for me he is the most versatile dancer

He survived only because of timing of his flops and no comepetion. If he gives flops no too, noone will give him roles even thogh he may be talented and dancer

timing of his flops? Is there a good time to give flop movies and get away with that? I didn't know that

In my opinion, Ranveer is a far better actor and Shahid a far better dancer.

those were not comparable choices... Haider is a offbeat movie - maybe lootera's trailer should have been shown to match that or instead of haider they should have picked Shaandar - it had a great trailer. And for songs... really Gandi baat? Gulaabo would have been a better choice. It's clear that the choices of shahid's trailer and video was not good.

I love both of them but Shahid is better actor/dancer any day. BTW Why do we need these bunch of goras to scrutinize our actors who have zero knowledge about them. SMH

Couldn't take it seriously. They were clearly biased. They watched BM trailer way before and were impressed and didn't choose best videos from Shahid. Shahid is better looking anyway also a better dancer even though I think Bajirao Mastani trailer is the best trailer ever Haider is still a better film

oh please! Shahid is the best, he works really hard and he deserves the stardom more than Ranveer!!! Ranveer is just gaining attention by doing movies with DP!!

No matter who wins I love them both but Ranveer's dance song was chosen better than Shahid's one. Shahid is a better dancer than Ranveer but Gandi baat is not his best work and though Haider is one of my fav movies it was clear that Bajirao Mastani will win here, it looks more epic and there is Ranveer in every frame while Haider's trailer is dark and has Irfan, KK, Tabu, Shraddha sharing lots of screen time with Shahid.

I agree! Totally unfair comparison and Shahid's acting is best in Haider. His dancing is even better! :D

Not only about who hot it's about movie trailer act and dance and look

Ranveeris impressive and very hot

Why compare between them from start? Maybe because the look alike in beard

Honestly ranveer way hotter

American taste is as varied as it comes. It doesn't actually mean one is better than the other. Personally, during BBB I didn't like Mr. Singh at all. Now he's my third favorite Bollywood actor after Mr. Roshan and Mr. Kunal Kapoor. Mr. Shahid Kapoor is very charming, but his face is too boyish for me. I enjoy both though.

Couldn't take it seriously. They were clearly biased. They watched BM trailer way before

Did not watch the video, but I think it's safe to say Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh are hands down the hottest Bollywood actors at the moment.

American streets have literally 9 out 10 guys with fit body. Nothing special about them-Ranver and Shahid-like it is in India. These guys just maintain physique for a film and then relapse into what their usual body. This six pack craze is only a recent phenomenon in India may be 10 years or so. Also, it's impossible" to maintain that body with Indian diet. That's why when these actors put six pack they advertise it like crazy for three months and then they don't care until the next film's shirtless scene. Post this pv

Maybe in big cities like NY.. But that's about it.. Not even San Francisco.. All the fit people you will see in San Francisco and even NY to some extent are the ones who have immigrated from Europe.. Americans in general don't care that much about their physique

I don't know what you're talking about, obesity is one of the biggest problem in America.

Like every other fashion trend, Size Zero trend also came from America. It started in early 80s there. The reason statistics (published in America) shows it an Obese country cuz the fat ones are too fat with weight hitting 250lbs and over. Americans are also on average very tall and broad. When they do calculations with median weight then it shifts towards obesity.

Americans aren't that tall. Average height of a male is 5'9 and a female 5'3 approx. Europeans are far taller and fitter. Majority of Americans are just fat (and this is coming from an American)!

LOL I'm from America and 9/10 guys here definately do not have bodies like Shahid and Ranveer. It's more like 1/10 have a body like them, then 5/10 have a very average body (ranging from slim to chubby), and then 4/10 are morbidly obese. Same thing with women here. There are some places in Europe however where the majority of men and women are extremely fit (maybe not as muscular as Shahid/Ranveer, or as toned and curvaceous as Katrina/Priyanka, but they are fit).

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