Watch: 1st Trailer of Ajay Devgn's Shivaay is Spine-Chilling & Intriguing!

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The snow-capped mountains never looked so beautifully daunting yet serene, till you feast your eyes on Ajay Devgn's directorial- Shivaay's trailer. Almost 4 minutes long, the trailer is gripping, thrilling, powerful and above all reveals nothing, keeping the mystery element of the film intact. While the Balkan mountains look surreal, Ajay's Shiv-mantra chants as the background score keep you on the edge of your seats. Undeniably, it's impossible to keep your eye off the screen as everything moves at a fast pace- be it the car chases in streets of Bulgaria or snow avalanches shots.

Ajay completely justifies all the hype created around the film- the trailer speaks volumes and it will be exciting to see what the film will be like.

Thumbs Up!!

Shivaay is directed by Ajay Devgn and is slated for an Oct 28, 2016, release. The film also stars debutant Sayyeshaa Saigal and Erika Kaar in the lead roles with Devgn. The film is produced under Ajay Devgn FFilms banner. 

Catch the captivating trailer here:


Love it

Though the trailer is good is good.i hope movie work.coz it's releasing on Diwali ,festive season.mostly people are in happy mood and wanna watch comedy,family romantic kinda shows and movies.
Shivay on other hand looks action,aggressive kinda.

Looks very interesting.

Taken in Himalayas

I did not like the trailer, but how can you write such racist comments? Indians are dark and it's beautiful! Beautifully hell! I'm fair-skinned Europeans, but I love dark skin color!

If Ranveer was in ADHM and it was clashing, it would make Shivaay Disaster!! Hehe. Love Ranveerians for removing Flopoor from this industry

Lmao is this Katrina herself throwing comments everywhere? After Padmavati she is first choice of Shivay as well. Next ADHM trailer will come and she was the first choice there as well lmao.

well, I love the trailer, so new and different. I will watch the movie. Having said that, I will also watch ADHM. Having two good movies release on the same day does not constraint me to pick and choose one. I have the budget and time to watch both of them in their release weekend. On the other hand, there are also many months when I don't go to movie hall because I don't like any of the movies released that time.

Trailer looks interesting. I will watch it. Everything looks very sync and well planned.

WOW. I didn't have much expectation from this movie. Not fan of Ajay. But trailer is AWESOME!!

Thank god Katrina rejected this crap movie!!

Katrina shouldnt have rejected Padmavati and Shivaay!!

Wish Katrina did this movie!

Queen Katrina was the best choice for the heroine of Shivaay!

Katrina was the first choice for this film!

Katrina was first offered the LEAD ROLE in this film!!! Wish she had not rejected this. Love Queen Katrina :)


The trailer is creating history on Youtube!!! No Srk,no Salman,noAamir,no Akshay! It is Ajay who creates History!! And im so happy for him!!!:-)

I thinks it's salman who sung the song at the start of the trailer

Its Mithoon! -,-

B-town is going gaga over the Trailer! From Big b (and junior)to Arjun Kapoor to all the famous directors! Ajay is finally getting what he deserves: recognition,appreciation and respect!!! Big and proud Ajay Fan since 1992!

i loved this..m definitely watching this...ajay is the underdog and most under rated actor of bollywood..his voice, eyes ,acting ,personality, talent n passion is way above then all white actor put together..feel like drowning in the pool of shame after hearin those racist n biased comments...our ancestors paid a price for this freedom and this is not what they have paid for...we may not see u but god surely does n god forbid if ur child is dark born then what will u do? disown him ??? i m from east n i feel proud to state that south has produced some of the best minds (iitian, ias, scientist) n best beauty(aishwarya,deepika, rekha) in world... we both belong to each other coz we both r indian n to all those haters dare not speak n discriminate on them or u will hav it from us(east north,west)...just remember.
Koyi sikh koyi jaat maratha , (koyi gurakha koyi madaraasi)
Sarahad pe maranewala - 2, har veer tha bhaaratavaasi
Jo khun gira parvat par, woh khun tha hindustani
Jo shahid huye hain unaki, jara yaad karo kurbaani

Looks intriguing. But next time please keep the trailer length under 3 minutes.

Ajay Devgan's acting, voice, dialog, cinematography, music, songs everything is synchronizing so well, even the child actor seems to have acted well.

Best trailer I have seen in Bollywood so far...

DAAMNNNN MAN DAAMNNN trailer awesome, i need more movies like this, One of my FAVOURITE actor he is, I will go for this first day first show sure, Ayayyyyy

Awsome trailor with very impressive sound track!

Great trailer.....stunning background & visuals. Ajay is a great actor. Shivay over ADHM any day...

i really hope this work for him, he such under rated actor, he buting a lot in this

Itwas a very good trailer and will probably become a hit. For one, I think Ajay is a cool guy and I love his films, however given a preference I will watch ADHM... Probably because of the romance aspect, and ofcourse Ranbir:)

Awesome is the word! Loved the locales.

The action is stunning and super impressive!!...Sadly I feel had this starred the Khans, Akshay or VD/Ranveer the reception would have been more appreciated on a larger scale. Its not getting the credit it deserves.

Are you kidding? Ajay is a bigger star than Varun, Ranveer or Ranbir. after Khans he's the only actor to get a 30cr plus opening. Even Akshay or Hrithik haven't achieve that.

OMG, I will take Ajay's movie ANY DAY over Karan's ADHM! Looks awesome!

Only one word: Awesome!

If the whole point of this trailer was to break records for the longest trailer in Bollywood, then its totally unnecessary. Action looks amazing but just felt the length of the trailer took away the wow moments. Looks like a Hollywood flick, some interesting shots. Will be a treat for Ajay fans.

Visualizing stunning! i didnt understand the story and the trailer could have been shorter and edited better. I think Ajay made a great film though

Ok!!! What is the storyline?

Karan Johar's PR is trying hard to bring down Ajay. I can see all these lame shallow comments which only he can write!

Bloody raciest people and why must you hate on your people you still person of colour you are not white and if you are white person shame on you. People got to learn how to comment on the film not get personal this is Gods creation why why must you go there shame on you

Really appalled by the comments pertaining to skin colour and looks. So shallow, sad.

I didn't understand the story, only saw lots and lots of snow. I am not sure what to say!

My favourite hero!!!! This looks spectacular!

Good God! This was a never ending trailer! Thanks for showing ALL the car chases and thrilling moments already. I don't understand who would actually pay money to go see a movie by Ajay Devgan. I mean Devgun. I mean Devg (oh, let's get rid of a letter because its inauspicious) n. Enough said.

Hi Karan Johar!! I think u r the same racist HATER who has been writing bad about Ajay Kajol DP PC skin color and writing north south non sense stuff. If u dont like Ajay..please stay away from this post!

This is so good. I kind of forgot it's a teaser not trailer. AD is one of the best actors we have. Good luck for SHIVAY. BTW for anons stuck to kallu...Ever heard about "Tall Dark and Handsome" ?? Yes Ajay is one answer for you.


People who are writing bad about Ajay Kajol PC Deepika Bipasha..Please take note that that Ajay is one of the finest actors in cinema today with 2 National Awards & Padmashri ...Kajol one of the most versatile actresses of Hindi Cinema with 6 Filmfares & Padmashri, Priyanka is a top star in Bollywood and a big name in Hollywood also with 6 Filmfares, Padmashri, People's Choice Award etc, Deepika currently the number one Bollywood actress who has been delivering back to back blockbusters since 2012 --- (Cocktail, Race2, YJHD, CE, RL, HNY, Piku & BM.... FF & Tamasha were also decent hits) & lastly Bipasha is the sexiest actress of Hindi cinema who could look sexy without looking vulgar. She is also a good actress too! Behold their achievements! Stop racism!

What did I just see? The trailer is a visual treat, but do they not have an editor?!! You do a 'teaser' these days with no dialogues, but a trailer is suppose to be what one should expect in terms of story-line. One can see an influence/inspiration of "Rohit shetty style' here in some action-mill scenes! But still a visual treat!!

Awesome. The trailor did not give out anything. This is how it should be. Ajay has a strong aura. The movie will be super duper Hit.

Why is Pinkvilla allowing comments on a person's skin colour? And how can anyone compare a power house actress like Kajol to non actresses like wannabe Chopra and Bipasha Basu?

Its comments like that show how racists indians can be

Visually stunning and Impressive, didn't understand the story though.

I hate Kajol & Ajay..Arrogant people!

I think Ajay Kajol Deepika Priyanka Bipasha are all from same family.. "Kallu Family"...All over-rated dark face actors!

wowwwwww! I bet you sit at home applying whitening cream to your face four times a day. That is such an awful attitude to have. Who judges someone by skin color? Disgusting

Kaali Kajol Ka Kaala Pati Dev! Lol

Ajay's versatility in ONE Movie! Looks fantastic to me....

Intriguing..appreciate the hardwork that went into it. Looks slick

Intriguing trailer. Great action scenes. I'd like to know the story a bit more, which will be in the next trailer. Shall watch after ADHM. Btw, team ADHM, the ball is now in your court. Time to go to work, Mr.R and Mr. K! *puts on MIB sunglasses*

This looks really interesting. I like it!

Hmmm....and I bought it was weird with the stills but I am very impressed with the quality of the teaser (yes it was a bit long). It looks interesting enough for me to reconsider. It is releasing on the same day as Inferno though and I have been patiently waiting for that one. If the actual trailer is just as good I will watch this the next day for sure. Good job Ajay for puttin out good quality out there. By the way the anon who keeps writing about Southie/Northie crap, I am a Punjabi and so is Ajay, stop illiterate rant here we are all Indians no matter what region we hail from. We come in all different sizes,colours, religions and so on that is what makes us beautiful!

This is awesome man.

Goosebumps!! Excellent Action and background score. Eagerly waiting for this.

Ajay looks surprisingly hot when he removes his shirt! Yummmmmyyy!

Katrina was first offered Shivaay! Katrina is good friends with Kajol & Ajay and they were keen on working with her!

whatever you say Kats PR

Ajay is also obsessed with Firangis just like Salman!

Nice Trailer. Katrina left a good movie again. Sad!

Katrina was the first choice for this film, but she was busy with Fitoor, BBD, Jagga Jasoos KJo's next with Fawad & her various brand endorsements. Ajay is very fond of Katrina...He also wanted her for Kangana's role in Once Upon a time in Mumbai and Mugdha's role in All the Best! Katrina was best suited for this role in Shivaay! If Katrina had done would be a bigger blockbuster. Katrina-Ajay would make a real hot pair! Miss my Queen Katrina!

Yes Yes for sure..Katrina was the first choice for 'Mughal-e-Azam' & 'Sholay' also. But she had very BUSY schedule so she couldnt do it!! Happy Now??? LOL

Ajay actually looks quite hot in those shirtless scenes..hope he does lots of hot scenes with that beautiful heroine in this zada maza aayega movie dekhne me! Love Ajay :*

is this Kajol? Or is there another human on this planet that wants to see this man shirtless? ugh...your comment made me shudder and throw up a little bit in my mouth.

I think u r the same racist who has been writing bad about Ajay Kajol DP PC skin color and writing north south non sense stuff. If u have allergy from dark people..please stay away from this post!

is there any other Indian character in the movie? or all these firangi ppl will talk in bad hindi!!!

is there any other Indian character in the movie? or all these firangi ppl will talk in bad hindi!!!

Ajay is very creative, he always tries to do something different. All the very best to him for this movie :)

Very interesting . I liked the way they used lines & imagery from the Shiva Purana ( the snow clad mountains , chillum & forbidden love with His 1st wife -Sati , tattooed Trishul) to match Ajay's titular character.

there is no story in the trailer, only actions again ad again

Ajay will give himself his first All time blockbuster! :-) Seriously, it looks super duper! It looks like Jason Bourne or something!

OMG! Look at the views ,likes and dislikes!! If it continues to goes like this, than it will break all the bollywood movie youtube record!! Ajay has done an F A N T A S T I C JOB!

The trailer is actually good... a tad too long though. Ajay's voice over in the trailer sounds amazing....a statement I thought I'd never make!

Looks very fascinating..Surely going to watch this and ADHM when they get telecasted on Doordarshan.

Spine chilling..I like that it didn't reveal anything.

wow, will watch this movie

WOW....Kya baat hai....wahwah....Kya stunts hai...Looking forward to the movie!!!

That was a never ending promo.

What did I just watch? I understood nothing. Seriously what is this?

This is just teaser trailer yaar..they have not shown much bcoz still 2 months left for the movie. Atleast we need your support dear.. you are one of the few genuine people here :)

Support?LOL..kajolfan hates Ajay Devgn so forget about support...she/he would have made the same comment even without watching the trailer.

I didn't understand much but it looks very promising. This is a first AD movie since Once Upon a Time in Mumbai I really want to watch.

Super-impressive! I am watching this... :)

fantastic! Definite watch for me in the theater.

this film will beat karan johar film cuz people love action and they got tired of the romance movies


the trailer is bad , i hope the film will be good

Looks very promising

I stopped it at 2.00, its unbearable. Yawn!

OMG!oO Did i just saw an Hollywood Trailer or Bollywood?! Ajay, man you raised the bar with this trailer(and hopefully movie)!! Such talented person! He directs the movie, acts in it and produced! This man deserve all the praise he got so far for this trailer! This is a slap in the face for all Ajay hater out there! This movie will become an all time blockbuster! Karan Johar, brace yourself!!

Nice Trailer..looking forward to it!

I am not an Indian and I never heard of Ajay Devgan. Who is he?? Is he famous?? But Karan Johar, Ranbir, Aishwarya and Fawad are well known in my country...Ajay may b popular only in India but Karan Johar, Ranbir, Aishwarya and Fawad ae popular all over the world. WIll only watch Ae DIl Hai Mushkil not Shivay!

Never mind. You're about to learn who Ajay Devgan is when Shivay destroys ADHM at the box office!

If you don't know who Ajay Devgn is then you don't know anything about bollywood!

This is a great trailer after a long time! 1000000000 times better than Mohenjodaro! It raised so much curiosity in me to watch the movie though I know it seems like a father trying save his daughter or something like that! I do not see any reason why Ajay should be worried about clash with ADHM! I would watch this movie. The snow capped mountains if real and not graphics would look good on big screen only!

This trailer is so never seen before bollywood film..will do really well!

I agree with like never seen before in bollywood movie. Ajay is a talented director. He is like Ben Affleck a very talented director and a good actor too.

Ajay + Kajol= Black + Black!

So ???....why "!" At last???.....actually this is lord krishna land ....we are proud as a black/brown people....i think you should leave india very soon.because as a milk white person like you , how can you lived with us??..please its hard for you so you can leave..but where you go?? Because most earth people are black / brown....what about marsh? Please first confirm about alien skin colour so you can easily choose other planet....this is solution/response of your all comments...!!!..i know you are post all this racist comments......pls post pv

You= illiterate
I will always say Indians are the biggest racists in this world.

Ajay is such a Kallu, I think he also is South Indian

Action Overdose!

Nice Trailer but too much dose of Action sequences

Another South Indian Dark Complexion wannabe hero! These southis should remain in south only...Please dont come to bollywood

On another note, a Southi wannabe dark complexion hero would still be better than most Bollywood star kids!

LMAO. Please do a crash course on Bollywood and then visit this website! You made me laugh!

Hey who are you to take decision that southis should remain in south???.you are president or PM of india????..what ??how racist you are!!... whats your problem with south ??first you abused dp and now ajay....i think you should be get out of know people like you make india down..not india but world down...its not about north east west south india ...its about one united india....shame on you who speading hate between people....

You please dont come to Pinkvilla and write such nasty comments. We all are one..We all are Indian ..Feel proud and blessed about being Indian! No Northi southi please!

Wish my Queen Katrina was the Heroine of this film! Then this film would have more star power

Ajay will not survive. One side is only Ajay Fans but other side is Karan Johar Fans + Ash Fans + Ranbir Fans + Fawad Fans + Anushka Fans + Imran Abbas Fans + Lisa Haydon Fans! Clearly Ajay is not on the winning side. LOL

Katrina was the original choice for this film, but she was jam packed with Fitoor, BBD & Jagga Jasoos. Ajay is very keen on working with Katrina was best suited for this role!

I am not a Katrina Hater..but Katrina tries to associate herself to every big film???? First Padmavati & now Shivaay! I m pretty sure she was not approached for both films.

WOw...awesome trailer...something different from regular bollywood movies...liked it!!

Ajay has nothing to worry about :)

fine then bring it on....beast!!!

Awesome!! Ajay has done an fantastic job! One of the best Trailer ever in Bollywood history! Proud moment for alle Ajay Fans! This movie will become easly an BIG Blockbuster!

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