Check out: SRK starts shooting for Imtiaz's The Ring in the stunning locales of Prague

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Shah Rukh Khan has finally started shooting for Imtiaz Ali's The Ring. The actor, who will be seen playing the role of a Punjabi tourist guide, was seen walking on the streets of Prague. He was in the skin of his character and was shooting the sequence of calling up the tourists.

Some of the SRK fans got an opportunity to get the glimpse of their favourite star. They shot some interesting videos of the scene, where a song was being played in the background. They even caught up Imtiaz explaining the shots to King Khan in between.

These pictures and videos show how interesting it would be to watch the first outing of both talented actor and filmmaker. Anushka Sharma who is paired opposite SRK in the film is likely to join the team soon as she has already reached Prague. She will play the role of a Gujarati girl in the film.

Check out the pictures and the videos right here and tell us about it in the comments.


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Video 2 : #SRK @iamsrk on the sets of Imtiaz Ali's film #TheRing in Prague ..

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SRK is too gorgeous, but would this look of his, match with Anushka?

imtiaz ali neither wants indian locations nor indian heroines!! he'll take brazilian or half paki half white chicks!

Wow!! Can't wait for the film!

SRK is manly gorgeous. Easily the sexiest Indian actor.

Swag = SRK

Poor SRK he is copying fawad style to get some attention...

who is fawad?

SRK!!!!! *________*

Handsome AF!!!

Super duper excited about this film! SRK looks incredible. Perfect from head to toes.

They are crazy for foreign locales. It is so meaningless. Why can't they set an Indian love story in India !

OMG SRK - look at you... So hot I can cry,...


Please take the beard off. Dont like the beard

I am SOOO excited for this movie! I wish it was releasing this year!

oh gosh!!.. I will be dreaming him tonight.. Such a handsome guy

So dapper


Glad to see that he is growing his facial hair again. He is so very handsome! His hair is as gorgeous as it has been through the years. He has hair to die for. Go SRK!

what a handsome man!

Real man. Terrific looking

there will be one or two non Indians looking at hm, his fans will spin it as whole world is going crazy for him and this guy's ego will go up several notches.. post this PV..

He had hair grafting done too!

Gosh!! If SRK was my guide!! Aaaaah!!!

SRK is one hell of a man. Perfection

the ring ?????????????? does it have something similar to the lord of the rings??????????

No matter what age, SRK is charismatic. while aamir and salman are aging badly, SRK is getting more sexy with age. No sure what he saw in Gauri.

srk start to think really good after his five years flop movies with farah and rohit waste his time with them now work with good directors like imtiaz and anad and maybe next with banshali .. i really hope he work with my personal fav director vishal ...

What do you mean by "five years flop movies"? SRK hasn't had a single flop except Fan in last 10 years. HNY was crap and Dilwale was bad, but they definitely weren't flops. Learn your facts first before posting.

Gosh!! This man is fraaking sexy!

He looks so handsome and hot!!!

That Prague backdrop reminds me of the scenes in Rockstar. SRK Imtiaz sure to be an interesting mix. Glad he's working with more mature actors!

i would never leave the country if I had a hot guide like this to show me around. Haha, love the hair and the beard. This is gonna be amazing.

What does imtiaz Ali have against India always filming in different centuries I know he is looking for beautiful location but India I has so many beatifu places and I am not an Indian. When I watch bollywood films I watch it for the beautiful locations of India even the slump it's art be proud so we can enjoy India

The ring? -___- koi aur naam nahi mila tha? Maybe something like Tourist or Guide ? Or Prague ka Desi Guide :/ lmao

69 years old srk :D

Silly 2 year old!

Lucky Gauri :(

And pc!!!;)

Yeah! Her love is a legend!;D :D

Don't drag PC into this adore-fest. She means zero to him and he means zero to her.

And me:) I had an affair with SRk too. LOL. Jab bhi dekho PC ka naam daal dete hain. next would be Deepika Kangana and Alia now too

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