SRK or AbRam - Who is the amazing Spider-Man? Find Out

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We can never get over the father-son due Shah Ruh Khan and AbRam. Both of them make us go aww instantly with their adorable pictures and videos.

Today, King Khan and his little munchkin disguised as red and black Spider-Man respectively. They had a very cute and interesting conversation saying, "SRK: Hi, I am the red Spider-Man; AbRam: Hi, I am the black Spider-Man; Both: Together we are, unbeatable." Then, they show the action of Spidey throwing webs.

Cute much?

The Dilwale actor shared his 'gyaan' by captioning the video saying, "We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together" #srkinstagyaan"

Check out this unmissable video and tell us about it in the comments.


Beside his parents. I don't think SRK lack anything in life. He is a royalty on his own.

SRK has an awesome full life!! He has it all!! wealth, stardom, business, kids and what not.

Masha Allah tabark Allah

SRK you should do a movie with your son Abram. He is too cute.

OMG !! Abram has very cute accent.

How lovely they are! Blesses

Cuteness overload!! Muah!!

SRK: we are unbeatable. AbRam: beatable! Hahaha! Damn cute.

SRK: "Together we are unbeatable" Abram: "Beatable"!!!

AWW! That baby voice is the cutest!

Awe!!! They r the cutest ever.

Awesome I am the black Spider well spoken for a 3 years old

Arre! Apna Abram and his daddy! 'm so glad Shah Rukh is active on instagram.

How cool and cute they are. SRK knows how to have fun with his kids.

Hehe. Awesome!!!

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