Ranveer or Ranbir - Who finds Anaita hot? Deepika reveals!

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Celebrity talk shows have always been a hit with the audience. While there is some time for Koffee with Karan's new season to go on air, a new show called Vogue BFF's is here to get us into the lives of some of the biggest Bollywood stars and their celebrity BFFs.
A new promo of the show is out and it is sure to leave you excited. From Arjun being asked 'What's the first thing you see in a woman' to Anil Kapoor calling him a liar when he says 'eyes', to Deepika emoting how hot Anaita looks, this shows reveals it all.
Watch the promo here and do tell us which statement has made you curious!


Boring show

She looks bad in tied hair but when I see Kareena pics, she is so much better

She said Ranveer yaar. The industry knows that they are readying for shaadi in the upcoming years. Padmavati next, and wedding bells thereafter. It's only a cohort of fickle minds who are stuck on the past. Chodo na yaar coming from a very serious person from the industry. Give the guy a chance he's actually really good for her. Challo you'll see for yourself as the years go by.

Hi Ranveer! Hope you are well.

this woman is dumber than a bag of rocks!

Whenever i see any girl taking interview of Deepika , i always find them much better looker

Looks like she has completed her education from any Hindi medium school . Her face is like those girls who wear blue suit and take white dupatta , no offense but i told what i felt about her features

Bringing down people is so easy, empowering them is difficult

Anaita is really hottt - thts ranveer's expressions on dp's face....

She should quit acting in Bollywood and try her luck in Doordarshan serials . Her face is best suited for that channel

lol..its very difficult to say bir or veer..i have heard about 10 times still confused so stop fighting friends and lets wait and watch the show

i feel like those two dips and bir will eventually end up together

In your dreamzz...

why are people saying she still obsessed with him and all..maybe after all these years she still can't forget him who knows!true love is always haunting!you need to experience it before posting dreadful comments

She said Ranveer but of course you have another agenda.

I think all dp haters knows that she took veer's name but still pointing fingers so tht there flop kapoor will get some publicity

OMG...my Deepu looks so cute...cant wait to see her get back with Ranbir!!

She said ranveer there but still most of the people here taking about ranbir..this is called popularity..

Ranbir doesn't give flying f whether she chooses Ranveer singh,Nihar pandya or Hardik pandya

Not a fan but Anik Kapoor seems ageless!
Very fit for his age

She's really boring.. I don't know why ppl r so much obsessed with dp. Can't tolerate her at all. Always running behind ranbir.

Agree... Don't like her at all. Running after ranbir while sticking to ranveer

deepika's accent is so annoying

Anaita anaita anaita, man she is so beautiful and charming her eyes man are just a milion dolar worth!

this level of over analysis of everything she says is not good for the health of the haters. just saying.

Deepika is a dream , beautiful , elegant and charming

Hello Deepika , praising yourself ? Everyone knows how you look

She said Ranveer in the video. No mention of Ranbir.

I know my comment will not be published as Pinkvilla obsessed with Deepika, but I always wonder why people are obsessed Dip? She is boring not clever, her interview this work the PR team, in Deepika, as in person there is nothing interesting , at least in Deepika, who works at the camera. She is beautiful and talented, but pretty darn boring and does not seem clever

she is a beauty without brains..

Really? that's speaking very harsh about someone you don't know. Trying looking in the mirror sometime. Treat how you would like to be treated.

Nobody is obsessed with dp as much as dp and her pr shoving her up everyones faces

Anaita is HOT, the two movies where she played a side role she was given the role of a hot friend or hot classmate (DDLJ and KHNH). She looks more of a celebrity here, she has always had a good figure and is good looking minus her slightly funny nose but she is still more celebrity looking.

Oh My God why is she making weird faces ? Deepika watching your normal face is enough to make a person laugh

What are your new projects Deepika , outside SLB campaign ? She is going Jobless from a long time in India

Have a look at her face , who still believes that Hot and handsome Ranbir Kapoor is suitable for her ? He deserves a lot much better girl like Anushka or Sonam in his life . Deepika suits with RS only , they have so much things in common lol

A Kapoor surname , good looking fair family , aristocrat and much more these things are enough for Deepika to remember Ranbir's name throughout her life . No wonder why she runs after him so much even after so many years of breakup

Slow news day. Uh

LOL Yikes, I can't believe it's 2016 and people still think she's "obsessed" with Ranbir. As if she wasn't the one who did the dumping.

Where can I watch this show? I live in Tanzania and we don't get colour infinity

Check out Deepika's expressions in second pic as if she is going to sneeze. She doesn't look like an actress from any angle

She is Rekha of our generation who will known for his one sided love for a man in whole life

If Ranbir proposes her today , she will leave all her work and marry him . Who knows that must be a reason she is not accepting Ranveer's proposal now only because of this

I can't believe she is still obsessed with Ranbir after so many years , she loved him truly . Feel sad for her sometimes

Isn't Anaita the one who also played Kajol's friend in DDLJ.. the one who says, " Look Girls, BOYSSS!!!"

She was also in Kal Ho Na hoo.. She has features in many films of SRK

RK doesn't mention her anywhere but she always mentions him whether asked or not ..

Every interview of hers is incomplete without mentioning RK ...Sigh ...

I still dont knw whether she said bir or veer??

lol ranveer always tries to create this image of the initially unwanted outsider who won everyone's hearts. lol but he's related to the kapoors and has family connections!

And where did that get him? He's Sonam's 3rd cousin and had absolutely no help from the Kapoors in his movie career. Heck, Anil Kapoor doesn't even acknowledge Ranveer as distant family. LOL Anil's family barely acknowledged Arjun when he made his debut! You think they'd help Ranveer out?

Ranveer worked with Shaad Ali for years before he got a foot in the door with Yashraj. And he had anything but a star-kid launch.

stealing RKs thunder as ADHM has created a storm lol...

Why are ppl choosing between rk and rs on here? The headline says who finds ANAITA hot lol. dp clearly said RANBIR.


Ranbir is hot an cute not ranveer he is just atten seeker could look hot at times other than that deepika is way out of his league

Ranbir kapoor all the way

She sed ranbir I'm sure

Ranbir way bette than ranveer deepika knows that too lol


Ok next

She said "RanVeer was just staring..", from where did Rk name come from, just stop.

️RS is manly hot

It's a new talk show :)

Ranbir cute -romantic , Ranveer sexy -wild hahaha ;)

Who is the host!? She is gorgeous!

Ranveer is hot. Rk is cute.

Who is Anaita ?

Even if Ranbir molest me,I won't mind.I want him that badly!!Love you RK

katrina lol .

hey deepika stop dreaming.Move on!

hey kat stop blaming DP. Its you who is still dreaming of RK

Are you kidding? Kat atleast does not make these wtf statements like dp..Like he has cute boxers..


Oh lord, watch Pink in case you don't know the definition of Molestation. Its not such a rosy experience, honey.

well said!!

not hot but kinda cute!

Anaita is hot lol it must be a joke

Have you seen Kal ho na ho ? Anaita played the role of Geeta i( Said and Preity's hot classmate)n that movie !

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