This is how SRK used to talk to fans before the social media era and it's super cute!

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Shah Rukh has been pretty active on social media platforms and has often obliged his fans by posting pictures and sharing messages with them.

However, the 50-year-old has been stealing millions of hearts even before the advent of social media. An old video released by a Shah Rukh fan club on Twitter shows how the Dilwale star used to communicate before the digital media age.

The clip shows SRK humbly answering questions by his fans in a telephonic conversation. We see SRK blushing when proposed by a female fan, speaking Gujarati, talking about doing Tamil films and sharing his birthday date and sun sign with a fan on the phone.

A true king at heart!

On the professional front, SRK is currently busy shooting for Imtiaz’s Ali’s next in Amsterdam. The Ring has SRK playing the role of a Punjabi tourist guide Harinder Singh Nehra, while Anushka will be essaying the character of a Gujarati girl, Bela. 

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A couple of fans are saying that SRK was seen with girl after midnight in a bar in Amasterdam and they were flirting and what not. And it was shooting or anything. SRK was wearing a hoodie and the girl was wearing short black dress with curly hair.

this is really cute. love him.

Leave SRK's love business alone. Enough. back to the video...He looks too cute.

Always loved by fans. He is so sweet.

I could kiss this face and lips for days!!!!!.....Yum!!

I love his lips. Has cute cupid bow! And please people stop dragging his personal life. This is 2016...Each to his own.

I know! It is annoying. Everyone has their own lives. Why we have to talk about actors love lives all the time!! Just let it be. We don't know them and for sure they don't give a damn about our lives as well.

That one CUTE face! xoxox

I so agree!

He looks so cute. And who cares about gauri!! Stop spamming his posts. Mind your business.

SRK is intelligent and wise and will never leave Gauri, his childhood sweet heart and mother of his children. She deserves good treatment from SRK BUT IF SHE IS CHEATING ON HIM, then he can leave her.

SRK and Gauri are the best couple of Bollywood. Don't spread such baseless rumours

The couple never photographed together ALONE since ages. It is more of a settlement now for the kids. SRK will never make it public just for the fear of backlash for the kids and him otherwise it is pretty clear this couple is just a facade. Not to mention the countless rumours about his affair with another woman. There is no smoke without fire and this fire is way too huge to ignore. As for his wife...She is no Jennifer or Angelina to file for a divorce. Most Indian women are still weak to have a voice of their own when it comes to husbands cheating. They just live with it.

Because they are not independent to begin with. It is a very different story. I just knew few days ago that his wife didn't only take his last name but his whole name! ( Gauri Shah Rukh Khan). I saw it on the leaked paper of their little son's birth certificate. Such women shatter all their previous lives for their men. It is hard to start all over alone.

I think you should ask his wife to respect herself and move on than stick while everyone is making fun of her and her man's affairs with other ladies. Just a thought.

Darling he is being cheating on his wife with PC and now with a german gf as being reported. So, not sure why you still rooting for this none existence couple!!Zzzz.

Why you care so much about her!! Do u know her!! She is no actress, no social worker, no nothing. Only known because of SRK. So what if she is his teenage love. Doesn't the man need to move on if he is not happy!! Why this Indian pressure on him. She is not even with him now or the baby. SRK himself the relationship change to just his kids with her. He is rumored to be with another woman since years. Let's stop acting nonsense. PV please post this.

Adorable and good looking.

He has such a beautiful smile and lips.

He looks damn cuuuuuuuuuute!!!

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