Love is in the air! Ajay Devgn and Erika Kaar get passionate in Shivaay's song Darkhaast

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The second song from ShivaayDarkhaast is out. 
Picturised on Ajay Devgn and actress Erika Kaar, the romantic track is crooned by Arijit Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan. The visually breathtaking video has a romantic kiss between the leads amidst the snow storm. The actor-director has beautifully encaptured the surroundings of the Balkan region and snow-clad mountain regions of India as well.
A soulful song and mesmerizing video give a perfect blend to the song - Darkhaast, with melodious tunes rendered by composer Mithoon.
Check out the video and tell us about it in the comments.
Shivaay is directed by Ajay Devgn and is set to hit the screens this Diwali on October 28, 2016.


Visuals and song.. Amazing...
Only thing that doesn't connect is a non-Indian actress.


I guess he kissed her only because she is a white. So much for his first on-screen kiss ever! !

why why? why take a non indian in the movie? So much disconnect with the emotions. Its shot beautifully, the trailer is amazing, the action is amazing, so it didnt need a non indian actress.

Wtf, when they realized the first teaser, I assumed ठाट wow what a story, that gal is playing his daughter, he might had an affair with a white lady of his age and this is their daughter, and he is protecting her by all evils but no this is a shame such a old guy with his daughter like girl, ok I rest my case this is going to flop.. What Kajol was thinking..

She looks too young for him. The more the Indian men are on the list of least desirable, the more the will chase them for validation .

Such a melodious beautiful song! ajay Devgn looks doped out but he has that intensity! This one seems like a winner to me. go #shivaay

Beautiful song. I have seen cuts of this say about an to see it to believe it

Very nice song, the girl is pretty and picturisation is amazing. The kissing and love making scene is aesthetically shot though the girl is too young for him

I think this one should definitely the movie of this year.
The trailer is just amazing!

song and visuals are amazing. just think the actress looks too young opposite him.

She looks young enough to be his daughter

like srk-deepika, sk-anuska, rk-ash

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