I'd like to punch him in the face - Robert De Niro on Presidential nominee Donald Trump

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The fight is on! It's the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton vs the Republican candidate Donald Trump. One of the two is going to be The President of the United States of America soon.

While people all over the world are still shocked about Trump coming this far, Hollywood celebrities are going all out to convince voters not to vote for him.

The latest star to join the bandwagon is the legendary Robert De Niro. The Raging Bull actor goes all out as he rants in a black and white video, about Trump and how he would like to punch him in the face.

Check the video below

Once a boss, always a boss!

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Salute to you sir. What an inspiration.

Awe, you look and sound adorable even when you are upset! Love you.

god i would love to take part with him in this.. off-course he gets to take the first swing.. and if not allowed I want-in the front row seat ..

Trump supporters would like to punch you Mr. De Niro

LOL I would like to punch him too.. But anyway Both Hillary and Trump are appalling.
Love you De Niro

"Make him an offer he can't refuse" ;)

Is it true that people in India worship trump?????

Both Hillary and trump are poison. Hillary will bomb all half of the world. While trump will screw up America.

what about Hillary?? she is evil person

Okay Ivanka! Keep placing that purse in front of you before daddy grabber, grabs you.

I wonder if what Mr De Niro said would ever be allowed in INDIA no ways, there will burn his posters etc, like how they do to actors like salman etc who speak they mind.
Donald is a joke, esp after his last LEAKED recording how he talks about getting any woman and F.... her. omg, how can anyone vote for him after that.

That was then in 2005 not now. People do change for the better. Bill Clinton did worse things to women and his so called wife supported him so that she could get to stay in politics.

I agree she destroyed women who brought charges against Bill Clinton that were proven true like Monica Lewinsky who was his daughters age

Yes all this is true sad a lot of people on Pv don't like facing the truth hence the down thumbs, the hide behind anonymity

This is why we love and respect Mr DeNiro!! This wouldn't happen in India.

i'd like to punch de niro

Not you alone Sir.

I have so much respect for Hollywood actors/actresses.

Wonderful. I wonder if our stars would ever be brave enough to do something like this, probably not!!! They're probably told to go to Pakistan!!!! Hahaha

Ha ha, I agree with Mr De Niro. Trump is such a disgusting swine

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement