We love you and we welcome you! - Ashton Kutcher welcomes immigrants and calls out Donald Trump

Ashton Kutcher opened the SAG Awards 2017 and welcomed immigrants and spoke out against Donald Trump.
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The SAG Awards 2017 saw many actors come forward and speak out against Donald Trump's executive order to ban people from seven Muslim countries from entering the US. 

Ashton Kutcher was the first celebrity who spoke about the matter as he opened the Award Show. 

"Good evening, fellow SAG-AFTRA members, and everyone at home, and everyone in airports that belong in my America," Ashton started. 

He continued, "You are a part of the fabric of who we are. And we love you and we welcome you."

Watch the video below:

He later took to Twitter and posted the following message:

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Why don't these refugees go to any Islamic country? They hate american way of life....why go there and expect them toadjust to your likings?

If westen countries like to steal oil and gold from all these islamic countries they should like refugees too. ;)

Thankyou Ashton.

At-least they have the freedom to talk, in India, there will be a FIR filed against you.

How many of the Muslim countries allow non-Muslim refugees?

Ignorance is bliss. If you are really interested know then ask UN or amnesty international...btw who create this mess in the middle east, in that region and now the western countries want to wash their hands of these refugees.

LOL many do not even allow Muslim refugees from other countries and treat minorities in their country very badly.

All of them? If not, then most.



Why there is no outrage over 16 Muslim countries that have banned people from Israel???????

Because we hold United States to a much higher standard.

People should be treated the way they treat others. Being nice to countries that are mean to everyone is stupidity.

So true, bombing people's countries and expecting them not to retaliate is stupidity.

I have so much respect for these kind of actors who always stand up and speak up for humanity.

the same celebrities have armed bodyguards protecting travel in private planes where they are not exposed to the General Public, have walls around their homes for protection but condemn the rest of us if we even think of doing any of the things what makes them so special? Is my life less valuable than this clowns life? I would like to know how much money he donates to the causes he supports

Just the fact he spoke out in support of immigrants it's more then enough, it's more than what other celebs are doing.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement