Begum Jaan: Vidya Balan and her girls show us how to fight like queens in the intense trailer

Vidya Balan impresses us in the intense trailer of Begum Jaan.
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The trailer of Begum Jaan is out.

Starring Vidya Balan as the titular role, the talented actor looks fierce and terrific as the madam of a brothel. With the amazing narration by Amitabh Bachchan, the movie talks about the partition era and shows how the brothel is situated between the countries India and Pakistan.

Begum Jaan talks about the fight of the women against the government who want to destroy their palace so that they can make a division between both the countries.

But Vidya is adamant of not letting go of her home and along with her girls namely Gauahar Khan, Pallavi Sharda, Ila Arun and others - she fights against the government and they emerge as strong queens.

The tagline of the movie says, "Lived as whores, fought as queens!"

Vidya looks convincing and jaw dropping with kohled eyes, hair let loose while smoking hookah, Even Gauahar and Pallavi didn't fail to impress with their portrayal of strong women.

The surprise package of the trailer was Naseeruddin Shah as King and Chunky Panday in a never-seen-before avatar.

Directed by National award-winning director Srijit Mukherjee, the movie is a remake of the Bengali film Rajkahani directed by him. The film is slated to release on April 14, 2017.

The movie also stars Rajit Kapoor, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vivek Mushran, Poonam Singh Rajput, Ridheema Tiwari, Flora Saini, Priyanka Setia, Mishti Chakraborty, Sumit Nijhawan, Pitobash and Rajesh Sharma in pivotal roles.

Check out the trailer and tell us about it in the comments.

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Vidya looks tired and the supporting cast is terribly dull. This one will fall flat on its face.

The appearance is stark like Mandi & Mirch Masala where the women take on the establishment. Unlike those 2 movies ,here it's a fight to have the right to live on in the same house & continue with their business - politics of the day or not.

Don't know why but didn't like it that much !! Even Vidya is repeating herself (Dirty picture + Ishqiya vibes) and stakes are not that much high , I must say !!

I will watch it for Vidya but honestly not getting that OMG feeling. Fingers crossed. ***VB***

Awesome movie, will download soon.

Too much melodrama. Looks like another Gulaab Gang.


looks like this movieis being marketed as some female centric movie that we all must applaud and cherish. but i dont get it.
1) if it was just about the live and challenges of sex workers in that era, and how partition impacted their choices, it would have been more interesting
2) if its about anyone - any person of family (sex worker ya regular folks) being asked to relocate from their place because the government needs to use their land - to build a wall or dig coal out of it or whatever... how is this a justification for a fight? u can appeal and ask for compensation.. but taking up a fight to death because u dont wont to leave a house ?
or am i getting this wrong?

i dont see it as either a lives-of-sex-work movie or a freedom-era-hero-with-a-cause story.

what am i missing here guys?

and yes, i am not even getting into the histrionic quality of the trailer with the very dramatic music and all..

I'm put off by the wrong Punjabi accent of supposedly Wagha border areas.I can tell the whole story by just watching the trailer. Pakistani characters will be shown pan chewing, sherwani wearing urdu speaking very dark and frail people and Indian characters will be shown very tall, light, hindi speaking people. LMAO. I bet Indians still don't know that Pakistan is 64% pure Punjabi, 24% pure pashtuns/pathan , 4% pure Sindhis, 2% pure baloch. 2% kashmiris and the rest are Urdu speaking pajama sherwani dark immigrants from India.

hmm..i think ill give it a watch. its vidya and i havent watched a bollywood period film in a while. i still remember her in parineeta..lovveed that movie.

Appears to be a powerful movie.

I like the trailer atleast something new n different to watch rather then slo mo action pack baseless movies

looks kinda boring


I miss the Vidya from Parineeti and Dirty Picture. Something seems off in her acting these days.

Yawn fest....Vidya's trying too hard and the effort is showing.

i didn't understand why she wouldnt empty her place i.e. the basic premise of the movie.

ummm.. i don't know... Everything about the movie... even from the voice over by AB Sr. ... everything seems bit too pretentious.... like it's trying too hard. Doesn't seem authentic enough... even her makeup to eye contacts to the Frida eyebrow line.

A bit underwhelmed. Vidya will rock as usual... but is the audience ready to watch brothel films in this day and age?? We all know what happened to the other pre-independence era movie recently!

nice trailer

Gulaab Gang vibes

That dialogue shook me - "Mahina hamein ginna aata hai Sahab. Har baar laal karke jaata hai!". I find it powerful in many ways.

OMG!!!!! i watched the bengali "Rajkahini" Vidya is far far better!!!!!!!!!!!!! no comparison please!!!!!! Vidya just got in to the part!!!!!!!

Loud acting is not acting Vidya. This will fail for sure.

Hi Sonam. Please worry about VDW.

Its awesome acting which haters like u wont know

This isnt loud acting..its class acting n so good

this movie was highly acclaimed in bengali - they've shifted the setting of the film, but vidya is so fierce in this. i LOVE it! though people who've seen the original seem to be preferring ritu's performance to vidya's.

OMG Vidya is back, what a fine actress, she is just incredible, it is really sad that bollywood can not do justice to her talent. I am not sure if I like the subject but Vidya is amazing in it. Noone in the industry today comes close to Vidya or Kangana's acting skills.


Hit movie n its not aiyya

Just wow!!!! now thats what we call acting...I know ppl criticize for he weight...i wish too if she had knocked out some weight. how many offers she will get..thats sad truth ..

Vidya was underwhelming and went mildly unnoticed with Kahaani 2. I hope this movie brings back the thunder she created with TDP/Kahaani. Deepika and Kangana and Alia took over so much that Vidya came and went away. But I think this movie might put her back in game. I already smell a Second National award tho. Trailer is intense and intriguing.

Same expressions again. Not working for me.

they glorifed prostitution , shame on her , they encourage the new esclavage , feminist should baycott this movie

Omggg!!! Intense!!!

Looks boring to me. This will flop big time.

OMG Vidya is just killing it! She is so good that I even forgot that it's Vidya on screen, I just saw her character.

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