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Sushmita Sen and daughter Alisah's version of Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You is unmissable

Sushmita Sen shared her version of Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You and it is too hot to handle.
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The craze of Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You is all over! Just scroll through Facebook or YouTube and we bet, you'll see uncountable videos of people trying to dance on this popular number. Now, Bollywood diva Sushmita Sen shared her version of it and well, it is too hot to handle. 
What caught our attention the most was Sushmita's daughter Alisah who is also dancing along with her mommy. Sushmita gave an interesting caption which reads as, "#frameofmind there is a song I love by #leeannwomack "when you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance" these moments (be it around my #friends or my #babies ) are a wonderful reminder that each time a situation suggested to "SIT IT OUT"...WE CHOSE TO DANCE moving to our own beat #anytime #anywhere #anyhow Alisah with breaded hair owns her moves #toocute Renee saunters down the beach celebrating life with #maa #memories #cherished #happiness #sharing I love you guys!!! #ihopeyoudance."
Wondering how is she that hot? In a recent video she shared on Instagram, the actress has given a very positive message. She had written, "I had promised the 14 year old #me NO MATTER WHAT, I will ALWAYS follow my #heart I will respond to #feelings and not react to #thoughts easier said than done so often I discipline my #body to #silence the #mind and return to a #feeling it works like #magic And no its NOT for a movie not to be a size zero, it’s simply me honouring a promise!!!! Gooood morning World , wake up happy!!!! #feelit #manifest #bepositive  I love you guys!!! Thank you teacher @nupur_popeye  mmuuaah!!!."
That's her mantra of being fit!
What about yours?

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Love when her daughter gave her a hug mid-dance.

That's a mom and daughter having a ball..a mother and daughter having a healthy relationship..get out of your shells women pointing fingers at her..objectifying is how you Indians see it..cuz that's all you have in your head

the dancing is fine, parents dance with their kids, the whole video is just super weird besides the dancing

Remember the good old days when we though people like Shahid were "using" their kids to stay in the limelight? Taking it to a whole new level with Sushmita(never expected this from her honestly,I always thought she had class)

8 year old sashaying like a Baywatch babe.Inappropriate,but can we blame her?can her miss universe mom know any better

wish the kids was not there
it is objectionable

She never stops inspiring. Love her.

Lol what is she teaching her?

Objectionable--and speaking of objects objectifying her daughter already. Shake your moneymaker...really healthy lesson. So much for feminism t-shirts. Looks like message is irrelevant. Awareness is zero among these comments too. This is not cool at all.

its disgusting your mind goes there instead of a mom and kid dancing. yuck


Beautiful sush.. looks gorgeous


Love her!

Poor Sushmita.

Cute kiddo.

Living her life 2 d fullest....love her..ppl may think she is always overexcited but she is 1 woman who believes in living every moment and making d most out of it..

soo cute!!

This woman is so great. Lives by her own terms!
Luv luv.
Go girl!

her daughters are blessed to have Sush as a mother.

Cool mama and cool kid....loved it!!!!!

This is actually really bad. Why would she display her kids like that?

Sush is just great and unique...someone please give her some good roles...she is so under utilized in films!

groovy...cute girl and hot momma

She's dancing with her daughter. She's not trying to be "hot", she's trying to be herself.

I like Sushmita but she comes across as overexcite every single time..

well that was awkward

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