Hindi Medium Trailer: Irrfan and Saba Qamar take you for a ride; showcase a battle between Hindi and English

The trailer of Irrfan and Saba Qamar's film Hindi Medium is now out and it will surely take you for a ride
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Directed by Saket Chaudhary, Hindi Medium is about a young couple in Chandni Chowk, who aspire to move into society's upper crust and will go upto any extent. The film stars Irrfan and Saba Qamar in the lead roles. The trailer of the film is now out and it will surely take you for a ride.
The story talks about how Irrfan and Saba Qamar's characters want their daughter to go to a high-class school as it's important for their daughter to know English. There is a scene where Saba is seen asking Irrfan the spelling of swimming pool and he was like he knows that it starts from S and rest Saba can figure out. 
Ever after doing all what it can be done for the admission for their daughter, she couldn't make it. Then, for getting the admission, Irrfan and Saba go back to their route and try and pretend that they are poor. 
Going by reports, Saba won’t be coming to India to promote the film. Irrfan will be seen doing the task all by himself. Bhushan Kumar, the producer of the film said, “Saba won’t be coming to India to promote the film, but we will be releasing this film in Pakistan.”
Meanwhile, watch the trailer and let us know about it in the comments!


She looks so brown without makeup!!

lip job alert!

Saba is the best!


Amazing trailer ! Saba just blew me away, what a fab actress !

So they were only against Fawad khan & Mahira Khan to act in Hindi movies.Not fair!!!!!

So they were only against Fawad khan & Mahira Khan to act in Hindi movies.Not fair!!!!!!

Saba can't come here but we will release the movie in Pakistan to mint money and then sell the name Saba Qamar to Pakistanis living in UK, USA, Dubai, Canada, Europe, Singapore.

Chalo ab get ready for new nautanki, wonder why these makers take pak actresses when they know their fate, its either you allow them or you do not. The funny thing is all these pak actors the minute they get opportunity they will work in Indian movies and later talk nonsense about all bollywood movies actors etc.. Such double standards..

So they were only against Mahira

reality indeed. the desperation is palpable.

Copy of another movie.

Yup, Malayalam movie - Salt Mango Tree

OMG ! Luved the trailer ! Tbh Saba is amazing in the trailer. she is much better than mahira. cant wait for the film

I thought Saba was Indian who acted in Pakistani movies. But why is this such a big deal when she's such an great entertainer?!

and some people will start whining for saba qamar like they did for Mahira :D

Wow, would love to watch it!

How can she be in an Indian movie?Isnt she a Pakistani actress???????Can someone explain.

How can you release an Indian movie in Pakistan to earn crores. Can someone explain.

I don't understand how is a Pakistani actress in this movie??? can someone explain.

I love it and she is awesome too bad she will be only remembered for her comments

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