Watch: Salman Khan asks Katrina Kaif to cover up

Salman Khan got wary of Katrina Kaif's cleavage show during the IIFA 2017 presscon held yesterday.
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We saw Salman Khan and his ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif attend the IIFA 2017 press conference in Mumbai yesterday. The two stars were all praises for each other and their warm and friendly camaraderie was there for everyone to see. 

While Salman looked dapper in a suit, Katrina looked stunning in an orange dress. However, it seems that this one did not work well for Katrina as she suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she realized that her underpants were visible. Pinkvilla reported how Ms Kaif asked the photogs to delete these pictures, and they did so, as per her wish. 

However, here is another incident that has come to light. Apparently, Katrina's Tiger Zinda Hai co-star was not too thrilled with the plunging neckline, and the cleavage show. Check out an embarrassed Salman, asking Katrina to fix her dress and cover up. However, Katrina tried to ignore this Bhai's request as that was the way her sunset-hued striped mini from Balmain was designed. 

Now, what do you think of that? 

On the work front, Salman and Katrina were in Abu Dhabi until recently, shooting for their Ali Abbas film Tiger Zinda Hai. The two stars also shared pictures from the shoot, much to the excitement of their fans. Katrina had said about the movie that it is special because of the personal equation she shares with Ali and Salman Khan. Sweet?

Katrina will soon be seen in the Ranbir Kapoor movie Jagga Jasoos. Directed by Anurag Basu, it is all set to release on July 14th.

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I love you

Ab apna bna lo ek doosray ko
Jiyada zid achhi nahi

kat is amazing

Its not just Katrina. He has told some of his other co-stars the same thing. I hope Katrina is not getting too excited. lol Oh and if you watch the whole video, its Alia who told Katrina not SK. SK just asked her if everything was ok. Media needs to stop pushing Katty and SK as a couple. Iulia is still in Mumbai and SK tweeted about her music video. She ain't going anywhere. Manipulative user Katrina needs to back off

watching ADHM now. Anu looked her worst in PK and ADHM :(

Is it not quite obvious? Kat's new strategy. Get close to Sallu. His sisters. His nephews. Post proof on instagram. How else could she reclaim her falling position in the industry. Be a Khan girl if not a Kapoor bahu. And show extra love and concern for Alia, so through Alia she can get close to her Godfather KJO. In an industry that needs actors, this woman with zero acting skills is being promoted.

The Comment about Salma hitting Katrina on the sets of Ek Tha Tiger is not a lie.. google it.

I hate these two's between some years it was stopped but now again started.pura nautanki hain dono.

Salman is my favourite actor

love you bhijaan

he needs to stop caring about Katrina does period. If she does or doesn't wear something revealing its not his problem. Its disrespectful to Iulia. Katrina will always take advantage of him.

Hahahaha. I can't stop laughing at this video. How awkward!

Salman is so cute and funny...alia looking so lovely and fresh but everyone on pv ignored her and just hate on kat...

There is no bigger fool than a old fool. Katrina knows that well from her vast experience.

Salman's is making his life complicated. He has a gf whom he asked to move to India and leave her career in her home country and then here he is instructing an ex gf on her clothes. NO Wonder this guy has never married. no woman will tolerate such behaviour. Katrina is using him for her career, nothing else, she ain't gonna marry 51 yr old Salman. She will go for some happening rich guy, probably a businessman. She is tolerating him only because she will get movies through him. Salman being a fool will think she is into him again and would probably either break up with Iulia or will start two-timing. Salman maybe a big star, but the guy is clueless. PV please post my point of view.

Salman still appears to have feeling for Katrina. Way he's concerned is definitely cute. I will be most happiest if they get back together

This comment exemplifies how dumb Salman's fan base is.

Keep on dreaming katrina.

Gosh he is so protective and still in love with Katrina. Love the rare smile of his at the end. Made for each other.

Hi katrina

What Immature?

And people who are called this cheap, maxim cover news is still very much active on pv...

2002 Boom movie scenes are still very much available to watch on Youtube, even though Katrina got Salman to remove some of her "more" embarrassing scenes from the DVD.

What Maxim cover has to do with it? Kat fans obsession with Dp is insane. Have you forgotten kat TOWEL pics and also vogue shoot recently for Testino? Before raising fingers think twice. I request you to post it please pv. Its important and not offensive

What's wrong with the dress male chauvinism at its best...look at deepika's dress when vin diesel came to india, its neck was plunging upto the waist, ranveer didnt ask her to cover up...its very appropriate and just fine...its that there is a generation gap between him and her

Kat is 44. Check her British Passport.

What's wrong with kat Pr? Why drag Dp here? Its not about her neither she asked salman to say this. What generation gap? Kat is not that young to have generation gap. Stop dragging Dp unnecessary. Yiu would have said sonam or Pc neck plunging dresses but no. Don't ignore it please. Pv be neutral

she didnt cover it inspite of him asking her to cover up

Because she is a grown woman and she knows what it looks like.

she said, she can't, its glued

Actually she did when she turned her back to the camera. her hand gestures indicate so. but this is so lame.

If he did so then he is so male chauvenist

Also in the video Kat had mouth to Alia how to pronouce IIFA.Clearly, when the host had said it a few times

I've seen everything. Where is Ms Iulia?

they are bqck together im happy

Kat fans changes colours according to their own benefits. Earlier you were happier bcoz kat left old uncle salman as she deserves better. Now you too know kat is NOTHING without salman. She has to stick with him for fame. Plz pinkvilla post this comment.kat fans should know what they said.

Didn't he once hit with a stick on the sets of Ek Tha Tiger for wearing a short skirt? Kareena had to come to her rescue.

I was reminded of the same blind item. Very believable.

What a BIG LIE

Quit lying. He's the one who brought him to movies after movies.

Really Karena?

Ok. I dont understand him. He wants women to cover up but he he goes out with foreigners.

LAMO kat fans call her graceful and dignified. Her yesterday behavior and her PR stories about her and salman proves her fans wrong again. she is far away from being graceful and dignified. Its just the beginning wait till TZH. it will be fun to return kat fans what they have given to DP during Tamasha. Karma .Don't ignore the truth please.

Why is he asking her to cover up when he is always parading every where without his shirt on.

because he doesn't go to public functions dressed indecently. doing a film and being at home is different.

Indecently? How is she exactly dressed indecently?! Alia and Katrina are dressed the same way

Alia and Katrina are dressed the same way? go and get your eyes check asap. Alia is wearing full dress with her cleavage covered.

See Alia dress again please. She was wearing a long dress not shortest and tight one like oldie kat.

I am talking about the "top" cleavage part. You guys are all sad for judging someone based on the length of their dress

Strange says a kat fan who judge others with the length of one's dress
See DP posts and kat fans comments on it.

Lulia is more and naturally beautiful. kat is trying hard to get her EX back.

hahaha she wore such a deep neck dress for her EX as she is desperate for him but he doesn't give a two hoot about her. He loves Lulia. POST IT PLEASE.

Hehehe. Too sweet Bhaijaan

something's going on between them. he's possessive. she isn't offended. friends with benefits, eh?

He's being protective not possessive. She isn't offended because her name is Katrina.

perhaps scared of getting slapped again : www.

Why hide?kat wore this dress intentionally . She always wear such revealing dresses. Post it.

Kat Pr start again. Stop it

he is very sweet

Katrina looks so different to how she used to look before. She's lost her eye-catching charm for sure.

I think he is just being nice, so that she can avoid malfunction. I mean look at that dress, who can wear such a short dress, so stupid, and then you go and tell the photographers to delete? then why wear such short dresses?

Who can wear such a short dress?? Really you have seen enough girls?

How protective oh my god even after breakup can imagine him how possessive he would had been while they were dating

Lol! He's so sweet!

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