Watch: Shah Rukh Khan loses his calm on a popular prank show

Shah Rukh Khan was seen on a popular prank show by host Ramez Galal.
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It's a known fact that Shah Rukh Khan is famous for being a sport. He has always been made fun of in the way of mimicry, imitation and much more, but the actor laughs it off like any joke and makes the situation even funnier.

But, have we come across an angry SRK often? No, not really, except in the movies of course!

But, something unusual took place during his recent trip to Dubai. The superstar had an altercation with Egyptian anchor Ramez Galal on his show Ramadan TV prank. The popular show is famous for its host playing pranks on popular celebrities around the world and his latest bait was Shah Rukh.

In the video which has gone viral on the Internet, SRK is seen on his way to a shoot. Then, he meets TV presenter Nishan, who was part of the prank and came to take his interview. After the fun interview, they both go for a spin in the desert and suddenly they get stuck in the quicksand.

SRK exits from the car and is seen getting sucked by the sand and asking for help. Then he sees a giant reptile coming towards him which scares him more. King Khan loses his calm when he gets to know that Ramez was hiding under the reptile costume.

He keeps on yelling at the host saying, "Did you call me all the way from India for this?" Ramez gets worried and goes to SRK and touches his feet to apologise, but he gave a deaf ear.

In return, SRK drags Ramez by his leg and tries to put him in the sand, then maintains his calm.

This was seriously a rare sight of Shah Rukh, isn't it?

But was it a prank on SRK or the viewers?

Well, it was on us as we saw a selfie of King Khan and Ramez on the latter's Twitter page.

Reports have it, SRK was reportedly paid a whopping 2 crore to be a part of this whole act.

Check out the video and let us know about it in the comments.


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Karma comes back.
SRK is super arrogant. He has insulted people on public platforms in the name of joking (for example, Neil Nitin Mukesh).
Pls. don't have a low tolerance about the pranks when u urself get offended so easily, as you did on Kapil Sharma Show. I watched one of the shows where a female anchor spent a day with SRK. He treated her so badly and toward the end, grabbed her hair and pulled her at the door. While he treats one woman this way, he is super protective about his own daughter. What a hypocrite!

a female director actually fainted in yesterday episode. So sad. SRK being angry is justified.

I arab and hated this show for years. Every year they came up with such mess to scare people. Last year two actresses fainted and others asked for their lawyers. SRK held himself so well and damn good and brave. Being angry is understatement if I was in his position.

One should see other episodes. A famous football player hit the guy sooo much. It was terrible.

completely staged and SRK's fake reaction proves that. if someone sees that creature in real s/he would be crying/shouting/screaming to survive, I can remember a tragic accident happened in zoo and an individual killed by a tiger. everybody aware of this event.

It's every where that this was part of the prank.

Well done SRK. I would be angry as well.

SRK was angry for long actually and the team of the show and anchor had to visit him on his hotel to apologize again. How I know! Well, I read the anchor interview. Did SRK do wrong! NOT AT ALL.

damn SRK! You are can be scary!

SRK was so justified in his anger. I would be doing the same. This is no joke.

I would be angry as well just like Srk if not more. This show I know for years. So pathetic and scare people. SRK was strong

The video has removed, can you guys tell me what he did after?! Why was the guy begging him(I saw the video before it), what's wrong with him? Ew!

What a joke. SRK is too transparent. Not buying it.

SRK showed the guy his place. Well done SRK. The man just got a knee surgery and being in moving mud is not joke with a girl screaming her lungs out for help next to you!

Scary situation. SRK was so angry!

I think such prank shows are lame, tbh. But I feel that this is fake.

I'm arab and I know this is not fake. This anchor actually and the whole team is being questioned to be put in jail by many big celebrities there.

SRK is someone you can't mess with. He never bowed down or get scared personally. This is show is famous and some even asked their episodes to not be aired and all but looks SRK doesn't give a damn to show it that he is not here to play! One can get hurt or slip not to mention being dragged with a lady to feel sorry for.

I've seen so many episodes of this. The budget of this show is over 80M dollars! Still doing such stuff should be banned. You don't scare people as entertainment. Others were crying and some even fainted! but SRK was too strong to say the least. Good SRK give him his peace of mind.

What kind of show do such serious pranks! Terrible people. SRK is seriously so strong!

Dubai and SRK deserve each other, totally FAKE including this bit. Can't you tell? What is wrong with you? It's all pretend, man.

SRK is pretty scary when gets angry. Quite hot though.

SRK is not that gentle or easy to be scared at all. A side that he always try to portray. He is very scary and way too tough. I'm 100 per cent sure if not for the camera at the end he would beat the guy to no end. He collect himself out of respect and the thought of being aired.

SRK as angry is a big turn on! Freaking HOOOOT!

A serious lesson to not mess around with SRK. He can be scary and for sure not ready to act sweet for anyone as such.

Chill people, we Prank our stars on national tv in india also

He was actually so scared but he tried not to show that in front of the lady


SRK was true hero helping the lady and the guy. Shame on such sick show.

omg! SRK angry is soooooo freaking scary yet HOT!!!

what a strong scary man SRK can be!!! Damn! The host should stay away from him when he said don't follow or touch me! famous in Egypt who cares! The man could get hurt and more than anything you can subject someone as important as him to such situation for your own amusement. Well done SRK.


It is the most experive Arabic show and every year they try to prank the most famous people. Not cool shoe tbh. I be seen many cried and were so scared. SRK is a strong man he was helping all. He has every right to be upset and self respect. He could get injured and he is a very busy man. If not for the camera filming him at the end I though he will hit him hard. He showed the guy his place.

Hope SRK sues the show. Anyone who says SRK is arrogant, would any of you like to invited as a guest and be treated in this manner? SRK should have hammered the idiot host who continued to laugh with an insincere apology.

Great that SRK showed him his place. This is not funny. Tough SRK.

strong SRK.


Really disappointed with SRK's arrogant attitude he has no chill nor sportsmanship. The host is a fan of him but srk showed zero care about him and the about the millions of fans who were eagerly waiting for this episode.

wow!!! You call this arrogant that the man was upset at being in such horrible situation!!! Get a brain. SRK was a true gentleman that he helped the girl and the guy and was so damn tough to not losing his cool while in the mud. After that! He has EVERY RIGHT to be angry. He could hurt himself. If I was in his place I would punched the guy who was laughing after the prank thinking it is funny. You watch on TV and laugh. SRK have so much responsibility rely on him. Think before you write such comment. SRK doesn't even know this guy and that show to begin with.

It was a scripted act , guys, learn to read .

Srk took the joke way too far, chill and show some sportsmanship, at least he should have shown some respect for the millions of fans who Were eagerly waiting for this episode. Really disappointed by his arrogant attitude.

Come to think of it... if the SRK says he doesn't find it funny ..: the host should have backed out... not provoked him and staged him for such a behavior... SRK is asking him to not touch yet he is piling on.. how sick

Srk took the joke way too far he has no sportsmanship at all .Really disappointed with his arrogant attitude

No offend was intended for srk, its a famous prank show in the middle east it have seen lots of celebrities from all around the world but srk took it way too far. He has no sportsmanship at all I really wish this episode never aired on TV

You lost 25 years of respect because of priyanka

what the hell is this. Is this for real? if real shame on badshah for participating in these kind of shows in his adopted country Dubai.

Srk is becoming a joke day by day...1st priyanka's jacket then this prank..he should retire gracefully now

You yourself should be retired from writing such stupid comments. His personal love life is his business. And he is a man enough to stood his ground and fired this jerk host.

he is brave facing the death to be honest but he is so arrogant after that with host

No honey. SRK has self respect. He doesn't like to be a joke for anyone! His reaction was damn right. I would hit him myself. facing the death as a joke is not funny at all.

He did never like worst joke, but I find him very cool here; it's stupid and disgraceful to do that for SRk!

WTF is wrong with the host....such a fake set up jeez.

He would have punched him.


He is scary when he is angry.

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