Aamir Khan walks out of Mogul directed by Subhash Kapoor; Watch old video of Geetika Tyagi slapping filmmaker

Aamir Khan's decision of stepping away from the next project was a result of the impending sexual harassment case against director Subhash Kapoor who was accused by actress Geetika Tyagi. The video proof of the harassment was shared back when the incident happened.
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Back in 2014, a video of actress Geetika Tyagi slapping director Subhash Kapoor went viral and what the media assumed to be a case of casting couch turned into an ugly case of sexual harassment. Geetika had accused the Jolly LLB director of forcing herself on her and dragging her during a party. Kapoor, was later arrested on the charges, but then released on bail.

After everything that transpired, Geetika went on to share a video of the confrontation with Subhash Kapoor in the presence of his wife. Not only was it a taped confrontation, but in the video, she also slapped the director for his deeds. Today, as the director has come under the scanner after Aamir Khan's decision of stepping away as co-producer for Mogul, Geetika has commneded his decision and also went on to say how such kind of support is after all much needed.

Check out the vold video of Geetika slapping Shubash Kapoor right here:

After Tanushree Dutta's allegations against Nana Patekar, a whole lot of other similar such incidents have come to light, and even after so many days of the wave of the Me Too movement, new instances keep coming up.


Amir khan is using this old case to look good in the eyes of public. He could not answer when Tanushri's case was asked and realised his mistake. Fake person and cries in Satyamev Jayate for others sufferings as if he feels. Thank god this Me too thing has come up. all the fakeness of Bollywood has come up before public

No ones mentioned Shakti Kapoor yet

See thats the thing....after this incident many years ago...this a$$hole remained in the industry and went on to sign a big movie with Aamir. And where is Geetika now?
What is the use of all these women coming out...until and unless the accused are wiped out and punished?

This is too long to watch. Those who have watched, at what point and time in the video does she slap him???

reading some comments here make you realize where the movement loses its value.

consensual affair or infidelity does NOT equal to sexual harassment/ assault. comprehend that much?

As if Amir didn’t know about this earlier . In industry everyone knows of these scandals . Now after the metoo campaign , Amir is walking away to look good in public . He is one fake person !!

I really liked Powder. Watch it on Netflix. The series came out some time in 2009 but didn’t do well. Geetika was the main lead. She was okay but the actors were superb.

My goodness !! This is so appalling !! It's so disgusting and disturbing ! He should be punished

Just another classic case of #pathetichousewives

Nice statement by Aamir. Hopefully Fatima doesn't join the movement!

Or Jessica Hines. Or Pooja Bhatt. Or Mamta Kulkarni. The known ones.

I am glad to see some actions are being carried out against these perverted bullies!

this came out in 2014,why was there a need for aamir to walk out..subhash kapoor should not have been approached at all in the first place..its hard to believe none of them knew about it&if tanushree hadnt started all this..they would all be very well working together as of now.

disgusting how abusers think they can get away with their obnoxious behaviour..

this video was put up in 2014..why didnt it garner attention

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