Aaradhya Bachchan celebrates big sister Navya Nanda's 21st birthday; WATCH

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan's daughter Aaradhya Bachchan was also present at the birthday party of her big sister Navya Nanda. Check out their video.
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Shweta Bachchan's daughter Navya Nanda has turned a year older yesterday and celebrated her 21st birthday with family and close friends. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan's daughter Aaradhya Bachchan was also present at the birthday party of her big sister. Photos and inside videos are doing the rounds on the internet. In one of the viral videos, Aaradhya kept staring at the cake with great awe and we can't stop gushing over her cuteness. 
The video shows Navya happily blowing the candles. The entire Bachchan Khandaan was present to celebrate Navya's birthday. Aaradhya is seen smiling as she stood by her cousin's side and they both look adorable. Aishwarya and Shweta can also be seen cheering for the birthday girl. Abhishek Bachchan posted a picture of Navya and captioned it, “To the coolest kid in the world... Happy 21st Birthday my Navya. You are now “officially” a little lady, and a very gracious, loving and caring one at that too. From a baby who used to fit in the palm of my hand to become one of my dearest friends, you’ve always been mamu’s pet. Never change! Love you!”
Check out the video here: 


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Navya Naveli Nanda has always been under the media scanner for being a star kid. The young girl, who enjoys a massive fan following on social media, often finds herself under speculations about her Bollywood debut. In her first ever interview with a magazine, she refuted the rumours and has put it out straight that she is no way interested in doing movies.
"No way I'll make a career in acting. I am enjoying my internship at the advertising agency. I love the independence I get in Manhattan," Navya had said.
Shweta Nanda’s loved daughter is a super fashionista and also comes across as a happy-go-lucky girl. We wish her a belated happy birthday!


Navya is so beautiful

That stupid tiara. They are nautankiwalas not royalty.

I see Ranbir in what seems to be a reflection...behind Abhishek

The way Aish is protective of her daughter, is the sweetest thing ever.... hats off Aish!!

If she feels the need to "protect" her daughter inside the home among family members, one wonders what kind of family Bachchans are.

even in this video you will notice there is a hand on Aaradhya's shoulder. your guess of whose hand that is is as good as mine :) pv please post.

Is Navya getting married?

Good to see the family together. People would have been happy if Aishwarya and Aradhya were absent from the party. Common people fight within family and also come together.

She is her cousin, not sister. There is a difference.

You must be one of our Pakistani readers... honey in India first cousins are all brothers and sisters. I.E. tradition of Rakhi

Isn’t navya her cousin? If they are sisters does it mean abishek is navyas dad? And obviously navya will never act, bachans are very conservative and don’t allow their girls in Bollywood, they have firsthand knowledge of what the industry is like and don’t want their own there

This made me Lol.
Conservative and liberal are all PR fronts.
Everyone in this industry in the same - and no one plays the game better than Jaya and Amitabh. You’re a fools if you think they’re “conservative”.

in india first cousins are referred to as sisters and brothers often. i grew up in a joint family so even more so.

For a change she is not holding her daughter tight.

Sweet Aaradhya

Aish and aradhya both are abnormal and aradhya is possessed by aish .Consult a doctor asap

Aish should consult a doctor as she is over possessive and obssessed for aradhya

Same princess boring old fashioned style.When will aish grow up

Iski mumy kaha hai

Navya is gorgeous

I'm scared her mother will pop up in the pics

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