Anushka Sharma is a happy bunny post pack up and we want to know Virat Kohli's reaction to the filter

Anushka Sharma is currently in London serving two purposes, that of being with husband Virat Kohli and to shoot for her upcoming brand projects. And well, looks like she is a happy soul after pack up with a cute bunny filter and we are wondering what would Virat's reaction to this be!
Anushka Sharma is a happy bunny post pack up and we want to know Virat Kohli's reaction to the filterAnushka Sharma's happiness after pack up is all of us leaving work; check it out
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Anushka Sharma is currently in London and the actress is there to support husband Virat Kohli during the World cup 2019 tournaments and also, for her prior work commitments. It was only recently that the two were spotted together and looks like Anushka got back to work while skipper Kohli got back to practice. Since the two will have to manage their work and together time balance, looks like they are doing a pretty good job at it.

While that's that and we are waiting to see more pictures of the two, Anushka posted a video with the bunny filter on her Instagram and her story right after that says pack up with a beautiful view. While we can sure fathom her happiness after work, we are wondering what would husband Kohli have to say about the cute filter that it is and of course, with that pretty face of Anushka, it looks all the more adorable! Check it out:

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We revealed earlier that in order to keep up with the work and personal time balance, they will have to abide by rules set by the BCCI. Reports suggest, "BCCI has mandated that wives of cricketers only spend 15 days with their partners during the World Cup and Anushka and Virat will be following the guidelines that have been set. Anushka is in London currently finishing her brand commitments and then she will fly to Brussels for another shoot. Virat had a day off and he traveled to London to meet Anushka and then travelled back to Southampton where India takes on Afghanistan in their next match."

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