Is Bipasha Basu hiding the news of her pregnancy? Watch VIDEO

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover are enjoying their marital life. Rumor mills are abuzz with the news of Bipasha's pregnancy. This video has created a stir among her fans who believe that the actress may be pregnant. Watch the video!
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Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover tied the knot on April 30, 2016 and have been enjoying their marital life. They share snaps from their vacations abroad on their social media account. Karan and Bipasha were recently clicked at a hospital and that had sparked news of her pregnancy.

Yesterday, Bipasha and Karan were clicked at a spa in the city and Bipasha was seen rushing towards her car. Many fans were quick to spot a baby-bump. Rumor mills have been on an overdrive about her pregnancy. Watch the video and tell us your reactions in comments!

However, earlier when we had contacted Bipasha’s spokesperson, she had said, “Rumours surrounding Bipasha’s pregnancy are completely baseless and untrue.” On her 39th birthday recently, the couple interacted with the media and Bipasha had mentioned about Karan’s special gift for her. She had said, “He has also given me a special gift which will arrive in a few days (laughs). But that I can’t tell you." Karan added, ‘’And everyone is waiting.’’

Earlier, Bipasha had also said, “I plan to wait two years” when asked about family planning. Well, it’s almost two years until Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu celebrate their second wedding anniversary!

In an interview to a leading daily, Bipasha had earlier revealed, “We love babies. But both of us need more alone time together — because once the baby arrives, it’s always only baby time. That’s the way we both think.” She also shared, “My mom is very keen to have a granddaughter soon.”

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people are so rude on this site. BE NICE, it won't hurt you!!

I love Bips and if is she is preggers good for her but this guy she married is just not the guy for her, after John dumped her I felt so sad for her, Harman was not and is not ready to settle down any time soon he reminds me of Uday Chopra perpetual bachelors, I think he sensed the desperation in Bips and bailed out on her, till she eventually used her fame and money to lure Karan into marriage, the truth from me, I don't like Karan one single bit, I have this very strong bad feeling that this marriage will play out like Zarina Wahab and Aditya Pancholi's highly dysfunctional marriage.

Oh Bips this is not the kind of man I envisioned you will end up marrying, it seems she has a type, fitness hunks with muscles.

Oh God please make this union work if not for any thing for Bipasha's sake.

PV please post.

At this ripe old age, some sperm donor is better than nothing. so she chose this good for nothing

Since she's 39, it's totally understandable if/why she wants to wait to announce this. The first 2 trimesters can be a bit tricky for pregnancies over 35. I hope everything works out and she has a safe, easy delivery. Good luck, Bips!

First thing she is above 40 and second thing is yes its complicated then to get pregnant

Gosh, I don't know, why Bips married that guy? Rather stay single than to marry that pathetic guy! Something is so weird about him!

He is going with her to the SPA, doesn't he have a proper job that he should be doing? It is so obvious he is living off her income... sad!

What is her husband's name?

That's so true ! I have always wished a better man for bipasha after her failure in previous many relationships but definitely Not KARAN . I mean who even is he? TV actor ? He doesn't even work anymore after he got married ,just busy taking advantage of bipasha's money and kind heart

What all people do to stay in news when they have no work

Oh its still better then their PDA drama

if she is happy for her, and she is not asking paps to come and click pics

Lol it infact looks like she takes the cameraman along with her everywhere and since she has no work ,its always the news of her pregnancy with new pics

So its clear that she is not gonna work anymore

Attention hungry

Oh plz... Leave her alone!

Anything to stay in the news.

Not just celebrities, even regular folk don't mention their pregnancy in the early months. Some because there is a high chance of miscarriage in the first few weeks, others because of superstition. She's a woman too..leave her be,

Lol what are you even hiding. You aren't even an actress anymore. Just another b-grade celebrity looking for attention married to a monkey who you'll have to tie down somehow before he strays. Have a baby soon or Grover will find an interest elsewhere.

He must have already found someone ...its nearly two years after all or he might make a new record

Why would karan leave bips ? He is getting everything he wants from bips , he doesn't even have to work now thanks to bipasha's savings and brand

Why are you so mean to another human... ur mother should have done a better job..

If she's pregnant, I would be so happy for her.. She is a good soul who deserves all the world's happiness..

It’s not something she can hide forever.

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