'Bol Bachchan' theatrical trailer

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From the team that brought to you blockbusters like the Golmaal Series and Singham comes another Super hit in the making Bol Bachchan starring Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin and Prachi Desai. Directed by Rohit Shetty with music by Himesh Reshammiya.


i watch this movie for prachiiiiiiiiiiii

will watch the movie of my fav asin-hope it breaks h2 record.

SUper DUper HITTT!!!
Love you prachiii D

No Doubt.... Bol Bachchan is gonna ROCK.!! EARTH~SHATTERING Promo..... It will BREAK all the records till date :) BEWARE... AB is just AMAZING, SupaTalented, Funny, Sexy, Hot, Dashing, Cool And uberstunning.!! This man has got all ♥ ♥ ♥ LOVE you ABhi Till my death.!! All the BEST..... to BOL Bachchan Team :D Finger/Toes Crossed.... ♥

I was so madly,deepy,truely in love with ♥ AB ♥.
You are so awesome DUDE.!!! You are fit,sexy,hot,dashing,handsome,higher level handsome,perfect stylish,awesome,marvellous,super talented,always trying something different and etc.
But I was perplexed with his 'HATERS'.

My chest has become blouse! Hahahaha


Lol..this is so retarded! Mindless fun.

LOL My chest has become blouse....ahahahah fantastic...

i'll watch it for KRUSHNA..he s a true entertainer...

the main reason 2 watch this movie is 4 Krushna only.

♥ Asin is gorgeous and the new look is awesome ♥ The blockbuster queen is back with yet another BLOCKBUSTER ♥

ajay devgan simply outshadow abhishek bachan buhahahahaha

god plz save bollywood from people like rohit shetty & abhishek bachchan.......... its getting out of control now

asin, asin and only asin......will watch it only for her.

Asin's enhanced trout lips are very obvious here..so true
0.59 she got herself those PC n kangana lips

lovin the trailer.. wil watch it for ajay & asin!!!

hahah its gonna be one of those stupid comedys. Looking forward to it!

are the girls mute in this movie?? i like abhishek in comedy roles though

I hope this movie does well for Abhi, the gay role suits him so much because he is naturally effeminate.

devgn reminds me of anil kapoor from tashan..
bad trailer..
hope the movie is better
ab jr needs a break for sure.

I laughed all the way through the trailer. Bol Bachchan trailer had such vibrant color and fun on display. Everything looked so bright and full of life. This movie looks to have lots of action and comedy which is a good combination. Abhishek always excels at comedy. Ajay looks to be funny as well. Asin and Prachi look gorgeous. The songs and dancing looks so fun. And the action looks mind blowing. Bol Bachchan is going to be a superhit. Rohit Shetty has his hand on the pulse of the masses in India!!

oh god TWo abishek bachan,untolerable.
But still for ajay devgan,asin and prachi will watch.

LOVE AJAY however won't watch this. Can't stand Junior Bachchan

I love you abhishek!!!!! I hope this movie is good just for your sake!!!:)

why repeat the singham dialogue?

Fx were rubbish and action scenes over the top as per Rohit Shetty films- hopefully humour and plot not as bad as the Golmal series !!!

Yes it is a Rohit Shetty movie cos there is unwarranted crashing and blowing up of cars, buses and lorries! And they must fly in the air! How do films like this become hits? I really don't understand. Are audiences that juvenile and in the need of escapism cinema?

Asin's enhanced trout lips are very obvious here...she looks like an extra.

i'm supposed to some how believe that abhishek is actually beating up people. This is some kind of joke?

ABshishek you have tried it all, from being a villain to comedy. and you keep failing so please stop

i will watch this film for ASIN

Shakuntela: I think they showed Asin far more often than Prachi. Thats just sad. Asin new look is nice...iam guessing its the cheek implants/injections.


Of course Asin is the leading lady so she deserve it :) And yes Asin looks super gorgeous!!!

I think they showed Asin far more often than Prachi. Thats just sad. Asin new look is nice...iam guessing its the cheek implants/injections.

Can't make head or tail of the movie from the trailer. Weird. Then again, Rohit Shetty's movie have very little semblance of logic in them. In any case, good luck to the team.

LMAO - "My chest has become Blouse" ... hahaha
this is gonna be full Masala Fun...

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