The Bollywood Diva Song: Kangana Ranaut's hilarious take on industry's sexism is bang on the money

Check out Kangana Ranaut dancing to Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan ft. Bollywood Sexism.

"Because I have a vagina re." 
While everyone is raving about the gigantic box-office success of Wonder Woman ($800 million and counting) which was not only directed by a woman (Patty Jenkins) but the movie was led by strong female lead (Gal Gadot) as well. Move over to Bollywood, and we see very minimal changes in how women are represented in the movies. While there are more female oriented movies coming up, the box-office is a discouraging factor for these women-oriented films.
Kangana Ranaut is amongst the crop of actresses who actually is on her way to break the traditional norms and break free from the stereotypical characters. 
In order to put light on Bollywood sexism, Kangana and a popular stand-up comedy team made a parody song out of the track Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan from the movie Roy. 
In the video, the actress is seen belting out lyrics while taking a dig at all the sexism that female actors have to go through like romancing an actor twice your age or and only being a love interest to the main lead. The lyrics also mentions the 'N' word - Nepotism, how actors are treated like Gods (a Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham sequence ensues) and so forth.
Watch the video below:


The video ends with her character being replaced which is a perfect metaphor for how Bollywood functions, unfortunately. 
Meanwhile, on the work front, Kangana is currently gearing up for the release of her movie, Simran which is directed by Hansal Mehta. Kangana plays a Gujarati NRI who is a kleptomaniac.

Credits: YouTube

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This is a brilliant video. Kangana performs so well even here, highlighting the stereotypical projection of actresses. She rocks! Kudos to AIB to come up with this video as a satirical reflection of reality.

This video is hilarious. I had to watch it a few times. Great job Kangana!

So says the woman who wrecked Zarina Wahab's home. If Aditya is a scum bag, why did Kangna have to be?
They are equal in my mind. Aditya physically abused her. She abused Zarina

Need One honest answer from kangana. Has she done any Botox or surgery or uplifting to her face? Yes or no

this song is better than the original, ha

watched kamal rashid khans review of kangana ranaut he has some valid points..kangana has made up a lot of facts.

kangana did lie about her age..she born 1986(as printed on her passport)& not 1987 &aditya pancholi's daughter is born 1987 according to her aadhar card.showed by kkr in his review of kangana ranaut.

This got almost 2.8 million views without a single Bollywood celebrity sharing this on twitter. Had this been a star kid's video (Alia Bhatt) everyone would have tweeted like crazy. Proves good content is king. Kudos to AIB for collaborating with Kangana.

wait is this true??? not a SINGLE celebrity retweeted this? wow the movie mafia really does exist. kanganas bravery is EXCEPTIONAL. i hope the people and audiences can be enough protection for her.

Mind blowing.....the Aib team and Kangana did a fantastic job!!! Hahaha

Hope to see Kangana in a SLP movie, her expressions and acting was so on point. When you have someone like Katrina kaif establishing her whole career on item songs having zero expressions and no acting whatsoever, comes Kangana throwing shade by being the best diva in this year's best item song while giving it back to the Bollywood Mafia

is she not wearing makeup in the video? if so, she looks great

Watched the song so many times, can't get over Kangana's expressions in the song, is there anything this top class actress can't do, so proud of her, more power more success to you Kangana

Yes will be watching GCC it is releasing tomorrow YAY!

M sorry I truly feel ....This is cheap ... !!! The song lyrics...Bollywood has no shame nowadays .. they think it's modern ....!!! All for money ... kangana is a good actress and I love her movies .... but don't do this crap dear ...!!!! Thanks!!!! Directors please have some respect for women ...!!!

good luck to the queen! will be watching simran.................................

loved the way she got inspired from taylor swift to make a diss video.

even though kareena is kjos friend..she must have had the rolicking time watching this video..she does love a good laugh...omg..kajol must be having a field day too..thankfully there are no direct disses towards ajay here.

hats off to kangana...she is not afraid..hope filmakers don not shy away from taking her into their films ..trying to please the roshans&the johars&the likes...after this fiasco.every newcomer in the industry &most struggling actors..who dont hail from filmy backgrounds..connect with her on some level or the other..she is inspiration..she is hope.

hope some of the self respecting actresses of bollywood who might have gone through the same ordeal as kangana..join her in this fight against the underworld of bollywood trying to manipulate,suppress people who come from non film families&weak backgrounds&not take advantage of them anymore...nepotism exists everywhere but when it comes to bollywood it dsnt get any filthier than the industry ,wish more people from the industry came out &spoke abut their stories,injustices..&give a real insight as to how dirty a place show business can be.

cant believe farah khan mocked kangana by her statements after going ga ga over her perofrmance when tanu weds manu returns..hope simran is a smashhit&ppl take back their hate..once it releases.

More power to AIB writers. Atleast Kangana is different from all other heroines who are always politically correct. The video makes many uncomfortable because it gets under their skin which indicates it is bringing up valid points.

Kangana doesn't say she takes credit for launching this feminist movement in in the Bollywood industry. If you watch her latest interview with Anupama she clearly says that a few others opened their mouths before her, but that she was the catalyst, and that's pretty accurate. She forced others to look at the issues boldly and straight in their faces regardless of who she risked pissing off, even exposing the deviousness of others by laying bare her own badly made affairs of the past. She calls a spade a spade. I much prefer this over the same lame diplomatic, fake-smile, kissing everyone's cheek approach that so many undertake in that industry.

She is the only interesting thing in the industry. Bravo!!

I wish someone had captured Karan aunty's bitchy expressions while watching this video. Would have been priceless.

Nothing but crass..such a crapy video.feminism does not mean tht u cheaply advocate ur feminist ideas.and being woman is not only abt vagina..if u dint know already kangy

Wow... this is fantastic and entertaining. But you are pissing off so many people! Hope Simran does well! That would be a tight slap on the biggies. Good luck, Kangana.

BRAVO, she could have played safe by acting in MY CHOICE kind of video.
She is fearless!!


Watch KRK video. Miss minor wasn't minor at all and Aditiya got her first Bollywood project. No God father credit doesn't go to her.

she was 18 in 2003 when class 12, she was in my college for 1 or maybe two years and she spent abot 1-2 years in delhi, so she was at least 21 when she landed in mumbai

I am from DAV 15 she was in my school and if we passed out from 12th in 2003 and in 2006 her first film came she definitely didnt spent those 3 year s in your college in that case when did she do her struggle theatre or filming for Gangster?

Kangana - THE BEST!!!

omg this is bang on.... sums up everything wrong with Industry including Karan Johar :)

The sisters have been caught lying about her age. Why no response from them????

She cannot BS people all the time

She is an headonn and brave and very strong women..good going fight strong .....
More power to u

LOL its PERFECT. long live kangana ranaut. shes the best thing to happen to this industry this decade. get WOKE people.

like her or not, but it takes GUTS to say yes to this song.

Lol I'm glad someone did this

Awesome, I like the intro where the director does not recognize actress

wow she is the best

Kangana is opportunist everyone knows. But this drama is started by Karan, unnecessarily in IIFA he takes dig at kangana with cheap act. Now its Kangana's turn :) .. She is really true entertainer ..

I really really really want simran to do terrifically well. That's the only way the industry people will shut up.

I really really really want Simran to do terrifically bad. That's the only way she will shutup.

You guys are so impressionable!!! Congrats Kangana's PR. Great move for easily influencable folks.

Don't dismiss people as being 'impressionable'. However much you want to question Kangana's motives in making this video. The fact that it resonates with so many people means there is truth to this satire. we aren't idiots to buy into anything, but we recognize the truth when we see it.

More power to Kangana Ranaut. Just excellent.The only butt hurts are Johar and Roshan, other fandom has taken it into a humour sense.Love to her, from a Shahrukh khan fan.

Kangana's interview with Rediff is so on point...she finally speaks about herself, and all the haters damning her timing and her guts need to read that..wonderful..PV plz post

LOL! Soooo much shade. KJo's ass must be on fire. i want AIB to put a video with Shah Rukh reacting to this.

I hope Simran works. Kangana keeps things interesting in Bollywood. lol

Wow! SPECTACULAR! Standing Ovation Kangana & AIB.

Kangana took Aditya's help to see major directors. Her own sister said Aditya asked Zarina to take her to meet sanjay leela bhansali and others. If he asked his wife to do this he would himself have done so too. She used him too. Both are users IMHO.

Is it just me or does the hero really look like that Suman guy?

Trying to give credit where it's not due??? "Kangana 'takes'"??? seriously???? it's AIBs


could you plz translate the song to English?

I see that she is trying to win us back after the fake drama, and ... it is working! The video has so much truth, it hurts. SRK will be offended, but it is not like he was going to work with Kangana anytime soon, so it doesn't matter. Nothing against SRK doing love stories, but why can't he kiss a woman his own age! 10 years younger Raveena, Shilpa Shetty still look the same as they did in the 90s and are forced into retirement, so unfair .

kangana and the AIB team have nailed it..On many levels! Love it :)

She's giving major madhuri vibes in her styling and the dude's a really good dancer,comedy notwithstanding

Omg yes she's so giving the Madhuri vibes in this video.

I wish there were hints in the video so we don't miss out on anyone she's throwing shade at. But it was hilarious and Kangana is def crazy to agree to this! Haha

LOVE IT!!!!!

Rofl, superb lyrics

This video made me realize how beautifully expressive Kangana's eyes are ! I saw a bit of it in the night club song of Katti Batti .
I hope she works with SLB in an epic. He knows how to bring out the beauty of a woman. Instead of SRK I would prefer Ranveer or Ranbir. It would be epic ! Imagine Kangana in beautiful costumes, flattering lighting and angles , sumptuous sets, great soulful music. Unlike Deepika who looked only extremely beautiful in a vacant way like Aishwariya , Kangana would be Meena Kumari or Madhubala of SLB and the movie would be a classic like Pakeezah and Mughal E Azam. SLB would a real fool not to work with Kangana. She's at her peak now in every way.

She is a hypocrite. She has done it all with craving and desire all that objectification etc. Now that she is done with bollywood, she is only being bitter. She knows she doesn't need them anymore but is making tough for other outsiders by leaving ungrateful jealous image. y u guys dont realize????? Also she wrote in the open letter to Saif that she would launch her own kids...such a hypocrite....would take potshots shamelessly then say maine nahi likha..par kisi ne force toh nahi kia karne ko...

Also, I agree with the paycheck part. Specially when lots of actresses are doing their own stunts. Earliar, only actors would do that and its a big risk to do dangerous stunts for physical health, beauty and life. But today even actresses do that. Though her tauunt on Srk for giving deepika name credit but not equal paycheck in Chennai Express so bevakoof Kangana, don't you see a difference in SRK nearly 28 years in industry while deepika's just 10 years. Even experience matters in industry hence difference in paychecks. Secondly Madhuri got both name credits and higher paycheck than Salman Khan in 90s. Also Madhuri, Priety Zinta, deepika, Kareena have always spoken on such issues. But Kangana is making it look like as if she is first one to pin point out. None of these actresses pulled down other actresses like Kangana did. Today Sonam, Alia, Aishwarya ask for profit shares and not just pay check . These are the actresses who are bringing real change not the constant complainer Kangana.

Also, in film industry the age is not biological but how much you look onscreen...if ppl still want to see srk, its not his mistake. If he romances deepika, so he also romances Kajol, juhi etc. Kajol and Rani played mother back in 1998 too. Same goes For Aishwarya. Kareena still hasn't. Kareena, Aishwarya, Kajol continued to work after marraige and kids while still doing main lead heroine roles. They continued to play love interest as well as some serious substance roles. These are the actresses who are bringing change not Kangana who is only good at complaining like Arvind Kejriwal. There are also actresses who have romanced younger heroes if it looked convincing onscreen. Like Kareena, hema, priety zinta, rekha, Aishwarya, they have romanced younger heroes if it looked convincing enough. Rekha romanced Akshay as Raveena's elder sister when she was in 40s. Sanjay, SRK, Salman , Amir have convincingly looked 30 when they were 50. I accept now they have started to look old but if audiences still want to see them and they pull it convincingly, what is Kangana's problem.

Kangana Ranaut = Arvind Kejriwal of Bollywood

So Kangana Ranaut can date man double her age in real life but if actors do that onscreen, then Kangana has problem.....such a hypocrite she is....and ppl are applauding her while she has no is obvious that she is bitter that Deepika, Priyanka get to to romance SRK, Akshay while they were never interested in it is sour grapes..if it is the gap which irks her..why did she date, Aditya, Ajay and according to her Hrithik who are double her age..if she sees no problem in real life then y in films..she is Queen of jealous losers like her....and Queen of her Interview post gangster that she was dying to do item song..she looked unsexy in shootout at Wadala item song but today is taking potshots at Kareena and malaika item pulling other woman down she calls herself one casts her in love stories..hence she has problem that y other actresses get to play love interest..y was she crying on dus ka dum that she isn't offered normal roles ... PV plz post thus...plz don't post one sided conments.

even your message is the reflection of what you criticize, LOL

she could be insulted by dating older and married men, but actors like SRK Salman even amitabh rishi kapoor were praised for their movies where they had very young female co-stars, they were not insulted like kangana. there your answer to your complaint

The BEST thing I've seen in a long time.

This got to be the best music video coming out of Bollywood ever! I sincerely wish she gets a hit on her hand this time in Simran. The movie looks good. If not, then we know the Bollywood vultures are waiting for her just round the bend!


Someone has to be crazy enough to do something like this...literally pissing off the powerful in the industry when many usually suck up to them... Love that she has guts.. she is also crazy though... she is a little cray cray but guess you have to be to do THIS!!!! I weirdly WANT Simran to do SOOOO WELL that it shuts down the industry!!!! no bribe, no amount money sometimes can carry a narrative you want people to believe... NOT ANYMORE!!!

Too good. Love it!!!

Don't lie Uday Chopra was complete charity and no one wanted him

OMG Kangana you are rocking Gal.. I watched it again and again.. Coz hai Vagina re. Her dance acting in the video is superb too. What a talent.. Love every thing showing in the video so true..

kangana is the poor man's taylor swift (a.k.a taylor swift of bollywood )!!!

only 2 days left, cant wait for Simran anymore.

Sadly her career is done. Probably she knows it too so giving it back to Bollywood. It's not that all a lister are going to work with her anyways. Hrithik and Ajay are only two top heroes who work with her. People are having fun on her career's expense.

comments like yours is the reason why this video was made! woh keh keh ke thak gayi she does not want to work with big heroes. Her career is anything but done! Whenever people her career is over she came back with a rocking film.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

rotflmao. nice job, Kangs & AIB.

No matter what kangana, simran will b disaster

Honestly, it's not the ladies or gents but the behind the scenes staff, the personal staff of the actors, the directors and advertising staff who should be cribbing! It is their sweat and blood! They get peanuts for the love of God. Why is nobody saying anything about that?????

The lead actors get paid in crores! What's all this cribbing for????

Miss not " love interest" but " substance" you need to visit your plastic surgeon quickly. Everything you have altered, changed and added need a redo. Even filters and photoshop can't hide it now.

Ok Karan. Right after you get your faces fixed

Karan's face is not shown on the ticket window, even if he fixes it or not. It wouldn't hurt the pockets of investors. Miss substance has gone through many surgeries for a reason. She has tried her best to get lead roles but audience has rejected her upright. Now she's bitter and is trying to produce and direct her own movies. All power to her but don't make fun of those stars who are loved and are bringing in the cash which pays bills. Over 9 corporate giants have filed for bankruptcy. Do you even know why? They were trying to produce content over star power.

Bollywood is up there due to stars craze! Otherwise Hollywood with its content would have eaten up Bollywood a long time ago. Kangana can make a good social reformer but she can't bring in moolah ! Ninety percent of Desi audience will not pay money to watch her. Don't tell Bollywood what product to produce and how to sell it. It's a business.

We would definitely pay to see Kangana, she has star-appeal, but it's all about the appeal of the project as a whole, she doesn't get the A list offers or top banners, those are automatically reserved for celeb kids with movie-mafia Godfathers .

This is called GUTS!!!! Take a Bow

if she would have done all of this without making fun of someone else...then you can call it guts...otherwise its just being childish....

it involces risk therefore it's brave, you dodo!

I loveeeeeeeed it

I saw Queen 4-5 times in the theatre.

Lets watch Simran 4-5 times too!! Lets make sure she wins!!

But that wasn't my point. Kangana did such a brilliant job in Queen that I just had to watch it multiple times.

As crazy as this is, I LOVE IT. This should be tweeted again and again tagging Karan Johar every time. Go kangana!!

FANTASTIC!!!! Someone show it to SRK, Salman, Hrithik,etc...LOL

STANDING OVATION!!! Everything is AWESOME! Great work AIB and Kangana! The lyrics need to be awarded. ROFLMAO

This is the greatest thing i've seen this week!

If Salman or Shahrukh ever played hero to Jhanvi or Sara, that would be the last Bollywood movie I'll ever watch! It IS almost pedophilia.

It might happened if public didn't accept another hero. It's been 13 to 5 years Ranbir, Ranvir, Varun, Sidharth couldn't take the top 5 spots. Every other day scores of new faces are being introduced but how many of you have gone to watch their movies? Ask this question to yourself. Bollywood is a business and not a charity organization.

Not only new faces, even Khans have failed this year.

This year? They are in top slots since 25 years. A failed khan brings in 300 crores Gross if not net. It pays well to daily wage earners, Cinema owners, studio owners, distributers, media, TV etc.

Love u kangana and whoever came up with this concept plz Bollywood stop the long age gap romancing and give as many new comers a chance not just stars kids and equal roles for both genders.. u rock kangana

kangana does not need to hire half BW to speak against her, she simply launches some promos dedicated to their enmeigos, LOL


she's crazy but she's so witty, we want you like this, kanguqueen!!!!

ha ha ha ..loved it

LMAO! Loveee this kangana, hope simran does well! #shade #queenKR

This lady is just superb. In society like ours there has to be a women who can come out and say this is wrong and with platform that's available to Kangana she is putting it into such a good cause. Every women/men who believe in equality needs to support her cause her talk about equality of women applies in every sector not just Bollywood. More power to you girl! It takes a lot to get out there, not give a rat's ass about anything and just be yourself and fight for what you believe is right especially where it's ruled by very powerful people. Bravo! PV plz post

Kangana is the sass queen... THUG life

There is sooooo much SHADE in this video muhahahahaha

Hahahaha, Kangana nailed it, Karan is already crying with this tweet.

she makes such good expressions ..that of typical bollywood heroines ...something most top actresses except kareena still cannot do...she can be cast in mainstream heroine roles too

wow I am speechless, too good, and only AIB can write this stuff and "ONLY" Kangu can play this, fearless gal, Bravo!!!

Loved it! Please bring more pieces like this that will wake up so called item songs and male chauvinist to reality! Kangana nailed it! So did the ending meant Kangana was replaced by another heroine? lol

Way to go looks like SRK ,Karan Johar and Ashwariya.....

where does it points to Aishwarya?

Wow wow wow. Fantastic

HR Kjo. Ajay Devgan Aditya Pancholi have no idea who that have taken panga with.. Gal is amazing, Love her for her guts..You go gal, get all of them down.. Bloody womanizers of bollywood.. All should be punished..

I am so sure that every other industry outsider female lead is appreciating this attempt, Bravo AIb and Kangana.. Great job..

OMG this is awesome, and Kangana is perfect to play this lead, hahah perfect timing and only she can do this song.. Brave gal, go girl, we are all with you.. Love her so much.. I am not AIB fan but Kudos to AIB for this song, they nailed it, this is the exact situation in Bollywood,they have guts, and they choose a right gal to represent it. I really hope Simarn becomes a super hit..

Wow!!! kya acting chops he wonder she is a 3 time national award winning actor! all the best for Simran. Watching it on 15th

Wow!!! kya acting chops he wonder she is a 3 time national award winning actor! all the best for Simran. Watching it on 15th

Its like every single line in the song, every single artist or situation is a shade on someone, some movie or some gossip...Kangy just went Taylor Swift on BW...Loving it!! PV plz post

humor is the best tool ever to put discrimination, sexism, prejudices in its place.. Hats off to this girl.. Everyone's calling her brave because she is speaking up, shouldn't every female (including female actress) be the same? This type of sexism goes on even in the tech industry in Silicon Valley where I used to work. This is true empowerment, not just for women but for lgbt, minority etc. Initially I thought she is doing it for publicity and I was a little upset I admit, my mistake, I now realize that she really is talking for all us women, she is indeed standing up for all of us who are put down, discriminated against, for our gender, our skin color, our race, etc - people who have been not so brave or who haven't ever spoken up is what she is standing up for. Now we have a platform to speak up. Really appreciate your efforts Kangana. If there are any haters on this post, I bet they are paid folks of you know who

What else she can do now except getting bitter. The way she is looking even with the filters and photoshop, her time is almost up and she wants to cash every second of the time available.

did anyone notice that kangana imitate deepikas accent at the beginning of the video where she says '' i am priya etc etc..."
or am I just imagining things?

Grapes are sour scenario. Kangana wanted to be the " love Interest" but couldn't succeed. Now she is angry.

Kangana is getting the spot light for this topic, now, waiting for PC will try to put herself in this conversation, LOL !

I know right? PC is such a insecure gal, she will always post something when she sees other actresses are getting more attention, only if she had half the talent that Kangana has..

Spectacular! Very well written! Well acted ... A step forward for women!

ROFL! I loved the video. kangana is the only actress who can talk about things which are considered taboo in Bollywood.

Paid PR at work. They are gatekeeping all negative comments

Negative comments are not being posted on the aib video. It's a save facing PR stunt

This applies everywhere...patriarchal society..but of course Bollywood women more vulnerable to it. Hats off to her courage!!

So impressed with this video. Kangana may have her share of haters now, but she will be judged differently in the future for being brace, breaking stereotypes and being 'woke'. Every actress will benefit from the discussions this video and her other interviews generate.

Good theme WRONG poster girl.

you are wrong, they chose the only gal that can do this, perfect choice..

In their attempt to break female stereotypes, they're propagating male stereotypes!!! (Facepalm) not feminist, or fair, or funny!

most of these are direct jibes not stereotypes, grow up!

More grown up than you are hun! I don't encourage BS

Genius!!! Love her in this. Fantastic AIB.

I am Priya, the actress...


Female lead! interest?

Oh got it got it! ROFL!

And that kabhi khooshi kabhi gham scene. This is really hilarious. First that AIB party song with Irfan Khan, then " Harassment Through The Ages " video and now Bollywood Diva song with kangana. I love how AIB shows the typical behaviour in bollywood. AIB and Kangana together is a rocking combination!

This was simply super, funniest song lyrics and performances in AGES! Kangana and AIB you guys rocked it!

Oh myaan!! Just loved loved it. You guys rock !


Kangana PR is on damage control mode here! Not going to work

I wish the Sridevi era came back when women ruled the box office and were paid equal to men

She is so gutsy...I wud love to see her take panga with kajol! She is looking gorgeous...I hope she talks about Ajay Devgan aswell. Dying for gossip. You go gal Kangana, we are with u!

I'm still not watching this FLOP movie and the serial liar Kangana.

oh yeah! who are you? who cares if you watch or not.. Simarn is going to be superhit..

Superhit similar to Revolver Rani, Katti Batti and Rangoon. Kangana and her fans live in an imaginary world.

Who cares honey, don't waste your energy here also

Simran will flop just like Katti Batti, Revolver Rani and Rangoon

and don't miss the end!

She's a bitch

Silly ex, get out of here.

Too good...too brave..

Fab writer, actor, director, editor and all!! xxx

The song is awesome!!!! Kangana is the wrong poster girl for it

Whoever wrote the lyrics... just another level of awesomeness

Sweet and sour.. right on the face.
Stereotyping female actors in Bollywood have always been something very disturbing. Giving them same kinda roles and dialogues, using as a showpiece, degrading their talent, judging them, objectifying them, paying less and much more.. This video is a tight slap on all that fucking shit.
Good job AIB and Kangana.. Superb collaboration. Loved it

Brilliant to the core.. Kangana nailed it

Hate her all you want but she rocks !!!!

brilliant!!! Gotta love AIB and Kangana!!!

This is fantastic, I have to admit. P.s. a female quantum physicist here ;-)

That is so freaking amazing. Congrats

Wow! Hats off. Hero sniffing coke; old heroes romancing half their age (pedos)! Haha

ROFL! Loved it! Now this I like and it's well done. I'm glad she was referencing SRK as he is the only one who wouldn't get offended and likely laugh at it too. Big thumbs up from me for this!!

Very intelligent writing by AIB and very well performed by Kangana..Kudos to the collaboration!!!

So apt! About time we did away with treating women actors like a piece of meat

This is satire at it best!!

This is so hilarious! !! Kangana surely has a gutsy vagina re!

Superbbb song, She is looking gorgeous.

hahaha..i just laughed out so hard. all my colleagues are staring me weirdly. They just nailed it with the satire!

Brilliant theme, Love AIB.

Clap clap... AIB 2 min of fame is over. Now come to the hard hitting realities. AIB is making money on the expense of Bollywood then they should know that Bollywood is also a money making business. Every other day new faces are being introduced but its public who rejects 99.9% of them. Investor have to rely on oldies like Akshay, Hrthick, and Khans whose movie tickets sells like hot cakes. Bolly is not a charity org.

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