Cannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas share an adorable kiss right before they take on the French Riviera

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are all set for the Cannes Film Festival 2019 but before that, the two sure decided to indulge in some PDA and we can't stop gushing.
Cannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas share an adorable kiss right before they take on the French RivieraCannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas share an adorable kiss right before they take on the French Riviera
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are undoubtedly one of the most adorable couples ever. And well, let's just say that the two have proven time and again every reason why they are made for each other and how they perfectly fit together. We have seen on multiple instances how they never shy away from showering love on each other, be it in public places or on their social media platforms. And well, right before the two appear at the Cannes Film Festival 2019, they decided to go all out with their PDA.

Both PeeCee and Nick seemed to be in an extremely jolly good mood and maybe, a romantic one too. While Priyanka is wearing a lilac dress with all that silver jewelry, Nick looks dapper in a black suit and well, they both together, seem to make it look perfect just like the so many instances in the past. For now, check out this video where the duo tease each other right before they share a kiss and leave us in awe.



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The duo was also spotted leaving their hotel and oh boy, did they leave everyone checking them twice because they made for a totally royal couple in Hollywood. Both of them were dressed to the T and we all couldn't take out eyes off them. Priyanka also shared some pictures of the two, and they only added to that awwdorableness!

Adorable, aren't they?

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Such a cute kiss!!

google hans moleman (from the simpsons) kissing, priyanka reminds me of him

Here we go again ! Over acting , over posing, over the top display of PDA.

Ofcourse nick will look uncomfortable. He is kissing his mommy!!

his mom is pretty he's kissing his daddy

Adorable couple

Google Nick kissing Olivia or that girl is Australia or even the kiss in music video this kiss is just odd. There is no passion's like a friend kiss or a forced awkward kiss. Or is Priyanka play acting ...oh I am so shy...French kiss is not in culture...if anyone is not SHY that's PC

scary they don't come across as a natural couple their intimacy looks forced

he looks highly uncomfortable always notice that its she who initiates kisses in public, must be sad based in this what goes on in private

Kuch tho sharam karo bhai

So do they always have a photographer with them .. like even during the private moments !

Truly in love couple don't need PDAs not on this level something fishy

She’s is quite happy even after her brother’s recent break up ? Quite fake this one

Rangeer Deepika are not that insecure to keep staging and screaming!

Please do not compare deepveer to this couple. Rs only has to look at dp and the fireworks start. This on the other hand is one bland kiss. Someone looking like bart simpson lol !

Two global scam artists.

well staged, pre planned. well done Chopra.

Toooo cute!!!!!

Most desperate couple. No real couple acts like this.

They look like a real couple more than deepveer does. U barely see them together not even on red carpets it looks like they aren't married I really don't get this

I agree.

Deepika and ranveer do not have to prove anything to anyone besides they are strong independent people who are stars in their own right. Older women with young husbands tend to be clingy.

just show off

They are the most awkward couple in the world but y'all acting like they're goals. PR relationship at its finest & if you think they are real you are living in a dream world

God what a fake promo couple! Every pic is absolutely staged. Pathetic.

So cute


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