Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor shake a leg on Ranveer Singh's song 'Aankh Maarey;' watch VIDEO

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor shake a leg as they attend an event together, and we can't get over it. Check out the video here.
Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor shake a leg on Ranveer Singh's song 'Aankh Maarey;' watch VIDEODeepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor shake a leg on Ranveer Singh's song 'Aankh Maarey;' watch VIDEO
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Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone have the kind of chemistry that only adds to the movie, and while they have given some of the best films together, when the news about the two doing an ad together first came, everyone couldn't wait for it. And well, let's just say, seeing them together sharing a stage or screen space is indeed a delight in one way or the other. Ranbir and Deepika attended an event together tonight, and videos of the two have been doing the round.

In one such videos, we can see Deepika and Ranbir shaking a leg on Ranveer Singh's song from Simmba, Aankh Maarey. And while Deepika obviously went all out as she danced, Ranbir seemed to be enjoying himself while dancing too. Ranbir looked dapper as he suited up while Deepika, as usual, was a tad bit different and out of the box, and yet looked pretty in that dress she wore for the event. They all seemed to be enjoying with the hosts, and the video has us all amped up too!

Check out the video here:



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On the work front, both Deepika and Ranbir are rather busy. While Ranbir is busy with his upcoming film with Alia Bhatt, Brahmastra followed by Shamshera, Deepika will soon start prepping up for her film with Meghna Gulzar, Chhapaak. Both the actors are yet to have their first releases of the year, and we can't wait to see them on screen!


Ranbir looks terrible

Fawad vin and rk she needs to grow up she is married and she acts without shame

hats off to ranveer singh and the whole bhavnani clan.deepu is such lucky, classy, sanskari bahu.....wish them all luck....

They work in the same industry and run in the same circles. It's best they get along with each other and their s/o. Otherwise it would just be awkward all the time.

She lights up only when she's with RK. When she's with RS, it's like she's forcing herself to be happy.

RK lights up when he is with her.

It's not ranveer's song it's Arshad Warsi song. ranveer dance to everybody's song then steals them

I don't think they care about each other. They're just using each other for PR. Ranbir himself said in KWK that he has never been heartbroken in real life, just for the movies(and I think this was after he and Katrina broke up), and this shows he didn't care for Deepika or Katrina. As for Deepika, she milked the break up so much back then, that till today it gives her so much PR without even doing much. She was heartbroken at the time, but now she's moved on and her taking his name is just for PR. Apart from that, I don't think they could care less about each other.

I think deepika is still into him...and totally aware of the PR thing...but ranbir just using her like how he used her before...add to that sonam,kat,mahira and now alia...he is jealous of deepika-ranveer success that's why he released his photos with mahira at the same day the padmavati posters came out to stoke thier thunder...both of them are sick...

I beg to differ. He seemed shattered when she got married but he hides it well.Seems that even he did not know how it would have affected him. I wish both DP and RK well and if they benefit in some way by being friends people should just let them be. None of us know whats really in their hearts.

she still is into RK....check the pic on twitter where she is reaching out to RK to kiss him bye and RK pulls away . she must stop it for RS atleast.

deepika loves rk

Damn they look hot together.

I think the public want something to happen between them more than anything. It's culturally not accepted to be friends with your ex, especially when you have gone on to say such horrid things about him in the past. They have both moved on clearly!!

ranbir is like. eh, now i have to dance on ranveers songs.

Is it such a bad thing to love somebody ? I am sure that he loves her as well. Not our business BTW.

Its always nice to see them together. Its like the space just lights up and that's kinda special.

Don't think that anyone can stop these two from being friends. And that is just how it is.

Stay away from him Deepika gosh this lady love rk

Sure she loves him but only as a friend. Is that supposed to be an issue ? Besides they work in the same industry and will share a stage or even do a movie from time to time so whats the big deal. If I remember correctly he once said that he would always like to be in her life even as Godfather to her children. So there its their life let them enjoy and stop being judgemental.

a godfather that once banged your mum? no thanks!

Such a nasty and disrespectful comment.

Your language gives you away.

Ok ranveer no one cares to judges or not...but I am sure it's hurt's a small price for being a soon modi will leave and fawad will comeback...deepika will be so busy with this two...

Oh pls fawad no one wants you here...I heard that kjo and sadaf did the pinga dance for to lately in your sister wedding...kjo is the only thing you will get from Bollywood...

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