Deepika Padukone shows off her fun side as she takes the beauty challenge for Elle magazine in this VIDEO

Deepika Padukone took the beauty challenge for Elle magazine. She is the cover star for the month of September and gets goofy in the video.
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Deepika Padukone is one of the most stunning actors in the industry today. The actor has taken a sabbatical after the release of her film, Padmaavat. Deepika is the cover star of Elle magazine this month. On the cover, Deepika looks beautiful as ever and looks every bit a diva. Winged eye liner and dramatic hairstyle accentuates her look on the cover. In the interview with the magazine, Deepika explains the need to take a sabbatical. She also chats with her first director Farah Khan.

In a video shared by Elle India, Deepika takes the beauty challenge and completes five tasks given to her by the team. Deepika gets goofy in the video and shows off her fun side. In the first challenge to ‘Apply Purple Make Up’, Deepika talks about how her mother Ujala Padukone applied blush on her when she was in school. In the second challenge, Deepika has to ‘use hair accessory innovatively’. In the third challenge, she has to ‘Perform Face Yoga’. Deepika looks adorable as she does different expressions.

In the fourth challenge, she tries selfie filters and laughs at the outcomes. The final challenge is to ‘apply eye liner with left hand’. Deepika absolutely nails the fifth challenge. Here’s the video, check it out.



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Deepika is reportedly tying the knot with longtime boyfriend Ranveer Singh. The couple will get married at Lake Como, Italy in November this year. The wedding will be a private affair with close friends and family members in attendance.


For a role that doesn’t actually need a good looking actress, Deepika fits the bill..

Deepika ji your are my favourite actress

She looks damn cute

The last face yoga pose made me lol :)

Kat trying too hard to not come across as borinh.Failing

Kat looks soooo bad

Kat voice is and accent are so off putting it never fails to surprise me.

Kat looks so bad

Those expressions are a way to hide her insecurity...

Gorgeous Deepika. Love you beautiful and wonderful lady. Please gives us more of your films

Her voice and accent are so off putting it never fails to surprise me.

Not funny but annoying

Kat is the most boring person

I always wondered why bollywood movies show women having fun as child like-- Kajol in KKHH, anuskha in JHMS and so many more. And then i see this and i realize its not just the movies. For some reason making faces and being chulbuli are signs of being happy and fun.....

Hehe. True. I think it's in all asian culture, I think we want our women to be more feminine. Just check kdramas or kpop, it's way worse.

She looks soooo bad

the only thing i cant stand about deepika is her voice and accent. She's got a supermodel looks and figure, but that damn voice and strong accent cannot make her the global icon like priyanka or aishwarya

I LOVE the Indian accent in all its variations. Why do Indians hate their accent so much? Why do we have to aspire to a certain accent? All the more props to her for not putting a fake accent on and owning her Indian accent. There is nothing wrong with any accent, just something wrong if you look down upon someone because of their accent.

Deepika's isnt representative of an Indian accent.
Indians can and do have accents far more pleasant sounding than this.

Yes they can and they do

She's quite gorgeous.

That tongue sticking out thing is over done...

The contest was which could be more annoying, the piano or her personality. It was a draw. Kudos for those who actually sat through this.

I must say she is Aging badly

I actually think she looks more beautiful now than she did in her early years... it’s the self confidence and ease, makes any woman sexy.

Boring person

Trying too hard to not come across as boring. Failing.

If she's that boring to you, then why are you wasting your precious time by opening and commenting on the post. Find something productive todo.

She just brings a smile to my face every time :-)

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