Dhadang Dhadang promo from Rowdy Rathore

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I like!

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Actually wasn't expecting a big dance number from Sonakshi. However quite suprised! She really threw caution to wind and did the best she could. Akki dances quite fast and some actresses find it hard to keep up. Sonakshi did a good job and expressions matched well. Although her body is not built for the vigourous tumkha movements you can tell she really dosn't care! Fun catchy song, typical Prabhu Deva style.

imagine watching this on the big screen...

This movie looks so cheap and old style.. it looks like it is still stuck in the 90's.. they are trying to make success by copying South Films like Salman's.. but Salman's movie are not cheap.. they are just funny.. he doesn't do vulgarity..

Akshay Kumar is soo funny... the girls who debut with him never get success and are irrelevant in movies.. but when a khan debuts a new actress and become famous.. akshay is the first guy to sign a movie with her and make sure she has a flop! deepika and sonakshi both had great launches.. and their second is with akshay!

LOL this song (and the film) is being targetted at the riskshawallahs and autowallahs, or frontbenchers, so to speak. The song is very catchy, but the video - Akki's pants? LOL. And Sonakshi's waist is bigger than Akshay's. HAHAHA

I just love Akshay!!! I hope this is a big hit and he wins something cause he is the best and hardworking and very hot as well!

love the expressions and dancing of sonakshi sinha...if that is vulgar then what is chikni chameli or sheela ki jawaani? what do u call them
she is a great dancer,,,and i hope she keeps this indian avatar bcoz i really wanted to see her like that..deepika ,katrina or sonam you just stay at home..!

dont like the song..
personally i like sonakshis body tho .. i wudn say shes fat

Haphazard.... I wish they had slightly tied up her hair ... they are such a distraction....

Mon, 2012-05-21 20:28 — Anonymous

@angelicious: THIS is vulgar? Have you seen Chikni Chameli or any of the latest songs? Redine your definition of vulgar, my friend.

I completely agree!! And she does dance well too... She has her own style. And the kind of energy she's put in this song shows how much fun she's having! I think she's done a wonderful job.

Good song.

The new madhuri is herrrrrreeee!!!!! Perfect mix of dancing and expressions!!! Thank the lord.... No more westernized bimbos!!

Omg that was disturbing!

Rayham Kar Rayham Kar......The ground might crack....Sonakshi...You are too HEAVY to be dancing this way!...Instead learn to improve your expression and fake it!

No....Sonakshi has bigger waist size than Akshay!

@angelicious: THIS is vulgar? Have you seen Chikni Chameli or any of the latest songs? Redine your definition of vulgar, my friend.
Sonakshi is not a born dancer but her expressions make up for it all!

This is probably the first time, but I love how the back up dancers are wearing the same clothes as Sonakshi and Akshay. It's wicked!

All I can say is LOOOOOOL

good on you Sonakshi Sinha....true indian beauty and more desi girl should be given a chance.....Too make money and fame..

indian make sure sone ki chilya(bird) ko koi bahar se ake le na jaiye.ie money and fame....

akshay and sonas waist must be the same size ..lol

ber body looks bigger than akshays..but her expressions are good. may be she should choose her movies well and do what suits her..else i see her going down the drain

Im sorry but this is actually what you call a real beauty. She had a perfect body maybe a bit big boned but she is not chubby . And her face is gorgous extremely femine . So saying that she is average deffinately not. I would look at her twice if i saw her on the streets. Katrina kaif and deepika are people who are very average and not real indian beauty. Pinkvilla pls publish

only sonakshi, rest akshay is irritating - trying to imitate Salman - being Dabangg does not suit Akshay, his moustache and side parting looks yuck

Sorry to say this but she is looking Vulgar doing all this (and i don't call it dancing) She is not a good dancer... But the song is Funky...

Sonkashi's expresiosn are just the best, SOnakshi is the best

Love it... sounds like a 90's song! :D

Love it! Sonakshi is fab with her expressions and Akshay is awesome as always! :)

sonakshi looks too comfortable with akshay.....wonder if they are having an affair.reminds me of the rajeev masand article

They are both having such fun! Loved it! Way to Go Sonakshi!


I love his Pink pants. I want them,i am a girl though. :)

Fannnnnntasticccc!!! I love Sonakshi and her bindaasness!!!

thats some dancing from Akshay...must have been hard for him at this age...but it shows he really likes Sonakshi..their chemistry is good..

i love that in her dance moves she is not as conscious as mostly all these new comers are (except maybe parineeta) ...She doesnt seem to care about how she appears on screen and is just having fun! u see it and want to dance w/ her !! lol

Sonakshi is the new Katrina Kaif... but the indian version. She hasn't been chosen for her acting performance... she isn't going to have much of a role in these movies... she is only eye candy and the bulk of her work is in songs doing the same thing she has perfected. Whilst she isn't no amazingly superb dancer... she is so damn watchable and she has/brings chemistry with any male actor.

It is her screen presence by way of her looks (which aren't that great) but you can't look away.

This was the supposed item number of Sonakshi..and the moves at the very start are typical madhuri moves haha loved it...I still find it weird why this movie had to have the same titles as all three recent item song...Chamak chalo chen chabeela and now this chikni kamar. Loved both songs though

Thanks God for the Indian beauties being noticed again in Bollywood after 6-7 yrs of lull.

ergh this was a messy song. no one can do these dance moves justice like south indians can...bollywood ppl just look lame aping these raw abstract moves....
and sonakshi looks reeeeally big. if sonakshi was an outsider looking like that, she'd get no offers i guarantee you. it's cos she's shatrugan sinha's daughter that she's in so much demand. goooosh!

She can't dance...Akshay is super cool and hot

lovely i likeeeeeee the new madhuri watch out katrina

she has such rustic bollywood expressions and flare, i love it... reminds me a lot of madhuri

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