FIRST LOOK: Koffee with Karan 2013 [Music Video]

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Karan Johar makes his Broadway debut with this music video for Koffee With Karan! This season, it's Behind The Scenes, Beneath The Sheets!

Credits :utube


Looks lame! But good try!

hahahahha u look funny

The funny part is that he thinks he is awesome and cool


Cannot wait to see his show....... just lovely:-)

It's not really that bad.I actually like it.

So pretentious for copy cat Karan...he'll never come close to Broadway.

LMAO i miss karan HAHAHA he's the best

LOL.. I like it

um why karan why? why did u even have to make a music video for ur show...... i mean...JUST WHY?

OMG! That was embarassing. How did he agree to do this? :/ o.O

So bad it doubles back around to good. #1 post. Congrats KJO.

Moulin Rouge?

I am so embarrassed for KJo right now. More so cuz he genuinely thinks he looks awesome in this promo. I can't remember & cannot bear to rewatch, did he do his signature wink, with his tongue half out?

This is not funny, silly or likable. I had to stop watching half way. I liked KWK episodes but now worried that KJo will dance in his episodes. And what is this love for western women ? Why all those cheer girls dancing ?

HAHA! he looks like such a DIVA in picture 3 and 4! GET IT, KJo!

people calling him NPH means he is awesome. because NPH IS AWESOME.

For the 754th time Indian male dancers, white female dancers lol. Damn, India must really not like their own females.

Let's replace those Indian males with white males too, shall we?


We have such little self respect!

lmaooo I cant breathe are we serious here, so no one going to say anything about his

Where does KJo live?

In the Closet!

I can't wait for the new season. I love KWK!

I love KWK, but I hate his movies so so much.

Haaaaa ! Gaaaaaay

Oh WOW just WOW

Well, that was incredibly cheesy. LOL


What can I say? He is a Broadway loving queen..I mean king of Bollywood.

Can't understand why so many people are writing such bad comments!! It's just a promo, it's fun, it's ok and most importantly.....HE IS HAVING FUN and I love to see him this way!!

It's Great ... I love it! KJO is the true showman!

Expectedly camp.

my my my my!!!!!!!!!!!!what the f*** was that!!what did i just watch!!

hahah-- this is supposed to be silly and funny, which it is! He's just trying to say that the new season's going to be provocative and flamboyant -- which is trademark KWK. I'm excitedd! :) go go GO, KJo!

WTF…. not because he is gay or something but this guys sometimes is so annoying. Just because you are loaded with money and got all the connections in the industry, you can do these kinda stupid things.

It was fun and funny and has no reflection on what the show will be like it's just a new way to promote why are people getting upset about it??


Lol this is quite funny. A spoof jazz number. Come on people, get a sense of humour.

I thought he was suppose to be a good dancer??

Yuck!!! seriously??

epic fail!

OMG What on earth is he doing? LOL

Yeah seriously!!! Horrible!!

omg I love it! WHY NOT? I don't understand why so many people are criticizing him! He is an entertainer and he is merely doing his job!

Inappropriate at so many levels.

soooo gay!

lol please karan what were you thinking no wonder his films are as wannabe as he is

my one regret?? i will never be able to "unsee" this.

Mine too..ROFL :D

Geez...quite embarassing...trying too hard, karan?

I seriously want to slap Karan

Hahahaha...just made my day!!! Happy Halloween guys!! Best video ever!

this got to the number 2 post in a matter of hours whilst dhoom 3 trailer is still on the bottom?! doesn't look like dhoom 3's got much hype. :S

Neil Patrick Harris?

such a wonderful song and lyrics...and KJo why did u hv2 dance..ur fab but still...dint like the dance..u cud hv just lipsync'd :)

I am so embarrassed for KJo right now. More so cuz he genuinely thinks he looks awesome in this promo. I can't remember & cannot bear to rewatch, did he do his signature wink, with his tongue half out?

Wow who cares, the dancing is just for fun you guys take everything seriously. It's not like he's going to be constantly dancing on the show the video is what you call an INTRODUCTION.

Almost expected to see 'Ricky Ricardo Productions' at the end, lol! It's got a very retro feel to it. All KJo needs now is a Lucille Ball to complete the picture..:D

I looooooooooooooooove))))))

Why have they made him dance ? Not that he's a bad dancer , but it's a chat show & he's going to interview stars . And why do they always put foreigner women jumping with Indian males ? I am yet to see any song featuring the heroine prancing with scantily clad foreigner males .

He thinks he is Neil Patrick Harris...Sorry Karan, you were better off not doing this!

Music video?

And here's my second EEEWWWWW meant for... "this".

the dance, the singing, and that smirk!!! why karan? why?

Karan Johar never misses a chance to dance!!!

awful dancing..

LOL it's soooo inappropriate for a chat show.

Umm what did I just watch?! On an aside I'm finding it increasingly weird that most of the dancers in the back are white girls. Why is that? Now I don't oppose firangis in bwood but why only girls? Why not have gora guys too?

omg lol

God he is such a Queen.....

what was that

He should've just stopped at the poster.


Haha!! Very well said

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