India’s Got Talent Akshat Singh impresses audience on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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While many Bollywood biggies would love to appear on the super hit The Ellen DeGeneres Show, it's India’s Got Talent Akshat Singh who got this opportunity. Semi Finalist of IGT who has won million of hearts around the global did no less here. 8 year old got standing ovation by Ellen's audience and even managed to get his very own personalized bike. We hope this is one of Akshat's many appearances on the Ellen show who loves to promote young talent.


mini ganesh achariya lol

i dont get the hype about this kids dancing.. its so bad in my opinion

Ellen is great. The kid has a lot of energy but not too much technique. If he is passionate enough about dance, the skill will definitely build in time. BTW if they didn't play a Hindi song for his dance, maybe it was because the Ellen wanted a more universally appealing song for him to dance to, not a Bollywood one?

He just needs better choreography because looking at the splits and flips he does , he can do anything !

I dance 3 hours every day n i eat more... lol that cracked me up... this kid is funny

I really don't find this kid cute. What he's doing may be cute but he certainly doesn't look it.

how would you feel if someone said that about your kid or future kid? children are innocent, leave your hatred for something else.

And I really dont find you mature. What you have written may be from a grown up but it certainly doesnt seem so.

Talented kid! When he was on the show he danced to 'Tera hi jalwa', but they have edited out that song, in the first bit. Didn't know he danced twice.

this is type of natural talent,salman should be helping

Salman would be proud. way to go.

"I want to prove that MOTU can also dance"

JOB = Done. lol.

Godfather of Bollywood Salman Khan is his favourite actor/dancer in bollywood!! He is so cute

he is so sweet, he said " I wanted india to see my talent and motu can dance" awwwww shona baby :-)
bollywood is in his blood.. ;) lovely baby

Salman, get the music rights for Akshat!

I love ellen and it's great that she invited him but why would they put American flags on the bike? I know it's a gift from an American show but American imperialism much?

No, that's like a gift from America. It's cute.

What an amazingly talented little guy! LOL & so adorable too-"Agar gadi mein petrol nehin hain,toh gadi kaise chalengi?":-]Oh & who on earth are these spoilsport record companies who have no qualms in lifting tunes from other countries,but are reluctant to let an internationally famous show use it for showcasing their own homegrown talent? Anyways love Ellen so much,she's one of my favourite chat show hosts and an inspiration♥ An independent 50+ year old openly lesbian woman in Hollywood who's succeeded on her own terms,a real sweetheart & an amazingly genuine human being,a great host & one of the funniest women ever who's carved her own niche & fame beyond her sexuality. I live in India so I don't have access to her shows but I see most of the epsiodes on Youtube & I love her so much & laugh so hard at all her interviews,& how cute was her "Namaste Mein Ellen Hoon."?Shine on Akshat & I hope Salman Khan also sees this & acknowledges this boy's talent as I've heard he's a huge Sallu fan♥♡♥♡♥

what a talented kid!!! hats off akshat! U ROCKK!!!

Ellen speaking something in Hindi = everything.
She is like a hero, and an absolute delight to watch.

I love Ellen DeGeneres :) .. She is one kind hearted women .. I wont miss her shows ever :) . And this kid is amazing ;)

What spoilsports were the music company, which music company was it anyway? Ellen is lovely I'm a fan of hers.

Frikking amazing! Love this kid!! :-) Though he did do better on IGT. Still, AMAZING!!

This boy is a sweetheart. So proud!

I love Ellen! She's one of the sweetest women in Hollywood.

It is so unfortunate that the Music Company did not give the permission to use the song. He would have killed it.

BTW is anyone else disappointed music company did not give them permission to use their song. Whats the big deal? Its not like Bollywood doesn't steal [sorry "inspire"] from other industries. But anyways its Akshat's moment I guess :)

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