Kangana Ranaut on Bollywood’s silence on Manikarnika: Is Rani of Jhansi my chachi that they are so scared?

At a recent event, Kangana Ranaut talked about the silence from Bollywood on her debut film, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. She questioned the film industry on ganging up against her. Take a look.
Kangana Ranaut on Bollywood’s silence on Manikarnika: Is Rani of Jhansi my chachi that they are so scared? Kangana Ranaut on Bollywood’s silence on Manikarnika: Is Rani of Jhansi my chachi that they are so scared?
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Kangana Ranaut is one of the boldest and brave actors in the Indian Film Industry. Her unabashed and bold candour surely makes her one of the strongest actors Bollywood has. Yet, there are times when she gets entangled in controversies. Speaking of this, Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, marked her debut as a filmmaker in Bollywood. The movie released on January 25 and surely managed to impress the audiences globally. Kangana stepped into the shoes of a brave and courageous Freedom Fighter who much like her fought the wrong. 

Despite the appreciation, the film got from critics and from the viewers, not many people from the industry said anything encouraging or even slightly related to the film. Even after the film’s co-director, Krish accused Kangana taking all the credit, no one from the film industry spoke in support of the actor-writer-filmmaker. Thus, the Queen himself took a stand and slammed the industry courageously. At an event recently, Kangana was asked her take on Industry’s silence on her film and that no one promoted her film. 

To this, Kangana replied in a candid manner and said, “For me, what will be the benefit if they promote me. I have already won 4 national awards at the age of 31, I am a filmmaker... how will they promote me... But my question is, Is Rani of Jhansi my chachi?  She is as much as yours as she is mine... Why are these people so scared or hesitant!? Just because I spoke about Nepotism and they are are all shaken up due to that. They have all ganged up against me and are wondering why I spoke about nepotism.”

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Manikarnika has been blazing at the box office. The film not just made a mark at the box office, but also left a lasting impression in the minds of the audience. The songs from the film like Vijayi Bhava and Bharat have also been appreciated and Kangana’s performance as the Queen of Jhansi is absolutely power-packed. Amidst all this, Kangana has faced all obstacles and is surely trying to enjoy the moment of success as an actor-filmmaker. 


As a resident of Kenya, saw the movie in Nairobi. Found it boring. Didn't do justice to the story and material. Seemed that it was Kangana on screen and NOT The Rani of Jhansi!!

KR cant handle failure so is now dragging Amir and even Katrina to gain publicity for her movie. She is also angry she at Kat that someone from London who cannot speak Hindi was favoured by everyone over her cause she cant speak English. These are her own insecurities that she has built.

Maybe Kangana should not say or even care about what bollywood thinks of her movie or her.She is a good actress and should focus on her work. I think she is a good actress, and this is not her PR talking I live in Canada and I am a fan of her work. I do want her to stop reacting on other actors. Manikaranaka is not a flop film and it will be a hit. Indians should be ashamed of themselves for not watching a movie on a heroic woman who fought for her country. It is a very good movie. You know what is scary, and we say she plays the woman card, but in MY OPINION she is right, if Manikarnaka had a leading hero it would have done better business.

she is trying to get audience for her flop film by showing it in schools. karma bit her well - the movie flopped

She is so bitter cause her movie flopped and the Nation knows she copied scenes and thinks she is a director and film maker.

They are not scared of you but think you are an attention seeking nutjob that is making up stories.

Just curious! Has movie flopped? Just wondering why she is creating controversies again?

Kangana will go down in history as the girl who called out nepotism in Bollywood . She's a legend already.

Ah! Thank you for taking he
r side, taking the side of what is right.... Thank you ❤

You can't be an unlikeable brat and then complain that people don't like you

Next stop...reality TV. They specialize in cuckoo.

He sister Rangoli is her Manager is that not the height of NEPOTISM?

The crowd is laughing at her not with he in the video and she does not get it.

Copying scenes is NOT directing kangana.

Kangana is so Delusional it is not funny. She needs real people around her to wake her up.

What she Says is NOT relevant to the Nation anymore. Only her chamchas clap her rants and it goes to her head.

Respect can only be earned, not forced

Kangana badmouthed all the current leading ladies of BTown will she go after the legends next?

Media uses Kangna for a laugh and entertainment but she falls for it thinking they all care about her opinions.

Kangs get real no one praises a flop

FLOP is the word

Her movie is a hit and she did say she doesn't need BW watch the whole clip for it. And she is right.

Didn’t this movie release everywhere though? South industries and audiences aren’t saying anythifn either..because it’s not a good movie. Deal with it. This movie will hopefully break even but that’s about it. Stirring up these made up contraversies is a messy way of creating interest

Not Indian film industry but BW is really showing she is right.

She has given an insight of her next evil plan to stay relevant in news.

If movie was a hit, she would have been screaming at the top of her voice see I don't need Bollywood support. I m a queen. Since its a flop,so she is shedding crocodile tears and crying Bollywood didn't support me.

well said

Why is she constantly expecting everyone to praise her ? How has she helped anybody's movie ?

How long is she gonna be 31? She is losing her marbles.

What does she really want from other Bollywood stars , does she really know ? No one has time to promote other’s movies. Padmavat wasn’t talked about by any khans , kapoors,kjo or anyone. Kangana herself didn’t talk against the atrocious political attack from her community. What does she want other people to do with a movie she stole from someone and it is not doing very well ?

stole is the keyword and on top of it she act the victim. she is a thief and a bully herself.

What does she really want from other Bollywood stars , does she really know ? No one has time to promote other’s movies. Padmavat wasn’t talked about by any khans , kapoors,kjo or anyone. Kangana herself didn’t talk against the atrocious political attack from her community. What does she want other people to do with a movie she stole from someone and it is not doing very well ?

For someone so inclined on alienating herself with her endless opinions and actions, she sure wants approval desperately. She would be grateful they r being silent because they probably don't have anything good to say and with good reason.

Kangana can handle the bullies. The film industry is a feudal and male dominated place with lots of nepotism. Natural justice will prevail over your bullies - deeds & disease spare no one!

U learn nothing in life if u think u are always right.

This woman sounds paranoid. But then again, just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they're not all after you.

Useless witch

Sonam k ahuja is so bad in ek ladki ko delha. Such poor dialogue delivered.

this women is a pathetic person. i cant stand her voice let alone her acting. she is the most overrated in terms of acting. there is absolutely nothing appealing about her.

whole India is with you Kangana...watch the full interview on YouTube every1 is supporting her..but here it seems there are too many bollywood insiders who are commenting against Kangana..but u can't deny the facts that she has stated.

Whole India knows Kangana and her nature. No one is siding with her. Here all the supportive comments are by Kangana and her team
post pv

At this point, I am unsure why she even needs their recognition? She is so negative. Let it go woman!

Rest of bollywood having good laugh. Go on Kangy

If movie was hit she would be like me me me. Now it’s not doing good putting blame that bollywood don’t support Jhansi rani

Now she is making issue about Jhansi rani. There are better tv shows made on her life than this stupid movie

Salute to queen. More power to you Kangana. You don’t need them.

We are there to support you and you don’t need their support. They know the movie is Super hit and trying to bully you to prove themselves as the king of Bollywood.

You can’t take panga with Kangana. Now she will show you your true colours Bollywood fake personality.

First, no one has taken any panga. By ignoring her flop or keeping a distance with an evil woman is not a panga. Kangana true color is out. she is fake and a liar
pv post this one

Love you Kangana. You are absolutely right.

Being silent is not bullying

Arey these bollywood chamchas will oy support movies where nepotiam products are filled.We are with you kangana baby and not with those nepotism ke products who doent know the meaning of acting .

Over 200 people from Bollywood worked on Manikarnika making, release. What else she wants?

Hahahaha.Such a terrific answers.Bold and intellectual woman .I so lover her

Your frankness is commendable. Way to go!

She is literally demanding attention like a child and throwing a tantrum, no one should give her any and watch her get crazier

Who will want to work with Kangana? Anyone who works with her will either be cheated or secretly replaced during the film, or they will be attacked like this after the film. This is not the first time she is doing this, and I doubt if it will be the last.

Had Kangana played the Hrithik incident a little differently people would still side her. She needs to be smart and not cross everyone. Granted she is a talented actor but she also needs the support of seniors and producers alike if she wants to sustain. Deepika is clearly better at playing the game.

Sorry Kangana. No one cares about you. And please before you all shout Nepotism, Vidya Balan is loved in the industry. Just saying

When was the last time her film was a massive box-office success or wildly relevant?

Now that her modus operandi is exposed, Kangana should gracefully retire instead of attacking everybody and everything.

First u said u don't need them, now u want them to talk about a movie u are associated with. If not a sick minded will think k that way, who else? U can insult them anyhow, it won't make any difference in their lives. U are the loser kangana. Funny u

No one is obligated to watch a film just because it’s based on a hero. When did not saying anything become an attack? Honestly i would have watched it if it was another actor

I would have totally watched the movie if anyone else was cast as Jhansi Rani. Just because of Kangana many didn’t watch

Wow Kangana! Breath of fresh air!! will bring these KJO's ,salman average talents down..Stupid actors..

One of the great liars of all time.

Desperate liar.

You wish! It's just done 150cr out of the budget from 105cr.

Hello kangana . your film not even made 100 crs. Budget is 125crs. stop lying.

Yah idiots. Just like the likes of Amir Twinkle Salman Hritik she sould also be doing things hush hush! What a stupid thing to say, doing it saying it on camera.

They really just don't care about her. And she herself said she doesn't need anyone's support,so now crying about it doesn't make any sense.

They really just don't care about her. And she herself said she doesn't need anyone's support,so now crying about it doesn't make any sense.

I wonder how Amir, Alia and Anushka will answer her taunts that they are in a Bully Gang and Racket.

This fake feminist has had a go at Alia and Anu now, after Sonam and DP.

She creates her own controversy and answer her thing. No one care about you. Just practice what u preach. Your sister is your manager, so what does that means? Ignorant being

KR's Hit and Hate List - DP, Sonam, Anushka, Alia, Amir, Sallu, Kjo and who will be next?

There is more , The pancholis, the sumans, the Roshans, their ex bahu, Shahid, krish, Apurva etc. the list goes on.

She is upset cause Uri is a Block Buster and she is trying to create controversy and a buzz so people will go watch her movie.

Uri has Manikarnika in the dust and grossed over 3 times as much.

KR you have become a laughing stock in the Nation with your ranting and lying.

Desperate for publicity. You are Anti Feminine and stop using the strong woman card to bully others.

Krish completed 100% of the movie and you are so insecure that India has found out.

Shame on you KR for taking credit for someone else's work and stealing and editing ideas.

They are too well mannered to tell you that you should be charged with Creative and Credit Thief.

Whole of India knows you made gold movie into a copper flop.

Krish has proved he directed majority of the movie and the remainder where you copied his scenes and claiming director credit made it a FLOP.

Gladiator in a sari ! I wish she'd speak hindi all the time and make it cool to speak your mother tongue.
India, You have a profound wisdom culture. You can use it for soft power. Be proud of your culture . Don't make speaking English nd being westernized cool.

Your 120 crore movie flopped stop crying for attention KR. You want publicity but they wont give you any.

Disinterested in you is the word. Both Bollywood and the public mostly by your never ending drama and need for attention.

Film is a flop .

She is so desperate for Bollywood to acknowledge her existence. Haha. No one is sacred of a pyscho person . I pity she thinks on this way. She forgets that said I don't need Bollywood support .

Why is she doing media trial of everything now? Practise what you preach, what will you get by crying? Work harder and shut your mouth

They are very scared. Hirani is under investigation, this would not have happened things are changing and they are scared.

Then kangana should be scared too. she lied a lot.

Hahah honey they don't have high standard to praise your excellent acting.They just praised average alia and sonam movie, it explains how low their standard is.

Deep inside you wish you were a nepotism ki bachi. But really chachi, you rubbed every single person in the industry wrong way, actors, producers, writers, directors everyone. Even the ones who spoke good about you, you pounced on them. Qhy qould any person in sane mind talk good about you. By the way your film is utter flop. So give it a rest.

Nepo ganging up.

What they are doing is bulling for sure.

No one can bully the bully queen kangana

She is 100% correct.

We love Kangana - actor, star, director and a strong self made girl

Kangana dear,no one is scared of yoy. They are plain ignoring you. Please have the brains to understand this tiny fact. No one cares about you or your drama or your film. Even if you make 500 crores no one cares. Stupid woman

Well clearly if she's making 500 crores, the audience cares!

Kudos !! love your grit! these bollywood is decaying due to nepotism.

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