Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika actor Taher Shabbir questions Bollywood’s silence over the film; Watch

Taher Shabbir was seen playing the role of Sangram Singh in Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika. Recently, he spoke to the press about the controversy associated with Manikarnika and also questioned Bollywood’s silence on the same. Take a look.
Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika actor Taher Shabbir questions Bollywood’s silence over the film; WatchKangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika actor Taher Shabbir questions Bollywood’s silence over the film; Watch
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Sometimes, Bollywood films end up making the headlines due to controversies. One of such films is Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi. The movie which is based on the life of the Rani Laxmibai surely made a huge impact on the audience and Kangana’s portrayal of the brave and valiant freedom fighter left everyone speechless. The movie is doing exceptionally well at the box office and with Manikarnika, Kangana also made her directorial debut. Many people could not fathom the fact that a women-lead film which portrays the story of the bravest freedom fight could be successful.

However, Kangana’s Manikarnika ended up breaking records. Amidst all the good news, the movie also faced some controversies due to the co-director Krish accusing Kangana of taking away the whole credit and actress Mishti blaming her for cutting her role. Kangana already boldly slammed the people who were questioning her film. Now, another of Manikarnika’s actor, Taher Shabbir has come out in support of Kangana. He was seen playing the role of a warrior, Sangram Singh who fought alongside Rani Laxmibai. In an interview, he spoke about the film and said that it is Kangana’s film since he never met Krish and doesn’t know what he shot. 

Taher even questioned the industry’s silence on the same and expressed that men from the industry also take people out from films, there is no controversy on that ever. Taher said, “When I was there, there was only Kangana around. I know from many years. Not just because I know her personally. I know her professionally as well. People say a lot of things about her. One thing you can’t take away from her that she is a thorough professional. I am a big feminist. My company stands for #MeTooMovement. Men do a lot of things and take out people from the films. No one says anything about that and there is no controversy about that. At times, directors have changed in the films. Why are we making such a big thing…”

Check out the video:

Taher even went on to explain that for him, Kangana is a friend and also called her a ‘thorough professional.’ He further added, “Kangana called me, so I went to join the film for her. Kangana called me as we are good friends. I went there and shot for the film. It was strange that people came and asked me questions about the controversies like you all. For me, it is Kangana’s film. Because I have not met Krish and I don’t know what was shot before me.”

On the controversy related to Krish accusing Kangana of taking Manikarnika’s credit, Taher shared that it is not a big issue and can be sorted out by talking. He said, “I am sure something must have happened....there is no smoke without fire. All I am saying is that If it has happened, let’s handle it graciously and let’s sit on the table and sort it out. If Kangana has said something or Krish has said something, let’s sit and talk. The biggest mistake we can do is say, I won't work with this one or that one.” 

Talking about Manikarnika’s success, the movie has been lauded by critics as well as audience’s globally and is minting money at the box office. Kangana’s portrayal of the courageous freedom fighter has left everyone in awe of her talent. Also, Manikarnika established Kangana as a successful director as well. 

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Who is he to comment anything? Kangana gave him small role. He is going gaga

It's driving Kangana mad that nobody is acknowledging her. She thought everyone who had looked down on her would come flocking around her but it didn't happen.

There is no denial that Kangana is arrogant, rude and self-absorbed person. But do you think this Male domianted industry would have allowed any soft spoken woman to make it to the top by herself. It is the society that forced successful women to be harsh in other word self-confident. After Sridevi who has make to the top?

Nepotism is the bad core. Becuse of it Ranveer Singh is getting away with "ass pinch" comment. After all he is Anil Kapoor's nephew.

As a human being, Kangana Ranaut's greatest achievement would be if she became a kinder, less self-obsessed and malicious person.

Her comments on nepotism is the least of the crimes she did in bollywood.

Exactly when aamir and other directors do it, then it's termed as great editing.when kangana does it, she gets all sort of labelling.A lot of people cannot handle a woman standing without anyone support, may god give them strength as she promised to make a movie better than manikarnika.

Manikarnika is far from a success. It will have to stretch like mad to reach its expectations.

Manikarnika is still crawling like a snail at the box office. Success in their damn dreams

Coz Kangana has antigonized people so much tht everyone is happy to ignore her. You guys are just bearing the brunt of Kanganas bad behaviour

I am so proud of kangana Ranaut for standing up to Nepotism in Bollywood.There is a kangana in every woman so daring,powerful,focus,perhaps that's why Bollywood actors feel insecure in her presence.It's a shame actors like Twinkle,Alia Mr Bachan(his voice was used in part the background in the movie)and Amir khan talking about the right ideology and support that human being deserve yet all of them stayed quiet.
IF YOU DONT APPROVE OF KANGANA AS A PERSON thats ok but at least be honest and discuss about the life of Laxmibhai. This movie is educational rather than diverting your attention towards gender related movies like EK LADKI TO DEKHA...
Manikarnika movie was boycotted by the bollywood clans such a shame you lot have always been an escape for us audience.This experience of Manikarnika has proved that Bollywood is very fake and pretentious.Be honest and be patriotic. I will be following all the awards and if by chance kangana will win awards will these actors clap hands and applaud or will they turn their faces around and refuse to acknowledge her achievements.
I have never followed any celebrities before but following Manikarnika has made me open my eyes on Nepotism.

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