Kareena Kapoor Khan caresses Taimur Ali Khan post a picture with her little fans and it is cute; WATCH

Kareena Kapoor Khan is currently in London shooting for her film Angrezi Medium co-starring Irrfan and Radhika Madan. During the day, the actress obliged her little fans with a picture and, what followed was a glimpse of Taimur Ali Khan in this video.
Kareena Kapoor Khan caresses Taimur Ali Khan post a picture with her little fans and it is cute; WATCHKareena Kapoor Khan poses for a picture with her little fans and we wish Taimur Ali Khan was there too; WATCH
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Kareena Kapoor Khan has been all over the news off lately since pictures and videos of the actress from the sets of her film Angrezi Medium have been doing the rounds on social media. The actress will be playing a cop in the movie, and, she sure looks strong and fierce enough to captivate our attention in what we have seen so far. Now, the actress is making it to the news once again, this time, for a video that has been doing the rounds on social media.

During the day, while going out and about with her family, the actress obliged her little fans with a picture and, what followed was a glimpse of Taimur Ali Khan in this video. Something that caught out attention was how she immediately turned to Taimur and caressed his hair after the photo was taken. Kareena was with family and the fact that she obliged the fans with a picture has fans rooting for her being the good human that she is and we think we'd agree. Check out the video right here:

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Meanwhile, Kareena has been juggling between her projects, one in India and the others in London. In fact, Karisma Kapoor has taken her place as a guest judge for one of the episodes since of course, traveling might have got tiring for the diva. However, she has not compromised on her dedication for the project and it has been evident since she first returned to Mumbai just for a day's shoot.

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So arrogant and rude just like her kid.

To all these people commenting on why she didn't touch or hold the girls, you guys probably live in India where there is no concept of personal space. In Western countries, touching others is considered rude and inappropriate. Kareena took the picture with the girls. What else should she do? Carry them in her arms and kiss them?

Sick people everywhere. You guys should remember to take your drugs LMAO!

Kareena is a person who lives for herself. Im a hard core fan of her i used to imitate her gesture dressing hair but for the past few years i realise that she does nothing for her fan, she acts for herself, she cares only abt fame beauty and money and her close friend and family. She hasnt even done any good cause nor tried to use her fame to bring a good cause to the society. I don't mean she needs to change the world but not also a small genuine thing she did as shes too busy on her phone and gossip. She didnt even hold those child who are her fans but she immediately rushed to caress her son.. its because of her fan shes here, the day all her fans like me turn their back against her, she will be nothing. People laugh at Alia but i feel Kareena is the dumbest rudest and selfish person.. From an Ex fan..

What lame tittle.

The only reason why she ran to taimur was to avoid speaking to the adults who took the photos. Someone should make a fan page to boycott all her future films this is what she deserves. Let’s make a Facebook page and see how many millions of signatures we get. Completely under deserving person who deserves to be erased .

Yes.. please start one and we will follow.. rudeness to its core

Why would one want to take a photo with her she so rude

who stands next to a child without resting a hand on them as a sign of affection

only Bebo

Illusion of grandeur.

That’s saif....Taimur ran to his father...who is talking to Kareena s father


So true. Like posing with a statue. Not even bothered with her child. Did u notice that Taimur didnt run to her. Ran to the man..security man maybe. Coz they give him more love and attention I guess

Rude aunty

oh god just look at her attitude .She is not even smiling while posing with little kids .Itna attitude kis baat ka hai iske andr.Hope she have a great downfall.Nakchadi aunty

She doesnt even hold the poor kids taking pics with her. She comes across as selfish and self absorbed.

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