VIDEO: Katrina Kaif deals with disrespectful fans in a dignified and graceful manner

Katrina Kaif encountered disrespectful fans after the Da-bangg show in Vancouver. Katrina handled the situation with grace and obliged other fans with photos.
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Katrina Kaif was a part of the recently concluded Da-bangg tour. The actor joined Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah, Sonakshi Sinha and Guru Randhawa for the tour. The actors performed in various cities in the United States and Canada.

Katrina Kaif’s acrobatic act was one of the highlights of the show. She also performed with Salman Khan and enthralled the audience with her performances.

After the show in Vancouver, Katrina Kaif encountered disrespectful fans as she left her hotel. Two fans wanted a selfie with the star and since she was exhausted after the show, she requested the fans to wait for 15 minutes. Katrina wanted to take a quick nap as she had been traveling for days and had not slept well.

The fans were extremely rude to her when she left her hotel. Katrina handled the situation by maintaining her composure. When the fans started shouting, “We don’t want to take a pic with you! Booooo!” the actor turned to them and responded with grace and dignity. She said, “You know what? You shouldn’t do that, guys. I am very tired and I had a long show…”

The fans started shouting, “You need to have a better attitude. People call you an actress but when people come to meet you, ignore them.”

Katrina politely asked them to calm down. Katrina then obliged other fans who were waiting for selfies and autographs. Other fans can be heard telling Katrina that she has a good heart in the video.

Here’s the video: 



a friend of mine who lives in mumbai told me that the rudest celebrities in real life are katrina, kajol, and jaya bachchan

Cheek implants

Kat looked so beautiful in the past,please enough with the botox

Katrina create that shila magic again, you can do it

Katrina you need a career makeover but first fix your face and remove whatever you have done, I really like Kat but I agree with the below comment she's in a hard face in her career, you need to change your style and try different looks since you have a great body, sign projects and not only work with Salman, try web series or something new that will show the public a new Katrina, best of luck I am rooting for you

My friend met her he said she’s a really gentle person.. clicked a nice make up free pic with him too..I guess it depends how you ask the person too..

Dignified way would have been to walk away. She turned around and questioned them. Celebs should be able to take good with the bad. Maybe Kitty should understand she is not as loved by everyone as she thought she was.

The same desis who can't even stop to help accident victims on the road are the first ones to cry because a star won't stop to take a pic with them.

Katrina Kaif if you want to survive this hard phase in your career its time for plan B, act nice even if you fake it

People are very rude, did anyone consider that maybe the woman asked for 15 minutes cause maybe she had to use the restroom, change, take care of female business... etc.

Neetuji, RK bach gya. Shukria Baghwan.

I have seen Kat a couple of times at the airport, She definitely didn't look tired then but still was rude to her fans, like saying no when they ask of pic etc.She is a start coz of her fans , she should respect that.

umm if these people are being very rude to her why should she? she can do what she wants and just because someone does not look tired doesnt mean that they arent

I ve seen katrina stand with a coat to her face during Dhoom -3 shooting, so people wouldn't take her picture for at least an half hour waiting for Aamir to finish. and she could have stood completely out of sight but she stood in view of spectators but pretending to hide her face. not even a single wave, and Aamir came out in his car, with his head out the window waving, smiling.

and your point is? they are both different people they handle things differently.

she had probably refuse to take pics, she was heading straight to the car then she was heckled, she saw she was being filmed then she came back and changed mind about pictures. so she prob had refused then saw the phones filming came back.

so? she doesnt owe anyone anything if she wants to take pictures she will if she doesnt she doest have to

wow, the fan has guts to tell her on her face... good one

Good for the fan. She was only voicing what others think...Hope PV posts.

Katrina is such a natural beauty thats why she was Bhansali's first choice for Padmavati & Bajirao Mastani

Y r u all after her..l find her to be a very sensitive,loving n sensible gal..kindly spare her...Stop bashing her without any reason..if she looks good,you hve a problem..if she doesnot obviously u hve a problem..if She does good ..major problem...leave her alone..PV POST

Kat's cheeks look unnatural...

Ever wonder where these hate videos, posts, throwback pictures for comparisons keep popping up from! Today it’s about Katrina and PC’s bf’s old video on pv. Also wonder why there are never any negative posts for deepika!!

Katty looks so different & puffy compared to her Malleshwari pics also posted here . Sometimes the public can be obnoxious and nasty in the way they behave with their stars . But then they must have been waiting ages to see their fave stars . That after all is the main purpose of the tour- for stars to interact directly with fans unlike the cinema screen . It would be nice of Katrina to be a little more graceful & acknowledge all these people who spend money to watch her movies . A simple " Hi" is more than enough if she doesn't want to sign autographs, take pics or chat. She is the only actress standing in a very stiff manner while posing with Rambha ,her lil gal & husband . Loosen up a bit ,especially for an actress who is always in the public eye .

The lady in question was screaming Don't Want a Picture repeatedly. So she headed to her car. It was only after she was booed that she told the lady in question politely that 'Its not done. We had a very long show'...The lady started screaming she has an attitude problem and when Katrina asked her to calm down....she said she won't as its a public space. By that a mob has gathered around her and she obliged to posing for a few selfies. The irate lady was then screaming Salman Khan Made You while a visibly tired Katrina kept taking photos. I don't have to like Katrina to know what is right or wrong here. Yes, celebs owe their fame to people but even they get to be tired like any other human being. The lady was bratty and was acting like a five year old who was refused candy. I am glad Katrina ignored her by the end. She was polite despite a stranger saying extremely rude remarks about her. That counts as more than your simple 'Hi'.

Such bullies. I have never understood this celebrity craze and obsession with selfies. Like get a life!

I am an unabashed Katrina fan. I love the way she had resurrected herself everytime after falling down. Ok. She does Botox. She clings to Salman. She dated Ranbir while he was with Deepika. But many other girls have also used all these tactics and are still nowhere to be seen. So Katrina must have something in her to stay relevant in a foreign land for more than 15 years now. If there's an example of hard work and perseverance,then it's Katrina. Love you kat.

why are people so obsessed with hating someone, just chill, if you don't like someone's work don't watch their movies, what's with this hate. I doubt Katrina has done anything to them personally.

The fan's are behaving like bullies!. But I do like the way Katrina handled it. Kudos to her...

Stop it abusing her for no reason

Stop defending her for no reason.

Omg so much hate for her why why??

Because Kat fans hate others for no reason.

Who r these abusers n how pv is letting them abuse kat areh bass hoh gya bagwan keh liye maaf kr doh isko arey arey

Deepika fans leave her alone yar always whenever i open her post always bad comments give her a break leave her alone

Don’t malign all deepika fans, some of us are sensible! I don’t much care for Kat but cmon she is human give her a break, just cos you’re her fan doesn’t give you rights to invade her personal space.

Kat fans leave dp n her fans alone. Whenever I open dp posts I see bad comments and on Kat posts Kat fans defaming DP fans. Give it a rest n leave dp alone
Pv kindly post it don't ignore n biased towards dp plz

We are waiting for Salman Khan.....Lol as if Salman gonna give them a damn. I am sure if Salman was there he would have replied them in their language only.

My god her face, she has never looked this puffy and unnatural before.

And these "fans" are just horrible uncivilized people.

It’s not bad attitude I think has some real problem I think she is mostly going in her own world...

Botox ki rani

Thats not fair to say her this thing.... Fans must have controlled thier language, she was so tired, , they must have left her alone

She deserves it.M hoti toh chappal nikal ke marti isko

In America you can't hit your own Kids and you think you would be left free after abusing and hitting a celeb. Next moment you would be behind bars keeping you busy for next few years of your life in court cases.. lol..

Rufe and manipulative buddhi kat

Well the reports say other wise, rude , mannerless and abusive fans.

Well this a PR report and a stunt.

With that standards every praising article is from that actor/ actresses pr. And every anti article is from rivals pr. Kat gets lot of negative articles too , are those from her rivals pr team.

Isle fans bhi hai kya ?? She and her fans both are huge embarassement to India.She should go back to London

Yeh toh hona he tha .She is like this since the begining.Rude and arrogant to core .Acha hua

I've met her, she is rude and arrogant!! bahaha I am SO glad this happened to her, she totally deserved it!

Who goes to watch Salman or Kat...they are both selfish...I wouldn't waste my time and energy on them

Her cheeks look so bloated.

First of all
Those are not Fans they’re scum bags! I am not a fan of Katrina’s acting either but I would never say something so disrespectful to her regardless of personal opinion ! And regardless of one not liking her acting she has worked hard on learning and becoming fluent in a new language , maintained a great body , and is self made ! Salman helps a lot of ppl but Neil n mukes, daisy, bobby deol their careers didn’t go anywhere so give her credit even if you don’t agree with her ! What they said said more about them than it did about kat !

You always post the same comment and then say I m not a Kat fan. Lol. You are a Kat fan for sure.

Blind abuses and bullying makes even neutral people to stand up . People with even little bit of conciousness will stand up to bullying and harassment. They don't need to b anybody's fan.

Hope to see you standing for other actresses when they are bullied and harassed by kat fans. See u there if u r neutral.

But u always stand for Kat not for others like alia, PC, dp, neetu or Lulia. Sure u r not a neutral person.

it’s never nice to boo someone and she handled it well. on another note.. her face is so puffed up, what is she doing??!

Buddhi kat ke pass koi aur kaam nae hai.The most rude and cunning manipulative person

Buddhi kat should retire now

Jo fans ki respect nae kr sakte toh fans kyu uski respect kare.She or any star is a big zero without fans

Mjhe toh pehle he pta tha tha ki yeh esi he hai.Rude .Is aurat ke fans kese ho sakte hai ?

Cunning fake woman

Her cheeks are looking even more swollen

Glad some one has guts to call out Kat rudeness and bad attitude. Kudos.
PV post

Kat is a queen of bad attitude.

It 'll staged by Kat PR team.

harem member - where on earth is this sense of entitlement coming from!? Be grateful you still have some foolish fans.

Who still waiting for this stars to take a selfies with them?!...they are all over the place trying to seek our attention all the time...

Aamir was right kat plays chess and mind games with real life and people.

Wtf? You really are a fool. In every post of hers you make the same comment. Seems to me you are obsessed. I actually think you need to go and see a shrink

Fool? It's Kat reality. You are so blind . I think you need to see a doc.

what is wrong with people. she is perfectly fine, she is not some superwoman where she needs to please every fan. how disrespectful of those people. those are the people who need an attitude check. imagine if you were in her shoes. she's human too. and of course people on here go on to say crap on here. get a life.

Please England take her home

She got pissed that fans don’t like her she expects to get automatic support from Salman fans but as a Salman fan I don’t like her because she is using him

So true. Even some fan scream that we are here for Salman not you Kat.

All for the cameras. Kat is so fake.

I am sorry, I don't buy this. There are countless stories out there that Katrina is really rude to people who have asked for autographs/[pictures(falls in the same boat as Kajol). Yes, there may be times that some fans don't know where to draw the line and kind of expect you to be able "available" all the time but there has never really been a positive story about her interacting with fans. This is just screaming PR

You need to meet her personally to know who she is..

she is trying to be friendly when in reality she is a cold fish.

Some people can be sooo rude she was there taking pictures with her fans but still was not treated right soo mean

No matter what haters say...I find her very simple girl in real life unlike others with tons of make-up when they are out.

she probably realised a lil too late that she needs to be friendlier in order to maintain her diminishing fan base.

Need to add, in that acting department katrina is a fail.
So dont like her.

But will support her and all other actors if they refuse an autograph or a picture with a fan.

So u support stars to disrespect their fans and ignore them?whats their worth without fans? ZERO

I care about actors only on screen. If an actor cant act on screen but gives hazaar autographs and selfies - how does that matter to me.

Also it is simply impossible for any human being to be in a 100% good mood all the time. They have their bad and good days, and if they have a bad day due to something as silly as losing out on a movie to a loved one's health trouble.. it is silly if fans mob them for an autograph,

Kat is always in a bad mood. Google and read about her bad attitude. Its not new from her side. No it's not silly but love from fans who made them a star.
Pinkvilla post it.

it's the people's fault. They elevate these actors to god status. Why waste your time meeting them? Are people so jobless? I wouldn't wait 10 mins in a crowd to meet these so-called stars.

kat on an image makeover spree but it won't work honey. So stop faking it.

Kat can do anything to be in news.

Another publicity stunt by kat

Another drama by drama queen kat.

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